[STORY] THE GHOST Man (episode 1-8)

[STORY] THE GHOST Man (episode 1-8)

I’m laid down dead on my bed, in
my bedroom, watching and
listening to Chioma my wife
speak with her mother on the
phone. She was happy I was
dead. She killed me with a

“Yes Mama,” she said over the
phone, “the idiot is dead.”
“So quick?” Her mother said.
“Yes oo, so quick.”
“I told you, Akanshi is a strong

“That’s true mama. What do I do
“You know where he keeps all
the documents?”
“Yes I do.”
“Perfect. Make sure you gather all
of them together. The houses,
the cars, the banks and every
other document available.”
“Ok Mama.”

“After that start crying and call
neighbors. I’m right on my way.”
Chioma had the habit of setting
her phone on speaker, the
reason why I could hear her

My wife of three years conspired
with her mother to kill me.
Chioma that I loved so much, saw
her through the university and
sent her to Paris for her masters.
The urge to jump from the bed
and pounce on her was much
but I held myself back. I needed
to keep my cool to unveil more

I watched as she searched
frantically for all the documents
to my properties. She piled them
up beside the wall mirror,
looking herself in the mirror and


I smiled within me, knowing
how I just escaped death by the
whiskers. I was such a lucky
man. I remembered how it all
happened the day before. I came
back earlier than I usually do
without calling to inform my
wife. Chioma wasn’t in the sitting
room, I decided to tip toe to the
bedroom to surprise her.

On getting to the door I could
hear her voice, she was on the
phone with her mother.
“Mama, are you sure it will kill

“Yes, I trust Akanshi.”
“I can’t wait for this man to die, I
need my freedom to live as I
“He will die tomorrow, just follow
the instruction. Add the
substance in his juice and make
sure he drinks it.”

“I will Mama, trust me.”
I was glued to the spot. My own
wife was planning to kill me and
tomorrow I would die by
poisoning. I tip toed back to the
sitting room and as quietly as I
entered I left. I left knowing what
to do, for to die I would.

The next day, being today, the
day of my death, I left very early
to my office like everything was
okay. I came back in the
afternoon prepared to drink
some juice and die. Chioma my
wife was exceptionally happy to
see me, I was pretentiously
overjoyed to see her. We kissed,
yes, and we made love on the

According to her plan, she went
and brought a glass of juice for
me. And according to my plan I
sent her to bring my briefcase to
show her a very important
document. She left. Before she
came back I had exchanged the
glass of juice with a different
one. She saw me gulp down the
last juice as she came back. She
cracked a smile.

According to plan, I began to feel
some pain in my stomach. As the
pain grew severe I began to
crawl on the floor. Chioma, as a
loving and caring wife came to
help, I told her to take me to the
room. She did and laid me gently
on the bed.

“Honey, you will be fine,” she
assured, “I’m here for you.”
Such a loving wife.
I began to shiver and I began to
foam from the mouth, then I


Chioma left the mirror and
walked towards the bed. She
stood over my dead body, with
triumph on her face.

“Idiot,” she cursed, “anu ofia. I
thought you’re a superman.” She
spit on me.
I remained motionless but
watching her every move. She
took her mobile phone and
dialed a number.

“Hello Chike,” she said.
Chike? Which Chike? Chike my
best man and best friend?
“Hello sweetheart,” that was
Chike’s voice. My best friend.
“My love, I have a good news.”
“Really? I can’t want to hear.”
“The idiot is dead.”
“Kacy naa, don’t you remember
our discussion again?”

“Oh yes, I do I do. Great. Start
crying, I’m on my way.”
My best man and best friend too
was in the conspiracy to kill me.
What a wicked world.

Chioma stored the documents in
one of her bags, went to the
mirror to look at her beautiful
face one more time. Beautiful
demon. She rearranged her hair
and made for the door. Opening
the door she turned back to look
at me.

“Rest in peace,” she said and left.
I quietly got up from the bed,
went to her bag and collected
the file containing all my
documents. On top of the
wardrobe, the portable Nikon
video recorder I had planted
there earlier was still rolling, I
collected it and turned it off.

Quietly like the ghost I was, I
opened the window, scaled
through and vanished from the
compound. Chioma’s voice could
be heard crying loudly. I’m now
going to be a ghost, to torment
those that killed me. The battle
line is drawn.

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“Those that murdered sleep
should be ready for sleepless
The door to Gbenga’s house was
open as I had anticipated. He
was abrace of what was going
to happen. The day I knew I was
going to be murdered, I had
gone to inform him, being a
friend, a next gate neighbor and
a man I had come to respect. He
was there with his wife
Abimbola as I entered.

