[STORY] My village wife season 1 (episode 1-25)

chapter 1

💞My pretty lunatic 💞

(The sudden call)

💖Fred’s Pov💖
I came back from work early today not because I was stressed out or something.

But because I needed to hit the club, it been a month since I came back from the states.

And I most say Nigeria is one hell of a sweet country if you have money.

One more thing is that here in Nigeria Lagos precisely there are lot of pretty, sexy ladies.

Who are ready to give you pu**y as long as you gat the money.

And immediately they hear you came back from Dubai in particular they will let you f–k them to death.

I got down from my white Lamborghini and walked into my massive mansion and pressed my pass code.

And immediately the door opened and I went in.

I know you guys maybe wondering why my mansion has a code, so let me explain.

Am a f—–g playboy and sometimes when you f–k this Lagos slay queens they see it as an opportunity to get a rich boyfriend.

That can spend on them.

So sometimes after fu*king and paying them they go on social platforms to get my home address.

Not knowing I don’t fu*k a pu**y twice.

Am a public figure.
I have more than 15 million followers on Instagram.

One more thing I don’t have workers in my mansion, the only worker I have is the security.

I do call home services to clean the house almost everyday.

For the cooking I don’t think anyone can cook more than my beautiful mother, she’s the best best cook in the whole wide world.

‘Oh nne mụ oma (my sweet mother)…’ I murmured dreamingly.

Ever since I came back from the states few months ago i haven’t gone home.

I plan on going this year ending since the years is almost coming to an end.

And the worst part is that she has been calling me, for the past two weeks now and I haven’t been picking.

That’s by the way…

I went straight to my room and dropped my briefcase and went into the bathroom to take my bath.

After taking my bath, I applied my body lotion and dress up.

In a raper Jean trouser and a white shirt. after that I wore a black canvas and black face cap.

I looked at my reflection on the mirror and a slay smile appeared on my face.

‘Fred get ready to f–k some bitches…’ I murmured softly.

I took my car keys and left the mansion got into my g wagon and drove to the club.

Am sure my friends are already there waiting for me.

I have only four best friends, three are Yoruba guys while one is an Igbo guy and his my closest friend among the four.

Their names are Tobi, Tosin Ola and obinna and all of us are playboys.

When I go to the club I came out of my car and walked into the club.

The whole place was so beautiful with loud music and dim lights.

I walked straight to the VIP party of the club were my friends and I normally stay.

Immediately they saw there started smiling.

‘Hey dudes what’s happening?…’ I said before sitting down.

‘Everything is good bro…’ they said and immediately Tosin ordered drinks and some hot bitches started coming our way.

‘Hello handsomes how will you like it?…’ the most sexy one said seductively with her finger in-between her large boobs.

And immediately my d–k twisted.

There is one thing about the five of us, if we choose five girls to f–k, the five of us are gonna f–k them.

We picked five girls of our choice and took them to the VIP sult in the club.

And one thing about me is that I love being pleasured.

so I sat down and asked her for a blow job and immediately she set to work.

She unbuckled my belt and brought out my massive d*ck and immediately she saw the size she gasped in shock.

But who cares it her job anyway…

She circled her two hands on it and started smoking my d*ck giving me the pleasure I love.

I looked at my friends and they were busy enjoying themselves.

She immediately took my d*ck into her mouth and started s—–g on it and I couldn’t help but moan.

‘Oh yeah…’

After a while of slow pleasure i started f*cking her mouth she was chucking but who cares.

I immediately pushed her away from me and she fell on the bed and that made her giggle.

My friends where already f*cking there various bitches.

I ripped off her clothes and positioned myself in between her legs and t—-t into her violently.

making her scream like the s–t she is.

Fast forward……💗💗
After the sex series we were all tired so we left the club after paying our bills went into our various cars and left.

It was already late.

while i was driving my phone started ringing so I picked it up to check the caller and it was mom.

I didn’t pick am to tired to pick her call I will call her early tomorrow morning since tomorrow is weekend.

And I don’t go to work.

After few hours drive, I said hours because Lagos traffic is so bad.

I got to my mansion and the security opened the gate for me and I drove in.

packed my car at the garage and came down locked up the car and went straight to my room.

when I got to my room and took off my wrist watch and took off my clothes and dispose it where my dirty clothes are.

