[STORY] Sikiru The Okada Man (episode 1-4)

My adventures with Sikiru, the Okada rider
started innocently enough.
While returning from work one fateful evening,
my car broke down and
all efforts I made to at least have it take me
home that night proved
abortive. I called my mechanic who did
everything he knew how to make
the car move but my car was not ready to sleep
at home that night.
“aunty, we go leave the car here o!’ my mechanic
declared ‘you know
say we no fit push automatic and na tomoro I go
fit buy an fix wetin
spoil inside’
‘okay’ I sad
I had to lock up and leave the car where it was
and was left with no
choice but to take the popular okada home since
my fiancé had
travelled some days earlier and would only be
returning that night.
It was already dark and almost 8pm by the time
we finished arrangement
to leave the car where it was. I called a passing
okada rider and
while we were going, I noticed him pushing back
at my ample bo*obs,
trying to push back at my crotch. I pretended not
to notice but when
he continued, my nip*ples became taut and
stood erect. I couldn’t hold
it anymore after some time and pushed back at
his back, moving closer
to him on the okada so as have more friction on
my boo*bs. My pantyless
pu*ssy was dripping wet and hot.
The okada suddenly stopped at a bushy lonely
stretch of the road and
the okada man said something was wrong with
the machine. He started
fiddling with it and I just stared at his crotch
which had a
noticeable bulge. I couldn’t resist any longer and
just grabbed his
hands and put it on my exposed thighs, I was
wearing a mini length
lycra skirt. Exactly what he had been waiting for!
As he pulled up my
skirt and pushed his fingers into my sopping wet
pu*ssy, fingering me
and finger fuc*king me deeply. I pushed back on
his finger leaning on
the okada and moaning loudly like the s–t I was.
He pulled out my
bo*obs and started s—–g on them one after
the other. I pulled down
his shorts and one of the biggest c—s I had
ever seen sprang
I gasped and c-m loudly from the mere sight of
that c–k. I quickly
opened my bag, brought out a cd and encased
his c–k with it. Then
turned and presented my glistening wet pu*ssy
to him doggy, holding on
tightly to the okada , bending my waist and
raising my pu*ssy as high
as I could. He didn’t hesitate as he quickly
shoved all that cockmeat
into my hungry pu*ssy, pushing it all in at once
while grabbing and
squeezing my bo*obs for all it was worth from
behind. I moaned loudly
and pushed back at him, meeting him stroke for
stroke and wanting it
all!!! He fu*cked me like a real s–t, banging into
me hard and fast
and not sparing my hanging bo*obs by fondling
them hard and squeezing
my erect nip*ples, bringing tears of pleasure to
my eyes. I moaned in
pleasure, not minding the glare of oncoming
vehicles’ headlights
occasionally lighting us up like a stadium,
making it obvious to all
and sundry what we were doing.
Okada man just banged away, oblivious of the
havoc he was causing in
my oliver twist pus*sy. He fuc*ked me for over
twenty minutes and I had
c-m after c-m until he grunted and gave a
mighty shove spilling his
seed into the rubber encasing his c–k. He pulled
out, removed and
threw way the cumfilled cd then pulled up his
shorts while I pulled
down my skirt and rearranged my bo*obs in my

My pus*sy was hot
and wet with several c-m, flowing pu*ssy juices.
I stood aside waiting for him to finish the repairs
for us to leave
but to my surprise, he got on his bike, kicked it
started and told me
to climb on. I asked if the bike was okay and he
said yes, that he
parked because we both wanted a fu*ck. We
both laughed it off and he
told me his name was Sikiru, gave me his
number and that I should feel
free to call on him whenever I needed servicing.
It was a slutty thing
to say to a lady but I don’t deceive myself, I
know am far from a
lady, I’m a s–t.
Sikiru dropped me off at the junction to my
house and after paying him
( with him squeezing my bo*obs in the process)
I walked home, thinking
of the fu*ck I just had, the size of his c–k and
dreamily imagining
when next I would have to feel that wonderful
c–k again in my
constantly aching pu*ssy.