“They have murdered me,” I
“So you’re now dead?” Gbenga
asked with a suppressed smile.
“Yes, dead but not burried.”
He took a glass of water that was
on the table and began to
sprinkle some water on me.
“Hey! What are you doing?” I

“To see if you will disappear. I
heard that ghosts disappears if
you sprinkle water on them.”
Gbenga has a great sense of
humour. Our friendship wasn’t
instantaneous, it began after the
day we had a heated arguement
during a meeting of Landlords in
the close we lived at Ajao Estate.
It was over who was better
suited to be security operatives
of our close; vigilante group or
two Abokis.

Few weeks later we
became close friends. I called him
Onye Ofe Mmanu and he called
me Omo Ajalaokuta.
“I’m now a ghost,” I said and
made a move like the zombies in
Michaek Jackson’s Thriller music
He laughed hard with his
wife.”We’re laughing but this is
not a laughing matter. How could
that woman be so wicked?”
Abimbola said.
“Is it because I’m a strong man?
You for don kill me tete,” Gbenga
teased her, “see as landladies full
all over Lagos.”
“Oriodaa,” Abimbola gave him a
little push.
Abimbola was a very robust
woman, so overweight she could
hadly get up from a seat. She
spoke english with a deep
Yoruba ascent, but a very nice
Now that I’m a ghost I have to
start acting like one. How do
ghosts act?

There are two types
of ghosts, gentle ghosts and
angry ghosts. I’m an angry ghost
with one sole mission….to
Abimbola rubbed a white
powder all over my head and
face. I put on a white jalabia and
a white hand gloves, and stood
against a white wall. To act like a
ghost, you have to look like a

“You look like a ghost from Imo
state;” Gbenga said, laughing.
“I know, I am.”
“Are you ready?”
“I’m ready, let’s do this.”
Gbenga called Chioma’s number
on whatsapp video call and
stood before me. She picked and
starred on the image on her
screen. Confussion was all over
her face. My hands were in the
air moving like a zombie. Well, I
think zombies and ghosts are
closely related.

“Chioma, Chioma-a,” I began to
speak, “why did you kill me?”
Her mouth dropped, her face
panick striken and even more
confused. I was enjoying the
moment. It could be fun being a
“I loved you Chioma-a, but you
killed me,” I continued, “Why?
Why? Chioma why?”


The first day I met Chioma was a
coincidence I will never forget. It
was a hurt hot afternoon in the
busy streets of Lagos, I had gone
to FHA office in Festac Town to
make enquiries about a land I
wanted to buy at Festac
Extension. On my way going back
to Ajao Estate, I noticed a girl at
the back of a danfo commercial
vehicle. She was putting on a sun
shade, she was beautiful and she
was crying.

The tears of a woman can melt
an ice, but the tears of a beautiful
woman can melt an iron. I drove
after the bus.
Don’t get me wrong. I was used
to beautiful girls, I had some at
my beck and call. Like Iniedo,
Genevieve, Chika, Aisha, Jumai….to
mention but a few. But there was
something different about this
girl. The girl stopped at Ijesha, I
parked my car and followed her.
“Hey young lady,” I called after
She looked at me but continued
“It’s you I’m calling,” we were
now shoulder to shoulder.
She looked at me.

“How may I help you?” She asked.
“I saw you crying in the bus,” I
went straight to the point, ” and I
want to know why.”
“I was’nt crying.”
“I know the difference between
tears and rain. And today is a
sunny day..”

“Even if I was, it’s not your
“Well, I want to make it mine
She began to walk away, I
“Stop following me or I will shout
that you want to kidnap me.”
“And you know what will happen
afterwards? People will mob me,
hang tyre on my neck and set me
ablaze. My blood will be in your

She thought about it and began
to walk again. I followed.
“My life is about to be messed
up,” she began.
“I’m supposed to be having my
final exams soon, but I can’t
without paying my school fees.
I’m from a poor home.”
“I told a distant uncle who is rich,
he promised to help and asked
me to come. Getting to his house
at Satelite Town he showed me
the money but placed a

“Which is?”
She looked at me without her
sun shade, tears were rolling
down her cheeks. She looked
more beautiful than in the bus.
“That I sleep with him,” she
admitted, “I refused and he tried
to rape me. I was able to escape.”
Wicked. Why is the world full of
wichedness and wicked people?
Taking advantage of an innocent
girl in her moment of
vulnerability should be a crime
against humanity. Punishable bu
God and man.

“How much is the school fees?”
“Eighty thousand naira.”
“Follow me.” I beckoned.
“Follow me.”
“To where? Why?”
“Listen, I’m not like your uncle.
Just trust me.”
“All men are the same.”
“Some men are different.”
She hesitated for a moment
before following me. At a
building across the street was a
Diamand bank, my bank. I went
to the ATM machine, inserted my
card and made a withdrawal. I
then went back to her.