And went into the bathroom to take my bath, after taking my bath I came out wore my night wear.

ready to go to bed when another call came into my phone by mom.

I quickly switched off my phone.

My name is Fred uchemba age 25years old, am the only child of my parents.

I’m handsome with light skin and pink lips.

I’m a perfect definition of cuteness overload, and am also very rich and that why Ladies flock around me.

I have a girlfriend named Natasha and she base abroad.

Not that I like her.

when i was coming back to Nigeria she wasn’t even sad.

I have cut her two times cheating but I didn’t care because she just some b—h I use to satisfy my sexual appetite.

enough for now I need to sleep.

♥️In the village♥️

🌴Ulinma’s Pov🌴
I felt something cold being pulled on my body making my wake up.

And to my surprise I saw chioma my uncle’s first daughter looking at me with a smile on her face carrying a bucket of water.

And then it occurred to me she emptied the bucket of water on my body.

Such a witch.

“Ulinma don’t you know is morning already…” she said with her big mouth, in all my uncle’s children chioma is the ugliest.

I didn’t have strength to argue with her because I have lots of work to do, because today is Saturday.

I have to go to the stream to feach water, after that I do the house choirs and cooking before going to Mama comfort’s house to help her with her choirs.

I immediately left her beside my mat standing like a goat.

“Bia ulinma this bastard child of a rapist, are you not the one am talking to? where do you think you’re going…’ she said.

For me am use to them calling me a bastard child of a rapist.

‘Chioma can’t you see and going to prepare for my choirs Anụ ohia(animal)…’ I said with a mocking smile.

‘Wait ulinma did you just insult me?…’ she asked looking like a roasted goat with her cockroach k leg.

‘You will hear from me when Papa comes back…’ she said.

‘Do you see why I call you Alika 7up, you can’t even fight me woman to woman you are always running to Papa…’

‘Mtcheeew…’ i hissed.

I left her with her mouth wide open in shock.

I took my toothbrush and applied toothpaste on it and walked out of the hut with a cup of water.

After brushing my teeth, walked back to the house only to see nneka and nnenna my uncle’s younger twin daughters,

painting there nails.

This early morning.

My uncle has three children, chioma is the elderest and she 25 years old.

And she’s not even married yet, her father wants her to marry a rich man.

And then nneka and nnenna they are actually my age.

They are actually 19 years old.

I took my water pot and left for the stream.

Everyone in my village adores me, they prefer calling me nma.

Let me do a little introduction.

My name is ulinma and I’m 19 years old soon to be 20.

There is nothing special about me so let me live it there.

I’m extremely beautiful with light skin, average height.

Natural blue eyes and a killer curve.

so many rich men has come asking for my hand in marriage but my uncle disapproved to it.

Saying I shouldn’t get married to a rich.

Anyway I better set to work now.

💖Fred’s Pov💖
A familiar sound woke me up from sleep and I felt like crying.

I sat upright on the bed and took my phone to check who was calling and it was mom.

I know there most be a reason for mom’s frequent call.

So I picked up the call and placed the phone on my ears.

📱’Nne ututu oma (good morning mom), how are you doing?…’

📱’Fredric why haven’t you been picking my calls?…’ she asked with an angry tone.

📱’i’m so sorry mom I have been really busy lately…’

📱’I’m very sick and I want you to come home, the deadline am giving you is tomorrow…’

She said and before I could object to it she hang up on me.

I tried calling her back and her line was switched off.

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Chapter 2
💞my pretty lunatic💞

(The marriage preparation🌴🥳)

👵Mama comfort’s Pov👵
Ever since oluchi nma’s mother died I took it upon myself to protect her.

I was with her the day she gave birth to nma.

Here in this village giving birth without a husband is like a taboo and immediately you do they start behaving as if you are an outcast.

And oluchi’s case wasn’t different even after the whole village knew she was raped.

Even when her brother who should have stood by her turned his back on her after she refused aborting her child.

I took her in.

The poor girl was just 16 years old when she was brutally raped on her way back from the steam.

She made me make a promise to her that I will always protect ulinma her daughter.

And hearing her complain to me everyday about the ill treatment she’s getting from her uncle and his mannerless children, it breaks my heart.

She has been a helping hand to me since she clocked four.

I thought her how to read and write because, I see her just like my own daughter.