I got home, showered, made dinner and
showered again. About forty five
minutes after my arrival home, James drove in
and I welcomed him with
open arms, my pus*sy once again wet at the
thought of fuc*king my loving
fiancé. While making love, he asked how I had
been coping without him
for the past three days and I smiled demurely,
thinking of the raunchy
se*x I had just had with sikiru, okada man. If
only he knew………

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Episode 2

I miss my amorous trysts with Sikiru, my Okada
man. It’s been a while we had
any encounters and my pus*sy was screaming
for some of those raunchy sessions
of fuc*k I have with him. It’s not that I don’t
enjoy se*x with my Fiance, James, just
that what we do is sweet love making. He thinks
I’m fragile and treats me like a
doll, cuddling me and making me snuggle up to
him after our sweet rounds of
love making. But I’m not a doll. My body needs
rough handling once in a while,
my pus*sy needs pounding every so often and
this makes me feel alive and slu+tty.
I just love that s–t+ty feeling. But it feels good
to have my sweet James waiting
for me after my raunchy sessions with Sikiru. He
makes me feel loved and as
much as I love those slu*tty moments of stolen
fuc*ks, I won’t trade James love for
me with anything.
Sikiru called me some days ago about a party he
wanted me to attend with him
but I can’t go since James is at home and I don’t
have any excuse for going
anywhere. My pus*sy itches badly. Making love
with James is sweet, but my pu*ssy
is dying for some hard pounding. I was lying
down in the sitting room watching
some hard core p*orn and preparing to use my
d—o when my phone range and it
was James calling.
‘hey baby’ I spoke into the phone
‘Heartbeat, sorry I have unpleasant news. Got to
travel to Abuja today on a
serious assignment, will be back tomorrow
evening’ he said.
‘ohhhh baby, but we have something planned for
tonight, remember?’ I answered
in dismay.
‘sorry heartbeat, can’t help it. It’s a very
important meeting. We just have to
reschedule our plans. Forgive me’. He pleaded.
‘okay baby, but I’m gonna miss you’ I sure was
gonna miss him, a day away from
him always feels like forever.
‘be good, heartbeat, and don’t stay cooped up at
home, call your friends, go out
and have fun for daddy’ he said.
‘I’ll try, baby, just that it won’t be much fun
without you there’ I replied morosely.
‘cheer up, heartbeat; it’s just for a night. Got to
go now so as to catch the next
flight, will call you once I land, muah, a billion
times’ he said
‘muah, baby. Take care and make sure you call
We hung up and I was not happy. I knew it was
going to be one lonely Friday
night. Barely thirty minutes after James’ call,
Sikiru called and asked me if I was
sure I wasn’t going to attend the party he had
earlier invited me to. I became
exhilarated and answered in the affirmative, that I
would attend. I dropped the call
excited, my pus*sy was juicing spastically in
anticipation of the lovely time I was
going to have. I know for a fact that we would
have fu*ck sessions after the party.
James’ emergency meeting was in fact a God
send rather than the disappointment
I had initially thought.
I started making arrangements for later, by
making sure my pu*ssy was still as
bald as before. I shaved off the stubble that had
started growing there and
fingered myself to an earth shattering c—-x in
the process. The mere thought of
Sikiru’s c–k was enough for my pus*sy to start
juicing. I’m such a s–t, I can’t
help myself.
At about 3pm in the afternoon, I was called by a
friend of mine who lectures in
another faculty of the same school. We are quite
close and this was caused by an
incident that happened about two years ago. It
all happened this way.
A former student of mine had just returned from
the youth service year and came
to greet me in the office. He knew that I
sometimes stay late in the office to read
and maybe do pending duties. This fateful
evening, he got to my office around
5pm and we got chatting, talking about his
experience in camp and during the
service year and his expectations for the future.
He was one hunk of a guy and I
had always lusted after him but had to restrain
myself for ethical reasons.