“Open your hand bag,” I said.
“Open your hand bag.”
She opened it and I put some
cash inside.
“In there is a hundred K.”
“Eighty K is for your school fees.”
“Use the remaining to help
“Ok, maybe I have to repeat what
I said,” I was almost laughing,
“you now have a hundred K that
can solve your school palava. Go
and make your parents proud.”
“What? Oh my God!”
“I have to be going,” I began to
walk back to my car.
I didn’t ask her to follow me but
she did. I entered my car and she
stood beside the door.

“You didn’t even ask for my
name.” she said, “and you didn’t
tell me who you are.”
“Ok, my name is Kelechi Onuoha,
but friends call me Kacy.”
“Ok, my names are Chioma Felicia
Okoro. A final year student of
Mass comm at LASU. I live at No
13 Friday street here in Ijesha
with my parents, but I come from

“It’s a pleasure to know you,
Chioma,” I gave her my
complimentary card, “call me
whenever you want.”
“Thank you Kacy. God bless you,”
she looked inside her hand bag,
“Oh my God, Oh my God!”
I started the car and drove off. I
watched her through the mirror,
she stood there waving. And I
could still hear her voice in my
head…”Oh my God, Oh my God!”
A year and few months later we
were married.


“Chioma why did you kill me?”
Her confusiion turned to terror.
“No! You’re a ghost,” she cried
out, “You’re a ghost.”
Yes, I’m a ghost. A living ghost.
Her terror turned to panick
and….CRASH! She smashed her.

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“Praise the Lord,” she shouted
into the microphone.
“Halellujah,” chorused the
“Prai-prai-prai-praa-a-ise the
Lord,” she shouted again.

With her right hand she held
unto the microphone and with
her left hand she waved in the
air. She was elegant in her
apparel, with a hair scarf that
stool like a crown on her head.
Everything she wore wasn’t
cheap, a clear testimony to my
benevolence. I wasn’t just an
inlaw, I was also like a son. Or so
I thought.
“Halellujah,” the congregation
chorused again.

“Umu chineke ibe m, soronu m
kelee chineke,” she started her
testimony, “my brethren, follow
me thank this our god. I don’t
know how to start thanking him.
I call him ebube dike, oloro ihe
loro enyi, el-shaddai, miracle
worker, kabiyesi, oghenedo,
Jesus igwe.e.e!”
She made a dance move like
someone posessed by an unseen
spirit. The she began to sing.

“There is something that makes
me come into your presence, my
helper,” she sang and the
congregation joined her.
I sat quietly at the last row of the
seats and watched in
bewilderment at this evil woman
that just masterminded my
death. She was evil, she was an
elder in the church and she was
supposed to be a born again
christian. I looked at the name of
the church inscripted bodly
above the alter, “Holy Ghost
Deliverance Ministry.” Such a
perfect name. I’m the ghost
that’s going to deliver her today.

“There is something that makes
me come into your presence, my
helper,” the spirit that posessed
the woman seemed to have
taken over the congregation too,
they went up in a roar, “My
helper o-o, my helper. My helper
o-oh, my helper. There is
something that makes me come
into your presence, my helper.”
“My testimony is very long but I
will try and cut it short,” the
woman continued, “my daughter
was attacked by a ghost but

The church went up in an
uncontrolled murmur. Some
people adjusted their sitting
position, the testimony was
getting interesting. The person
sitted next to me looked at me
and said, “wonder shall never
end.” I responded, “Ghost kwa?
“My daughter’s husband died
few days ago and disappeared
into thin air.” she continued,
“We’ve searched for him
everywhere but can’t find him.
My daughter is devastated
because she loves him so much.”
She started to sob. A dead silence
fell upon the church. Nobody,
including me, wanted to miss the
“Some days ago, Chioma my
daughter got a video call, when
she picked, it was the ghost of
the dead husband that appeared.
He attacked her, causing her a
parcial stroke. Today she can’t
walk properly and is speech
impired but is alive……praise the
The congregation shouted,
“That ghost is wicked but the
god I serve is greater. He wants
to kill my daughter, a woman
that loved him so much and took
good care of him as a wife
should. My daughter will recover
fully soon and the enemies shall
be put to shame in Jesus name.”
“Ame-en,” the congregation
“My brethren,” the woman raised
her voice, “if you are praying to
this our god, don’t……”


I remembered all I did for this
woman, a woman I called mother
and treated as such. From the
moment I entered into her
daughter’s life, the family’s life
changed for good. She used to
fry akara at a bus stop in
Iganmu, I opened a mini
supermarket for her and she was
doing well. I paid the other of
her children school fees. I
stopped her husband from being
a gateman and gave him two
commercial buses to be
managing. When her husband
died a year ago, the burial was
on me and was befitting. Where
did I wrong this woman? I once
loved her as a mother but now I
hated her with passion.