Nowadays I just can’t take my eye off her beautiful face.

My husband has been telling my son Fred that he needs to pick a wife but his not showing interest in it.

Fred is a playboy and I don’t want him to contact any sexually transmitted diseases.

His my only child and if anything happens to him I don’t think I can survive it.

Last month my husband brought up this topic of Fred getting married to ulinma and I bought to it.

Ulinma is not only beautiful with nice body structure, but she also a wife material.

Unlike Mbakwe her uncle that refused to give his children good home training.

Image three grown up girls that will one day go into a man’s house as his wife, but yet they can’t cook or even do house choirs.

And yet if you ask Mbakwe he will say his children don’t need to do house choirs because they will get married to rich men.

My husband has already gone to his house to ask for ulinma’s hand in marriage and he accepted.

The whole people in this village think my son is mad and that’s the reason why I send him abroad.

So when my husband asked for ulinma’s hand in marriage Mbakwe accepted thinking his marrying ulinma out to a mad man.

I can’t wait to shock them on that day of the introduction.

That’s the reason why I told Fred am not feeling well because if I tell him about the marriage he won’t come.

I know he likes women so much talk less of when he sees ulinma.

My son loves bre*st a lot.
Don’t ask me how I know because that boy s—-d on my bre*st for complete three and half years.

Funny right but that’s by the way.

I have lot of things to do today.

I just came back from the market and prepared my son’s favorite meal because I know his coming today as long as I told him am sick.

My son’s favorite meal is egusi soup served with fufu.

And am done preparing it already, but yet ulinma isn’t here.

She helped me go to the farm a day before yesterday to uproot cassava and yesterday we peeled it

And today she should come help me with the frying.

I was still wallowing in my thoughts when I saw her running into the compound with her best friend Ngozi.

And a smile appeared on my face.

‘Nne good afternoon…’ they greeted in union.

‘Morning umuoma how was your day?…’ I say in Igbo and they replied positively.

Her friend later left and the two of us set to work.

I wanted to help her do the filtering but she refused making me smile.

‘ehh nne I heard my uncle’s children mocking me saying Papa came to ask for my hand in marriage for your son that is mad…’

‘Nne is it true?…’ she asked with a smile, I guess she’s happy to live her uncle’s house.

‘Yes it’s true ulinma, but my son is not mad you will be shocked when you see him…’

‘Don’t left your uncle’s children no his not mad but when ever they mock you tell them at least you’re getting married before that ugly one, what is that her name again ehhh chioma…’ I said and she started laughing.

‘Okay Mama…’ I replied blushing and I pinched her cheek playfully making her blush even harder.

Wether you like it or not Fred this is your wife.
♥️ Some where in the city♥️
💜Tosin’s Pov💜
After the sex series at the club I came home only to see my maid still awake.

I was about walking pass her since she was busy watching TV when my eye landed on he a*s.

what the f–k this girl is so sexy.
Why haven’t I noticed it since?

Anyway that will be a work for another day I thought and started going upstairs to my room,

when she noticed my presence.

‘Sir welcome…’ she said in shock and I just nodded and continued my journey.

Next morning……💗💗
The sound of my phone woke me up and I stood up and took my phone.

And it was a massage from Fred so I had to open it.

✉️’Hey dude sorry for waking you up…’✉️

✉️’No problem dude …’✉️I sent back.

✉️’I have been trying to reach the others but there line isn’t reachable, please I won’t be able to meet up with you guys today and tomorrow…’✉️

✉️’Why man?…’✉️

✉️’My mom just called that she’s very sick and my attention is needed in the village so I am almost done preparing.…’✉️

✉️’Okay dude I gat u covered…’✉️

Wow today is gonna be boring I swear.
🌱At the village🌱
💖Fred’s Pov💖
I took the available flight down to the village.

Of course I flu with my car.

With my goggles map I was able to locate my father’s village and I most say I missed this place so much.

When I got to the stream i stopped my car when I saw a young lady around my age to ask her for direction.

‘Excuse me young lady please can you direct me to Mr Levy uchemba’s compound?…’ I asked and she blushed.

what’s wrong with this ugly thing I thought.

‘Ehhh you are at the right track, just keep going straight you will get to a junction take your left the first compound you see is his…’

she concluded and I smiled took my hand into my pocket and brought out a bundle of ₦500 note and gave it to her.