Sleeping with your student is bad for morale and
We continued talking and before we knew it, it
was already dark outside. One
thing led to the other in our discussion and I
asked him about his girl and
emotional life and we got personal sha. I got up
later to switch on the light in my
office and on my way back, he grabbed my ass,
supposedly by mistake. I looked
at him and he looked back and it was obvious
we both wanted each other. I stood
there by my table gasping for breath with my
chest heaving up and down. To cut
a long story short we grabbed each other and
started smooching with him
rubbing his hands all over my body. My blouse
buttons had become undone in the
course of our grappling and he had freed my
bo*obs from their confinement and
had one nip*ple in his mouth s—–g like a milk
starved baby. My pu*ssy was
juicing, clenching in anticipation of a hard c–k. I
moaned aloud as he s—-d first
one hard nip*ple then the other and gradually
made his way to the band of my
skirt. I gripped my desk, my head thrown back,
bo*obs pushed to his face for
greater reach. I moaned like the s–t I was,
enjoying the attention on my bo*obs
and aching for my pu*ssy to be filled. He didn’t
disappoint me as he pushed down
my skirt and panties with one hand while still
tweaking my nip*ples with the other.
My pu*ssy was bared to his gaze and he basked
in the sight of my bare snatch
exposed in all its glory. He blew on it and I
gasped, pushing forward, wanting all
the attention I can get. He dipped a finger in my
juicing pu*ssy and brought it to
his lips, licking his fingers clean and savouring
the taste. I was no longer myself
as I groaned and moaned in lust, wanting more.
He obliged me by spreading my legs wide on the
table with me helping him
further by leaning as far back on the desk as I
could, bending my knees and
pushing my gushing pus*sy forward for closer

Without preamble, he
lashed onto my aching and flooding pu*ssy,
s—–g for all he was worth as if his
life depended on it. I bucked and bucked,
moaning in lustful delight as I pushed
my pu*ssy further and further in his face as if I
would drown him with pus*sy
juices. He didn’t mind as he s—-d away, giving
my c*lit little nips then circling
round it with his tongue. Often he tongue
fuc*ked my pus*sy driving me wild. I
moaned aloud as I had series of mini cu*ms and
then couldn’t hold back my shout
of pleasure as a big cu*m began its journey from
my pus*sy to the centre of my
body. My toes curled and I held on to his head
urging him on as I had a very
massive cu*m.
‘What the fu*ck?’ a voice intruding on my
pleasure but I was too far gone to notice
or come down from my high. My pu*ssy kept
convulsing, clenching and
contracting as I kept cu*mming.
I gradually came down from the cloud I was to
be confronted by my friend Patty
standing inside my office and staring at me
spread on my desk and my pus*sy
being eaten by a hunk.
‘hmmm , I I I ‘ I stammered, at a lose for what to
say but still in the euphoria of
my cu*m to really comprehend what was
happening and my pus*sy still very
sensitive yet aching for a sound fu*ck.
‘I want some too’ she said. Surprise!!!!!! Patty
simply slipped off her dress and
took his erect di*ck in her mouth, s—–g for all
she was worth.
It was one raunchy se*x fest as we ended up
having a threesome, with him fuc*king
and s—–g both of us and us taking turns to
s–k him.
That was how our friendship became a one of a
kind one.

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Episode 3

Patty was calling that afternoon to find out if we
could go to the club with her. I
told her James had travelled out of town and
that I was all alone at home. She
tututted and sympathised with my lonely state
then invited me to accompany her
to a club. I declined, claiming prior engagement. I
then told her I had an owanbe
party to attend later that night and that it would
be funfiled and exciting. She
quickly jumped at the suggestion of following me
to the party instead of a club. I
knew she would as she was one h—y b—h
constantly in search of sexual
adventure and always ready at the drop of a hat
to fu*ck any available di*ck. We
are a perfect fit for friendship; two h—y bitches.
Patty was in my house as early as 7pm for a
party we had scheduled to attend at
10pm wearing an hole filled lace ensemble that I
was sure had nothing
underneath. She’s one freaky b—h with massive
as*s that she loves to show off.
Her boo*bs are about average but she makes
ample use of her best asset, her as*s.
She had to wait patiently till 10.30pm despite her
anxiety cos there was no way I
was going to be the first to arrive a party. Its just
not done.