“Praise the Lord,” she shouted
after ending her testimony.
The congregation responded
with “halellujah.”
I had heard enough, this
nonsense has got to stop. I
looked at the name of the church
again, “Holy Ghost Deliverance
Ministry.” I stood up from my
seat, this is deliverance time.
I started walking down the aisle
to go take a seat at the front
row. Then our eyes met, she
“Prai-prai,” she stuttered.
She looked sideways, looked at
the pastor like she was expecting
someone to come rescue her and
then back at me. People were
confused at her sudden change
of countenance. Her face was
terrified and her complexion was
beginning to change. She was
becoming a ghost. I gave her a
cruel smile.
“Prai-prai……no, no, it’s a ghost,”
she was screaming. “Take him
away from me, he’s a ghost.”
Her eyes rolled, and like a sac of
cassava flakes she collapsed on
the hard floor. The speakers
made a cracking noise as the
microphone hit the floor.
As quietly as I had entered the
church I vanished.

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“I watched at a distance with a stone look, plastered on my face,I don’t want to be nearer to an evil woman my mother in law was”,”but I don’t give a damn”,she had fainted like twice at the pulpit of the church,some women maybe they should be her friend in evil,came to surround her, pressing her chest calling her to wake up,but chioma’s mother just lie flat on the floor of the church, closing one of her eye,and using one eye to look at me by the corner of her eyes, forming dead,but I can see her clearly,she was trying to check if truly I had died,or I was a ghost.

“Been me,I wanted to had salt to injury and more especially to everyone in church to see am not dead but fully alive ,but was cornered by my wife and mother ,just to see me dead.

I cleared my throat,”See people don’t be afraid or surprised that am a ghost, actually am still the kelechi you use to know,the able body man,am not dead am much more alive”,I said

The congregation who were already eagar to hear what I had to say, started murmuring among themselves,some were cursing under their breath,some were shaking their heads especially the men,the pastor was speechless on what to say,he was just staring at me with disbelief,it’s shows on the people’s faces that they want to know the real truth,but here is the real truth.


“Three years ago,after when I met chioma,I had a little problem with the company I was working with,i searched for job and did not see any but luckily for me I saw one oil and gas company,I submitted my credentials in the company and was told they will get back to me the next day,I was so happy even when I have not yet started the job but I had faith the job was for me,when I came out from the company I met my old bestie right from uni,we hugged and greeted each other,he asked me where I was coming from,I told him I was coming from the company,and was told to drop my credentials that they will get back to me soon,when he heard that his contenace change in a twinkle of an eye,

I asked what was wrong and why he was not happy to hear that,he said he as well was just coming from the company and was told that the space was taken,but he did not know who,but was surprised to know it was me.

We talked for some minutes before departing, right from that moment my friend never come close to me again,he started given me bad attitude,but I did not know he was making plans of hurting me cause of jeolousy filled in his heart, using my wife as a bait for me,my wife started coming home late from work, complaining it was traffic and so,but been the caring husband I never bordered ,cause I loved her.

There she started demanding more money from me than usual ,which she doesn’t do that before,she started charging me if I make love to her,and when she comes home,she complains of body and waist pain,which I will humbly massage it for her,not knowing my friend was busy blowing her walls,while am there empty headed.

But after I heard the phone call,and her calling my best friend I knew I was done for good,all this year’s,no child from my wife, always telling me she was not ready to carry one,not knowing she wanted to finish me first before running away with my friend and my properties,but today their cup is full.


The people shouted when I told them every thing, they started raining insult on chioma’s mother,and cursing chioma as well,but that was not what I came for,I need them to pay for what they had done to me,and she most pay all the money I spent on her for all those lying years,tho I forgive her,but my money must be returned.

I made some phone calls, immediately three men came in ,each had a very big broad chest,the men spread their hands,and their chest were held high up,and their breast were shaking with a none smilling face, chioma’s mother nearly fainted again,the people were shouting on her,cause I told them the phone conversation with her daughter against me,and the poison charm,some pushed her ,she was already crying and pleading,I put on deaf ears,I even took out my ear piece and inserted it in my ears, listening to some jamz music in high speaker,so I won’t hear the evil woman’s voice.

Have made up my mind already

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Chioma’s mother was busy begging but it’s fell on my deaf ears, one of the men lifted her from the ground easily,she was busy screaming and shouting ,while the church members were accusing and blaming her,some called her an evil woman some called her a deconess pretended,the pastor tried to settle the matter but I told him I don’t want anything from the old woman,but I need her to explain what I did to her,which made her colide with her daughter to kill me,the pastor just nodded his head,cause he knows I won’t take no for an answer .