I didn’t wait for her to thank me and I drove off.

In no time I was already at my father’s compound.

But to my surprise when I packed my car and after greeting my dad who was sitting outside the house.

I got to the kitchen only to see my mom and a very beautiful girl , and when I mean beautiful I meant every bit of it.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her until my mom cleared hee throat.

Such a kill joy.

‘Mom I thought you said you were sick?…’ I asked without greeting and the pretty angel looked at mom surprisingly.

‘I tricked you into coming home because since you don’t want to get a wife for yourself, your father and I has decided to pick a wife for you…’ she said and I was short of words.

‘Mom I don’t get you?…’ I said.

‘Fredric uchemba this is ulinma your wife to be, ulinma this is my son Fred your husband to be…’ she introduced.

i wasn’t angry much because the girl in question is so f*cking pretty.

Let’s say and just shocked because I never knew my mom can be such a badass.

All this while the beauty never said a word.

‘Welcome…’ she finally said with her head bowed and only hearing her voice made my d*ck twist.

I just smiled and started making my way into the house when my mom spoke up.

‘Nna get ready the introduction is tomorrow…’

Oh God what happens to all those Lagos bitches.

I swear this girl is gonna suffer in my hands.

She’s extremely beautiful yes, but she’s not my class.

I looked at her pretty face one more time while she was frying garri.

And then I worked into the house and my mom followed me from behind.

‘Nwokoma go and take your bath while I serve you favorite food…’ she said and I smiled this woman sure knows a way of bribing me.😋

I kissed her cheek and rushed into my room to take my bath.

can’t just wait to enjoy my egusi soup and fufu.


😍Chioma’s Pov😍
I decided to take a little walk since ulinma that stupid pretty bastard child has already gone out.

When Papa told me she was getting married I got really angry but when he told me it was Papa Levy’s mad son i was so happy.

But still am wondering how we are going to cope without her in the house.

When school resumes my younger sisters will go back to Enugu where they are schooling living only me at home.

I can’t cook nor clean so how will I cope, maybe I will tell Papa to get a maid.

I just can’t wait for tomorrow being the introduction so I will mock her the more.

Since her mad husband is coming.

I was still taking a walk when a very handsome man stopped me to ask for direction to Papa Levy’s compound.

with the way he speaks I think his from abroad.

After giving him direction, he gave me lots of money and before I can ask for his name he drove off.

Immediately my heart started beating fast.

I think am in love with this guy, oh god please made me see him again.

I have finally gotten myself a husband.

I can’t wait to boast about it in front of ulinma.

I immediately ran back home singing happily.

🎼Am getting married ooo

I think my stomach is doing me somehow🥺🥺

Someone should prepare egusi soup and fufu for me nah🤣🤣

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Chapter 3
💞My pretty lunatic 💞

(The shocking introduction🤣)

👴Papa Levy’s Pov👴
I have always been a lover of children but my wife had issues with giving birth and that’s why we have only Fred.

And when I told him to get himself a wife and he refused with the excuse that he’s too young to get married.

I had to discuss it with my wife and immediately i made mention of ulinma, she happily agreed.

So she asked me to go ahead with the marriage preparations and live Fred for her.

I really like that girl ulinma.
She’s a good definition of a wife material unlike mbakwe’s children.

I already went to mbakwe and he accepted am just waiting for my son to come back.

If he comes back today then we will go tomorrow for the introduction and paying the bride price.

I know my son is a business man so keeping him in the village for so long isn’t an option

Today is Saturday and my wife left for the market and immediately she left, i dressed up on my farm cloth and went to the farm.

I went to check on my yam to see if they are due for uprooting, so I will get people to do it for me.

When I finished at the farm it was already getting late, I came back home and my wife was already back from the market and also prepared food.

Ulinma was helping her to fry garri

I went to the bathroom to my bath while my wife served my food.

When I finished eating I went outside to get some fresh air.

Few minutes later……💗💗
I saw a car driving into my compound and immediately a smile appeared on my face.

I have really missed seeing my son.
It’s been long I last saw him.

He came out of car and started coming towards my direction looking just like me when I was a young man.

‘Papa good evening…’ he greeted after giving me a hug.