Sikiru started calling at 9pm to find out if I was
still coming to the party and later
to find out what was delaying me. I told him to
be patient, that I would be joining
him soon. At 10.15pm, we set off with Patty
driving, the party was on the other
side of town but traffic was light at that time of
night so we got there at around
10.40pm. we knew we were in the right place
due to the sound that hit us metres
before we actually got to the venue. The ‘gbogbo
elere’ music popular with such
parties was already in full swing blaring away an
admixture of fuji and juju music.
The atmosphere was rowdy and exciting at the
same time. This kind of setting
was not my usual kind of place but I just loved
the anonymity and the slutty
feeling it aroused in me. The scene brought back
my university days and
reminiscing on them was making me as h—y as
hell as I imagined being fuc*ked
by all sorts of strange dic*ks.
Sikiru was already waiting for us as I had
described the car we would be coming
in earlier to him. He directed us to a secluded
and relatively safe place to park the
car and while Patty was busy manoeuvring the
car into position, he gave my
ample semi exposed bo*obs a squeeze and
grabbed my pu*ssy through my
brocade skirt. I moaned as I relaxed unto his
hands enjoying the feelings churning
through my pus*sy. I also grabbed for his c–k
and saw that it was erect and hard
through the Ankara ‘sokoto’ he was wearing. He
managed to rub my bare pus*sy
and slipped a finger in it before we were
interrupted by Patty.
‘hey, don’t start without me’ she said, strolling to
where we were standing in the
dark. Sikiru removed his finger from my greedy
pu*ssy and s—-d the wetness on
it. I managed to introduce them to each other
and noticed Sikiru steal a
suggestive look at Patty’s butts which she
replied to in kind by shaking. This
broke the sexual tension and we all laughed.
Sikiru then placed his hands round
our shoulders and led us to a part of the party
where about six other guys
occupied a big table with three empty seats to
spare. We sat on those seats and
Sikiru introduced us proudly to his friends. He
was very excited as it was obvious
we were both way above their class from our
cloths and demeanour.
Amala, ewedu and the usual ‘omi obe’ with big
chunks of meat was served us. I
couldn’t eat much as I was the junk food addict.
I sha managed to eat the fish
that was later serve. Sikiru kept me in a constant
state of tension by fingering me
under the table. My skirt was riding high on my
thighs and my legs spread under
the table for him to have free and easy access.
He was ready for me, digging his
fingers into my pus*sy while I was eating until I
couldn’t bear it and gave a loud
gasp and spilled soup all over the table. The
others looked at me, smiled and
continued what they were doing as if nothing
had happened. Sikiru continued
tormenting my pus*sy as if we were all alone
and after seeing that nobody was
paying us any heed, I decided to enjoy the
pleasure spreading through my body
from my pus*sy. I abandoned myself to the
pleasure and practically let go. The
table we were sitting at was in a secluded almost
dark corner of the party. We
were practically alone and unencumbered.
In the cloud of lust surrounding me, I faintly
heard subdued moans coming from
Patty’s side of the table and after making a
supreme effort to concentrate and
break loose from my passion, I saw one of
Sikiru’s friends s—–g and s—–g
and kneading Patty’s boo*bs one after the other.
She was also lost in lust. Sikiru
continued the onslaught of my pus*sy increasing
the number of fingers to three
and tweaking my cli*t in the process. I became
lost to all the goings on around me
as I moaned and opened my legs wider for him
to have deeper access. He obliged
and kept using his fingers like a di*ck pumping
the increased to four fingers in and
out of my pu*ssy and I pushed back, moaning,
groaning, near to cu*mming on his
hands. Soon I was begging him to go faster,
faster and harder and my Okada man
responded by giving me my wish. I shrieked and
ground unto his hands as I
exploded my juice all over his hands with some
even splashing about.
I came down from my high to see good old Patty
s—–g one of Sikiru’s friend’s
d*ick while another guy had her bo*obs in his
mouth and yet a third was busy
fingering her. She was grunting as the c–k in
her mouth did not allow her to
express herself the way she wanted. She bucked
onto the guy fingering her pus*sy
as she was hit by a massive c—-x. The guy
whose dic*k she was busy chewing
to ribbons also gave some animalistic growls
and uploaded gallons of jism into
her ever ready slutty mouth. She opened her
mouth to show him his load in her
mouth and then swallowed everything and licked
her lips clean. The guy gulped in
surprise at this sight cos I don’t believe a girl
had ever swallowed his c-m.