If you want to know who those men are well, they are a secret police men which I payed them to carry out this job for me,not that they are any bad guys as any one might try to put it,well our next Target is to bring chike to the picture,we already organize a secret meeting with all my family members and my wife’s family members,some volunteer to follow me to chike’s house to bring him,and my wife as well,but according to her mother she said chioma was in the clinic ,I collected the address of the clinic and put it in my back trouser pocket,then me and the secret police men with two of my family members and two of my wife’s family members went together to chike’s house to bring him along with us,I know he will be shocked to see me,cause he never knew I know about his affair with my wife,well am about to see the reaction he will make when he sees me in his house as a living ghost,but not a dead ghost.


Chioma did not go to the hospital,she went to the native priest and told him everything,then he told her to bring kelechi’s clothes for some night ritual to the spirit,so he will run mad or be an house boy to her and chike,so she came to chike’s house and told him about it,so they plan on going to the priest place when the day is dark,one thing lead to another and they fell on the bed together.

there,yes there,oh chike has killed me o o o chaiii o,chimooo!!!!”, chioma was screaming and moaning with pleasure, while chike was busy plugging his wire pole in her electric socket,??

“oh yes yes!!!!oh baby you are sugar,you are honey sweet, should I give you more”,chike said to chioma in an hoarse voice, enjoying the ball he was playing in chioma’s football field,while the sound of the ball and the field were making some sounds,???

as sweat was flowing from his head down to his eyes and mouth,but he did not care to clean it off,cause the heat and pleasure he was enjoying at the moment did not let him hear that there has been few knocks on his room door,which has been like thirty minutes.

The knock continues,so i decided to check through his window if anyone was in the room,when i peeped through the window I heard some sounds and voices,so I went back and told the people i came with that he was around,but he doesn’t know why he refused to open the door,so we decided to try if the door was open,to our amazement it was opened,the two CID’s entered first,then i next then lastly the four family members entered the room.

The room was big like a flat,but through the outside one will think it’s a room,but until you enter there you will know it’s a flat,we called Chile’s name but got no response,so I decided to go into the inner room to check if he was sleeping or so,I excused myself,,and went inside the apartment,when I got inside the room and was about knocking on the door,I heard sounds and moans and it sounds like my wife voice,”ha chike play it hard,kill me now o,chike o o,chimoo!!!, ?

when I heard my wife voice,but I did not want to believe it was her,and I did not want to interfare in my friends business,but the curiosity that was holding me,and the voices in my head that was telling me,kelechi open the door it’s your wife,open the door it’s your wife,so I used strong mind to open the door,lo and behold it’s was my wife,chike was giving his hard wire through the back of my wife,
I shouted chimmmoooo!!!! my wife and chike who did not notice my present in the house,sprang up like a zombie that is trying to disappear,the shock on their face was unexplainable,the annoyance in my heart and the pains in my heart was as if I should just strangle my friend to death,but I kept my cool.

The shout I made,made the people to com running into the room to see if am hurt or something, but when they saw my wife naked who was trying to use the bed spread in covering her body,and chike whose body was vibrating in fear ,as they were looking at me as if truly am a ghost,

my wife was shouting “ghost ghost ghost o, somebody help me,there is a ghost in the house,you are dead and a ghost,her eyes were becoming dizzy then she fell,due to the shock she had when she saw me,with my bulging eye balls and the pose I made standing at the door.

Her family members went in to carry her body,while the two CID’s I brought went to carry chike and my family members were trying to be encourage me.

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I was speechless and was unable to talk with what I saw with my two naked wide eyes,if they told me that my wife could be having an affair with my best friend, someone who was also my best man on my wedding day I won’t believe it,my wife was having sex with him, something that I do to my wife,I always make her ready before having sex with her,I always make her want me,I treat her with such care that even in my school days I never treat any woman that way all through my life,but I did it’s with chioma,but chioma had to break my heart to many pieces then kill me finally and bury me again,how cruel.

Oh God, what have I done to merit such treatment from the woman I lay down my life for,the woman I cherish with all my heart and soul and body,I gave her all that I have, but she decided to pay me back this way,hmmm.

Kelechi lamented and cried , pouring out his heart,while his people console and encourage him not to think about it.

They took chioma and chike to the meeting ground,where they will be asked some few questions together with her mom so the elders could settle the problem on ground,by the time they reach the place,the people who carried chioma poured her some water on her face, they knew she was acting to be dead cause they caught her red handed and no way to excape ,so she had to faint.

she opened her eyes shouting,”take him away from me,he is a ghost,take him away o ,his a ghost can’t you see him”,”shut up your mouth you killer, don’t you see he his sane and well,one of the women shouted at her,”onu ofia” the woman said and eyed her with big eyes.