We all adjusted our clothes and sat back down
to enjoy the party. The foreplay
had loosened us up and we started passing lewd
remarks and touching each
other suggestively. My hand was glued on
Sikiru’s monster dic*k and I kept
rubbing his erec*tion through his trousers.

must give him credit cos despite my
ministrations, he didn’t spill his load as some
other man would.
Around 2am in the morning, Sikiru beckoned on
me and stood up. I followed him
and the others also stood up. I didn’t know
where we were going but was sure I
was safe from any harm. The guys led us to a
bus parked way off the party and
the guys got in. I looked inquiringly at Sikiru who
told me not to worry and that
we would come back later for Patty’s car.
We drove to a well furnished bungalow which I
later learnt belonged to one of
Sikiru’s friends. Sikiru was virtually tearing the
cloths off my back immediately we
stepped in. it was obvious that my ministration
of earlier on had really gotten into
him, he was only exercising restraint. I was game
as my pus*sy wanted hard dic*k
and now. Before you could say, Jack, Sikiru had
me on the floor writhing as he
s—-d on my erect nip*ples and squeezed on
my heavy bo*obs. I let myself go as I
proclaimed my pleasure through moans and
screams. I also wanted my mouth
filled and had his hard, throbbing dic*k in my
mouth s—–g for all I was worth. It
was a wonderful 69 we had as he also wanted to
eat my pus*sy. Pu*ssy eating was
one meal I had introduced Sikiru to and he has
become very proficient in it. He
s—-d me clean of all pus*sy juice and I kept
making more to fill his hungry
After about 10minutes of this, we both wanted to
fu*ck. I knelt down and raised my
bums in the air and bent my waist. My wet
glistening pus*sy was revealed in all its
glory and Sikiru gripped my waist and placed the
head of his dic/k on my hungry
hole. I wiggled back, wanting that c–k deep
inside me. With one firm grip on my
waist, Sikiru shoved his 8.5inch dic*k deep
inside my pu*ssy burying it to the hilt. I
gave a big howl as I pushed back onto him.
Sikiru fuc*ked me hard and fast all the
while squeezing my bo*obs. It was wild but I
loved it.

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The entire room was filled with fu*ck noises
emanating from all over. I was too
engrossed in my passion to be aware of what
was happening to Patty but the
noises that filtered into my fog shrouded brain
was proof that she was having the
time of her life. She was in her element and was
enjoying every single minute of
I knelt there like the s–t I was being shagged
mercilessly from behind by SIkiru
and loving every t—-t, every shove of his hard
di*ck in my sloppy pu*ssy. I was
producing pu*ssy juice as if it was going to go
extinct. I pushed back to receive as
much of SIkiru’s monster c–k in my pus*sy,
loving it and wanting more.
Suddenly, a hard c–k was shoved into my
mouth and began face-fuc*king me.
Wow!! My second favourite meal after a drink of
c-m! I responded by s—–g in
the c–k as deep into my throat as it would go. I
love having c–k in my mouth
every bit as much as I love having it in my c–t
and ass. I lollipoped his meat,
happily pushing back to meet Sikiru’s thrusts, my
c–t muscles gripping his d*ick
in a vice wanting to have it buried in there
forever. After minutes of intense face
fuc*king, I felt the knob of the pulsing c–k
balloon into smooth tightness between
my cheeks, then big globs of sp*erm came
jetting out of it. ‘mmmfffpp! Ullssshhh!
Gluuuggg! Guulppp! I grunted, s—–g and
gulping on the spurting s—t,
swallowing the c*um that was spewing from that
unknown c–k and loving it. I
made sure to s–k it dry! The guy pulled away
from my greedy mouth cos I was
still busy s—–g on the now empty di*ck.
Sikiru was still pounding away at my pu*ssy.