She then turned her eyes to look at kelechi’s face,she was scared and she saw his expressionless face,she doesn’t even know how to detect the emotions his face was showing,”kelechi is that you”she asked with tears in her eyes

kelechi turned and look at her then back at her mother,and back to her he then shakes his head, given her a silent treatment,and whet to sit down waiting for the meeting to commence. she felt hurt and kept cool, just looking at what is going to unfold,which made her shiver in fear, making goosebumps washed over her body,and the thought that she was going to be exposed soon.

One of the elders that came after hearing what happened,stood up from where he sat,and greeted everyone,and when his greetings was answered,he started.

“Chioma the daughter of my best childhood friend who passed away some few years back,he has been a very good friend to me since when we were little,he was a disciplined man who don’t take nonsense and doesn’t support evil,which I expected his child to do the same, even his wife who I knew to be a good woman, supported this acts of evil, helping her child to kill her fellow human ,and sending her off to another man, because of what reason?

he said with anger in his voice, while kelechi face was bend to the ground, chioma was watching how sad he was,but she doesn’t know what is awaiting her.

The man continued,”we hold this meeting here because of our brother here,and the matter here on ground,we the elders from both families decided to solve this issue here to avoid blood shed,or any injury to what is already damage. We only want to ask you a few questions, both your mother and chike will take part in the question?, Are you ready he asked them,chioma and chike with chioma’s mother,nodded their head with shame written all over there face,and dissapointment.

“Good,here goes the question, starting from you chioma.”What made you leave your husband ,and going out with another man,even your husband’s friend for that matter? He asked her.

Everyone face turned to her, waiting for her to give the reason she had an affair with another man,”hmmmm, she started with difficulty,as tears was forming in her mouth,but she went on

“Well to say the truth ,I never loved kelechi”, everyone turned to her direction in shock including kelechi,but he was silent with a broken heart,she continued ,”cause I only wanted him for my personal wants,his money and prosperities,I found out when we were still in our friendship relationship that he has some properties and money,which made me stay and pretended to love him,there by marrying him,so all his properties will be given to me,I met his friend when we were still dating,he came to me for some help of borrowing him some money,which I did cause he was my boyfriend’s friend,after then I started having a secret crush on him,and I find him attractive,which I promise myself that I could play the game of collecting kelechi’s money,then having his friend again,but when I tried Seducing him on the day he came to return the money I gave him,he refused at first then I told him my true feelings towards his friend,and when he saw I don’t really love his friend but for his money he accepted,then from then our secret relationship started,but I was not able to leave him kelechi,and i wanted marrying chike,but it’s was not possible then since I was already engaged with kelechi,but I promise chike that,after some years with kelechi I will eliminate him,so we could take and share his properties to ourselves then get married”,she said

“so I told my mother of my relationship with my fiancee’s friend,and told her I don’t love kelechi,she was angry and threaten to disown me from been her child,but when I threaten her and told her I will kill myself since am the only child,she begged me not to hurt myself,that she will help me find a solution,which she did by going to an herbalist man to collect some poison concoction,so we could be able to kill my husband kelechi.

“But we do not know how he excaped the poison,not drinking it, if not he could have been dead by now”,she narrated

The people were shocked at the revelation they heard, they folded their hands ,and stared blankly at chioma who tears had filled and soaked the bed spread she was still tying on her chest,such a shame hmm.

Kelechi was speechless,he just stared into space, shaked his head with Jan akimbo, then the old man cleared his throat and directed his question to chioma’s mother

“Ada nma,why do you collaborate with your daughter to kill your son in law,where you know the truth that to kill is a sin as a Deaconess in the church?.

The woman was sad and she was not able to speak just crying,while her face faces the ground,she could not look at anyone in the eyes.

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“Ohhh!!!! chimooo”, chioma’s mother said with grief ,shakes her head and sigh,then she continues”All what my daughter has said is all true,I was not in support of the whole idea,when she told me she do not love kelechi but his friend,I told her it’s a taboo to do so,and already she was engaged with kelechi,it’s won’t be polite to abandon him then go for his friend,there she told me the plan that she has, saying that she will marry him then after some years she will kill him,so his money and properties might be hers,then she marries chike his friend.

“I told her I won’t accept it,then my daughter threaten to kill her self, immediately took out a knife, that she will kill her self and I will be the blame of her death,and she been my only daughter I was afraid to let her do such,I had to plead to her so she could stop herself from doing what is not right and putting me in problem,as a mother I told her I will help her only if she won’t let the matter get exposed if not we will be in trouble,there I went to an herbalist man who gave me some charm concoction to add to his my son in law’s drink,so he could pass away,and people won’t know the cause of his death, they will think it to be like that,but unfortunately our whole plan back fired,am in so much regret now”,chaiii ewooo,
she bends her head with tears in her eyes, immediately her body shook and she slumped to the ground.

The women ran to carry her ,but when she was been carried ,they found out that some whitish foaming substance was coming from her mouth,while she was convulsing,her eyes were looking into the sky,with only the white side showing while the black eye balls inside the eyes was now hidden under her eyes,the whole scenario was like a drama to them,they were confused at the moment, they shouted her name,some clapped her face and poured her some water,so she could come back to life,but chioma’s mother body stiffened,then turned cold,just like a flash her body was black like as if she has been burnt with fire, immediately chioma’s mother gave up the ghost.

Everyone shouted,the elders shook their heads,some called her name ,some blames her that it’s because she went to the herbalist man that why since she was not able to kill the victim,she rather dies,and it’s true.


The herbalist man already warns chioma’s mother of the repercussion of not doing as directed by the herbalist,in mixing of the concoction in the victims drink,and which must be drank by the victim of their suppose,if by any means the victim excapes without drinking the concoction ,what will happen to the victim when he /she drinks the concoction will also happen to the person,and chioma’s mother said she will do according to plan,but did it work???


That was it’s,but unfortunately kelechi excaped death in a twinkle of an eye,and now his secret enemies are paying for it,the people took away chioma’s mother body away,while chioma rolled her self on the ground crying bitterly,she was hitting herself on the ground that she want to go with her mother,chike was not believing all what that was happening,what he planned failed,he said in his mind,cause he was planning to kill chioma with his own hands,after she had killed his friend,then taken his properties and money to herself, but she was not a woman he could marry cause,she is a bad woman and a whore,cause if she were to be a good woman she won’t try to eliminate her husband for another man,that means she could still kill him with a blink of an eye,or he turns to her house boy,which he won’t allow,he never loved her a bit,he just took advantage of her at every slight chance he got,but here all his hope and plans has wash away in a flash,he thought in his mind.

The elder who was judging the matter stood up again, snapping chike from his thoughts with his loud voice,he told chike that he don’t need to ask him anything again,since they all know how it’s happened ,but he will ask kelechi what plans are, kelechi stood up after the elder man called him up,

“He said with hate in him and said”I hate myself for marrying a woman like her, how will I know that she was this evill, cause there is a saying that says,not all that glitters are gold,I looked at her beauty ,her outward appearance but did not look at her inward appearance,I don’t know that her character was so bad till the extent that she could plan to kill me,after all the love we shared together,the money I spent on her,the house I built for us in her name,that after we have our children we will relocate to the new one,then refurnish the old one,and let it out for rent.
But I don’t know that she was preparing my death, but God so good I came back that day,and met her in a conversation with her mother planning on how to eliminate me,if not I could have not been here today.

Kelechi said and eyed chioma,who was still crying her eyes out,then he said”I will send a divorce letter to chioma to sign, cause am no longer her husband”,he said looking at his friend whose face was facing the ground but behave as if all was well,he continues”And I will bring in a lawyer tomorrow morning,to collect all my documents and sign it out from her name that she can no longer have access to my properties,and the house he built in her name will be cleaned off,with the documents that shows she owns the house.

By now chioma could not believe her eyes,she cried and begged kelechi but he refused,cause he already made up his mind to take away every thing she has access to,so she will learn when she have another opportunity again,only if she will have one.

The elders concluded ,and the secret C I D men arrested chike to their station,so he could sign a shortie they call it, that he doesn’t have any business with the family again,and if anything happens to mr kelechi he will be held responsible, when he signed it,they left him,but promised him that they were watching his every move,chike left and travelled away from that city to a very far away city when it’s was night, cause he do not want his neighbors to mock and laugh at him cause if shame the next day.

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Chioma left the meeting ground in shame and disgrace,after loosing her mother in place of kelechi not dying as a repercussion of kelechi a victim,so her mother took the death of someone else cause of to satisfy her daughter’s want and greedy desire,now she is facing the beating drum.

The next day the lawyer was called,to make chioma sign all the necessary documents ,that she is not part of kelechi’s properties or site,after all of the signing and writing, kelechi did not even look at chioma twice he quickly brought out a divorce letter and told her to sign it, chioma was really heart broken ,that she broke down in tears.

“My husband please am sorry,and please forgive me for all the wickedness have done to you,I have regretted all my actions cause I was greedy,and I wanted your whole properties for myself,I never look at what will be my gain in the future,I over looked it and do my wants,but now here I am with nothing at hand,my mother is dead because of this”,
chioma said while crying her eyes out ,she has become her own shadow of herself,just for one day chioma had grown lean cause of thinking and regret, she quickly hold kelechi’s trouser, begging him to forgive her even if they can’t be together,and she can’t live with him cause she won’t be able to look him in the eyes, kelechi felt pity for her,since he was a gentleman and a cool type,and he do not want anything to happen to his fellow human,he hold her by her shoulder and pulled her up from the ground,her eyes has gone inside when he looked at her face,she was eaten by her own fears and regret,he spoke to her in a thick but calm voice.