The guy was relentless and had
staying power. That’s what I like about him.
Sikiru’s one round could last twenty
minutes, making me cu*m over and over again
before spilling his seed in my
hungry, grasping hole. He didn’t disappoint me
as he drilled away, fuc*king me
with hard even strokes that really got to the
inside of my sensitive pu*ssy.
Another di*ck had replaced the one I had just
milked dry and I gladly accepted it,
s—–g the knob and licking it of all pre-cu*m. I
gulped it deep into my throat. I
was in my own world. I wish never to leave. The
pleasure flowing through my
body was beyond my imagination. The new guy
held onto my heavy and swinging
bo*obs as if his life depended on it, squeezing
them hard and tweaking my nip*ples,
really driving me mad. I couldn’t show how I felt
because of the c–k stuck in my
throat. Sikiru had by now increased his speed
and t—-t. He was close to spilling
hot cu*m into my womb. He pistoned forward
and backwards, holding my waist
tighter while I arched my hips and bent my waist
to have him as deep inside me
as possible. My pu*ssy was churning heavily,
and slurping noises of our joined
privates could be heard all over the house. With
series of mighty shoves, sikiru
spilled his seed in me and my greedy pu*ssy
gulped all he had to offer, squeezing,
contracting and convulsing around his di*ck. He
gave a mighty grunt as his c–k
was chewed to pieces by my greedy pus*sy. The
c–k in my mouth was almost
dislodged as I had a heavy c—-x with Sikiru. I
didn’t let go of the di*ck however,
and continued s—–g for all I was worth. Faster
and faster I s—-d as my pu*ssy
was emptied of Sikiru’s c–k and I felt bereft,
something was missing. I wanted
that full feeling again in my pus*sy and gave a
loud sigh of satisfaction as another
di*ck was shoved into my flooded pus*sy. This
new dic*k was longer but slimmer
than sikiru’s c–k and I didn’t have the stuffed
filling I had earlier. The c–k in my
mouth also spilled its load after some minutes of
deep throating him and I
swallowed all.
I gave a loud sigh after a few thrusts of the di*ck
in my pus*sy when I noticed that
the d*ick made up for width by its length. It
reached further into my pus*sy than
sikiru’s did and I just loved it. It reached deep
into my pus*sy, almost touching my
womb! It was a wonderful feeling. Pu*ssy juices
mixed with spe*rm splashed
everywhere as he dug deeply into me. I was in
fu*ck heaven. I simply buried my
face on the floor, arched my back more making
my pus*sy more open as I moaned
and groaned in lust. My pus*sy felt used but I
loved it. I love being used, fuc*ked
properly like the s–t I was and I could tell that
Sikiru and his friends were ready to
make my wishes come true. The guy fuc*ked me
faster and touched my womb and
I gave big yelps and groans, loving the feeling in
my churning pus*sy. A series of
cu*ms wracked my body and I screamed out in
ecstasy, my cries mingling with the
his grunts as he also spilled his load inside me.
I lay where I was, exhausted but happy. My cu*nt
was dripping cu*m, my bo*obs
ache from the pull and squeeze they had just
endured. My cu*nt lips were spread
open, swollen, red and super sensitive from the
assault it had just received. But I
was happy. I won’t trade that fu*ck for anything.
I gradually came back to earth
and saw Patty sprawled on the other side of the
room in the same state I was in
though she was on a couch with her ass wide
open and dripping cu*m. It was
obvious she had just had her ass fuc*ked. But
she had this look of excitement and
wonder in her eyes, coupled with lust. I know
she was ready for more as I was. I
had just been fuc*ked by four guys in two holes
but I know I still have capacity for
more. The guys were also spread in different
positions of exhaustion in the room,
their c—s had either been s—-d or fuc*ked
and they were grinning sheepishly.
One or two already had er*ect dic*ks again and I
was ready to demolish those
ere*ctions. The day was still young.