“Chioma ,for all the times have been with you,have I for once hurt you in any way,have I treated you badly,I gave you all you wanted,even if I don’t have it at that instant but I always promise to fulfil what you requested from me in a few days time,I never wanted you to suffer and I gave you all the love I had for you,but you treated me bad,you planned with my friend and your mother to kill me just for my properties,you had a secret affairs with my best friend,and still come back to me as if nothing is the problem,God knows all what I have in my heart for you,he looked at his son who is faithful to his wife that’s why he let me came back to pick something that is not relevant in the house that morning,if not I won’t stand to talk by now,would have been dead,and when people asked how I died,you and your accomplice will say I fell ill and died,but my God do not want my enemies to eat and drink over my head”,he said all this shaking her by her shoulder ,while pouring at his heart to her,which made chioma shiver in fear with goosebumps all over her body,that instant she felt like the ground should open up for her so she could be covered by the earth itself ,but nothing like that happen,she heard and felt it deep in her soul as kelechi spoke with pains from his heart.

She took the pen and signed the divorce papers,and the lawyer who was an eye witness signed that he approved the letter,chioma walked quickly as her legs could carry her away from the office, bowing her head as she walked with tears both dried and wet pouring from her eyes.

Kelechi felt and thought that if he could collect everything from her and nothing left for her,how will she survive now that she is left with nothing,and he won’t want to hear she died ,even if they are not together anymore,at least she should have something to use in feeding herself,he then quickly ran out from the lawyer office,he met chioma about to enter a cab,he quickly called her name and stopped her not to go,chioma was panicking if he has come again to arrest her or do worst to her, cause she knows she deserved any punishment from him,but she still cherished her life.

“Chioma wait”, kelechi called,as he ran to meet with chioma his now ex wife.

Chioma told the cab man,to wait a minute so she could talk to the man talking to her,which he nodded and stopped the car, turning it off.

“Yes,is there any thing else I could do”,
she said with fear in her voice,while trying to doudge the eye contact kelechi was trying to make,

“Ermmm not really,just that I came back to tell you have forgiven you for all what you have done to me,well to me it might happen to someone else or anybody,no man is righteous in this world,but we don’t have to let the things of the world to drive us from God presence,if not we fall into the trap of the devil,and regret our actions later in life”, kelechi spoke while chioma for the first time looked at the good man before her,and how she is about to miss him,and realized that she really threw away the hand that feed her,now she has realised that things of the world is just vanity, someone might fight for houses,lands , company and so on,but one can’t take it to the grave,it’s all perish here on Earth.

As she was thinking while looking at kelechi empty minded that she forgot herself that he was still talking to her,kelechi snapped her from her small thought and told her the thing she could ever believe could come out from kelechi’s mouth.

“Chioma I have transferred a sum of 500 hundred thousand naira in your account,so you could sets up a small business for yourself,I still care about you and I don’t want you to suffer,tho we can’t be husband and wife,but we could still be friends and nothing more,the space in front of my other house,you could open up a shop there and start your business,from there you could save to have your own shop,if you want,you can stay there as long as you want till you are ok”,
kelechi said with happiness in his face smilling a little,but not too look as if he is mocking or laughing at her.

Chioma quickly knelt down and thanked kelechi for his kind favour,even if she can’t be his wife any more,but she has surely learnt from her mistakes,and she will live to tell it out to young girls,so they won’t make a mistake of hurting themselves in their future cause of greediness, selfishness.

Chioma accepted the money,but she refused to accept the shop in the house side,she thanked kelechi and wave him her last good bye,then she entered the cab and the driver took off.

That was the end kelechi ever sets his eyes on chioma his ex wife,he later heard she left the town to another place,after her mother was buried and few people attended the burial,he just sents his condolences to chioma,and some cash again,and after that he heard that ,she had got someone who wants to marry her,he prayed she should really changed for good.

Six to seven months later, kelechi has been watching a young beautiful lady in his company, named Amarachi ,or Amara for short,she was beautiful with a white sets of teeth,that shines any time she smiles,she was a little curvy ,and not so busty ,but she was a taste any man could ever wants. Kelechi planned that he will take her out for a date to one of the best restaurant in that estate,but he planned to take his time,this time around not to rush into things,he spoke with Amara after closing hours at work,and she accepted the offer of going out on a date with him.

From there their love story began,four months later he got Amara engaged ,and she on the other hand worshipped him with respect and love as a good woman she was, three months later they got married,not up to two months of their marriage Amara was pregnant for kelechi,his joy knew no bounds. The two lived happily ever after.


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