I inched my way towards one of the er*ect c—s
on the floor and enfolded it in my
hands, worshipping its turgidity. I looked at the
glistening tip and the knobby
head, thrilled at that wonderful male tool. The
guy grinned from ear to ear as I
admired his dic*k, he knew what was coming. I
lowered my mouth on it and
swallowed it to the balls. The guy gasped,
shocked that I could take all of him for
he was quite large but i have had eons practice
in eating c–k and very few c—s
could scare me. I relaxed my throat and deep
throated him; he gave a loud moan
as his c–k felt the back of my throat. I was in
my world, doing what I excel in. I
adjusted positions, getting on my knees so as to
properly have that meat in me. I
used one hand to work my cu*m drenched
pu*ssy, stimulating my c*lit. My as*s was
winking in the air and the next thing I knew, a
hand gripped my waist, removed
my fingers from my pus*sy, replacing it with his.
He scooped up cu*m mixed juice
and splattered it on my winking a—–e, dipping
a finger and then two in it until it
was all relaxed and wet. He then shoved his
co*ck into my a*ss, first gradually until
the knob was past the sphincter muscle and then
started thrusting with faster and
longer thrusts, all the while working my pu*ssy
with one hand. I made to scream at
the intrusion but the guy whose c–k I was
s—–g was not going to have any of
that as he held on to my head, shoving my head
deeper on his c–k. I was just
dying with pleasure. Fire was building in my
pu*ssy, a*ss and my mouth was soon
going to have a bucket load of vanilla and I was
ready to gulp it all down. I
pushed back on the d*ick assaulting my as*s,
trying to get as much of the di*ck into
my bowels. He responded by tunnelling away at
my a*ss. He wanted all his di*ck
inside and I wanted it too. I grunted deep in my
throat but couldn’t let out any
sound because of the c–k gag restraining my
voice. I didn’t mind. I was content
to service those c—s. The guy whose c–k I
was s—–g pushed deeper into my
throat and increased the tempo of his face fu*ck.
The c–k was jerking and pulsing
and I knew it would soon release its load. I
s—-d harder and was rewarded with
wards of cu*m deep in my throat which I happily
swallowed, trying to savour the
salty taste. I so so love eating cu*m. Don’t mind
having it for breakfast, lunch and
dinner. The guy grunted like a pig about to be
slaughtered as I s—-d him dry of
cu*m and licked the tip for extra measure. He
then collapsed back and his limp
p*rick popped out of my mouth.
I was now free to express myself and I did so
with moaning as I pushed back at
the d*ick in my ass and the fingering in my
pus*sy. But another di*ck quickly took
the place of the first and though I made to
protest at first, I later gladly s—-d
away! Gulping down the lollipop and licking the
copious amount of pre-c*um that
was leaking from the tip. The c–k in my a*ss
swelled bigger in preparation for
spilling its load and the thrusts in there became
more frantic and erratic and the
finger in my pu*ssy intensified its efforts. My
insides churned as the beginning of a
mighty org*asm rocked me from head to toe. My
pu*ssy convulsed rapidly as I had
a mighty cu*m, one of many for the night. The
c–k in my as*s also spilled its seed
and the c–k in my mouth crowned it all by
offloading splat after splat of thick
creamy cu*m down my throat. I swallowed and
almost choked as it coincided with
the grunt of pleasure I was making deep inside
my throat. I quickly swallowed so
as not to choke.
I was now bereft of any di*ck in any of my holes
and I felt empty. I still knelt where
I was, flushed and a*ss still in the air, dripping
sp*erm and pus*sy swollen, throbbing
and red. It was glistening from the cu*m I had
just had. I was still panting from the
org*asms and fighting to get my breath back
when the mightiest dic*k I have ever
fuc*ked was shoved mightily inside my swollen
cu*nt. I screamed at the invasion
and the size of the di*ck tunnelling away at my
used pus*sy. The guy just held on
tighter to my waist as he shoved it in deeper and
deeper as far as it would go. I
have never been so invaded. It felt like my
insides were tearing as fire burned
deeply in my ragged pu*ssy. I screamed in pain
and a conscious part of my brain
thought ‘see where seeking for pleasure has
landed you. This guy will kill you with
his dic*k or at best destroy your insides and you
will never be able to carry a child
anymore. Imagine how James would feel’. I
started crying afresh but he was
oblivious to my tears as he just pounded away
obviously thinking I was in fu*ck
heaven and expressing my pleasure by crying.
But a woman’s body especially p*ussy has a
great capacity for expansion and
pleasure. Minutes afterwards, the pain in my
pu*ssy changed to pleasure and
instead of trying to get away from him as I was
doing earlier, I started pushing
back at the giant di*ck doing havoc to my c*unt.
The full feeling was so pleasurable
that I didn’t want it out. My screams of pain
changed to that of pleasure and I
arched my hips making my pus*sy more open to
receive all of the di*ck in me. A
wracking cu*m exploded all over me and my
pu*ssy gripped the c–k tighter and
tighter, bathing it with my juices. I just couldn’t
stop cu*mming cos the c–k was
really and truly drilling and touching me in the
right places. The guy couldn’t also
hold back his cu*m as my pu*ssy gripped his
c–k tightly during one of my many
cu*ms and with an animal grunt, he spilled his
seed while my pus*sy milked him of
all he had to offer.
I fell back and lay on the floor in total exhaustion
at the series of cu*ms I had. I
sprawled face down, legs wide open, pu*ssy
puffy, a*ss red and all dripping c*um.
I gradually returned to earth to the sound of
fuc*king. Patty was being fuc*ked by
three c—s at the same time!!! Grunting sounds
coming from her c–k filled
mouth and sploshing sounds from her cu*nt and
as*s. She was in her elements as
she was sandwiched between two c—s and
gulping down a third. That girl has a
capacity for se*x that far exceeds mine. Sikiru
was one of the guys fuc*king her and
she gladly took his monster c–k and showed
appreciation for it.

Sikiru has
staying power and showed this by still drilling
her pu*ssy long after the c—s in
her mouth and a*ss had spilled their loads. He
gifted her with cu*m after cu*m
before finally spilling his load. Patty was so
happy she was grinning like a
Cheshire cat, like a cat that got the milk and
obviously she did get the milk but
this one was mixed with thick akamu!!!!.
It was already daylight as light spilled in through
the curtained windows. We were
sprawled in different positions of exhaustion on
the floor and sated, every one of
us fu*ck sated. We all gradually slept off
wherever we found ourselves.
I woke up to someone s—–g feverishly on my
bo*obs and sounds of laughter.
Opening my eyes, I saw one of the guys gulping
my bo*obs like a milk hungry
baby, Patty was s—–g another guy and the
others were laughing at a bet that
the guy would not last long with his d–k in
Patty’s mouth. I was becoming
aroused and wanted my pus*sy filled. But on
looking at the light spilling in through
the window, I noticed that the light angle had
changed. I groggily asked what the
time was and screamed in shock when I learnt it
was way past 3pm, in fact, almost 4.
God, James would be home soon if not home
I pushed back the pleasure flooding my body as I
quickly stood up, dragged Patty
away from her c–k s—–g contest and rushed
into the bathroom to freshen up,
telling Sikiru in the process that we were ready to
leave. Patty, the s–t, protested,
telling me to go that she would join me later but
I refused. We quickly tried as
best as we could to wash away the cu*ms on
our body and I especially tried to
remove the one on my pu*ssy cos I know my
Fiancé would want to make love to
me. We tried sha, as best we could.
About thirty minutes later, we were done and
ready to leave. The guys were also
ready and drove us back to the now empty party
arena where we picked patty’s
car and drove home. My heart beat loudly in my
chest as I prayed fervently in the
silence of my mind that my man would not have
returned. Imagine ruining
something as beautiful as I have with James just
to satisfy the itch in my p*ussy?
Fortunately, I got home to see that James had
not returned. I put my phone back
on and was bombarded by text messages from
him. Then his call came in that he
was on his way from the airport and had been
trying to reach me. I told one lie
that I can’t even remember now and told him I
was eagerly waiting for him.
My man returned and after all the endearments
and gushy gushy feelings of love,
it was time to retire into the bedroom. I dreaded
our lovemaking cos I know my
pu*ssy had not yet contracted fully to its original
size and it was still dripping
sper*m, he would notice.
What do I tell him??

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