‘Evening nwokoma, how was your trip?…’ I asked and he sighed softly.

‘We thank God, it was a little bit stressful but at least am here now…’ he replied.

‘That’s good…’ I simply said.

‘Papa where is Mama?…’ he asked.

‘She’s in the kitchen…’ I replied and he nodded and started going inside.
🌴🌴Ulinma’s Pov🌴🌴
Mama and I was in the kitchen frying garri when a very handsome young man walked into the kitchen.

Don’t tell me this is my husband.
If he is I can’t wait to shock chioma and the other two devils on the introduction day.

Mama and the young man who i later found out his name was Fred was having a decision.

I look forward there direction and our eyes meant and I immediately looked away.

Mama and Fred went inside.
I guess Mama went to serve him his food.

Immediately i was alone my thoughts started going wide.

What if he doesn’t like me?

What if staying with him will be worse than staying at my uncle’s house.

I shaked away the negative thoughts from my head and continue with what I was doing.

After a little while Mama came back and helped me with the filtering and in few hours we were done.

I went to mama’s room and took my bath and dressed up in the same dress I was wearing earlier.

Mama dished out food for me to eat.

While I was eating I noticed that someone was watching me but when I looked around but saw no one.

I quickly finished my food went to the kitchen and washed the plate and started going outside to tell Papa and Mama it was time for me to go.

On my way out of the house I boomed into Fred and he just smiled and said.

‘Oh sorry dear, are you going already?…’ he asked and I nodded with a smile.

And I left.
When I got outside the house I went under a mango tree were Mama and Papa was sitting and told them am going.

Mama handed me a bag and told me to wear the cloth tomorrow.

I thanked them and set on the journey home.
😍Chioma’s Pov😍
When I got home I told my siblings everything and they brought up an idea.

We plan on making jest of ulinma when see comes back from mama comfort’s house or will I say her mother in-law to be.

We waited until it was evening and immediately we saw her coming.

‘Who do we have here the wife of a mad man…’ nnenna said and we all laughed.

She just smiled making us see her shopping bag.

‘Oh your mother in-law even bought a a cloth you’re going to wear tomorrow…’ nneka said and we laughed.

She smiled even more before speaking up.

‘At least am getting married before you chioma…’ she said and we laughed.

‘Let me boost your bobbles, I have found a husband and don’t worry very soon…’ I said she just smiled and went inside.

Let me save my energy till tomorrow.

Next morning……💗💗
The whole place was already crowded by people, I know all the villagers wants to see mama comfort’s mad son.

My sisters and I dressed up in our best outfit and we walked into ulinma’s room and my mouth dropped.

She was wearing a red dress.
A very beautiful dress.

I left the room angrily and my sisters join me.
After a while of waiting different types of cars started coming into our compound living everyone in shock.

I saw the same type of car my prince charming was driving and the door opened and he came out and immediately i saw him my heart skipped.

Or did he come for me.
I immediately adjusted my dress.

He went to the other side of the car and opened the door and Mama comfort and Papa Levy came out.

What’s going on? I thought.

He didn’t even look at me.

I told my sisters that he’s the guy am talking about and they were shocked.

Papa Levy cleared his throat.

‘Mbakwe my brother this is my son Fred and we are here with my kinsmen to ask for ulinma’s hand in marriage…’ he said and everyone grasped in shock.

My father after a while he replied.

‘This is the marriage list, no more no less…’ he said and gave him the fake list that’s very expensive.

Papa Levy gave the list to his son and he smiled and nodded.

Few minutes later…💗💗
After a while the whole marriage payment has been made and all this while my prince charming didn’t even look my way but instead he kept stealing glance at ulinma.

And that even made me more jealous.

‘Excuse me sir, since the whole marriage payment has been made am taking my wife with me to Lagos tomorrow…’ he told my dad am dad just nodded.

With the way dad is behaving even a blind man will know his not happy.

‘I will come pick her up in the morning…’ he said and smiled at ulinma and she returned the smile.

I was sitting close to my dad wearing a very short dress but he didn’t even notice me.

I could take it anymore more so I ran out in tears

One word for chioma🤣🤣

What do you think is gonna happen next?

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Chapter 4
💞My pretty lunatic💞

(You stole my husband😏)

🌴Ulinma’s Pov🌴
After the marriage Fred and Papa Levy has already gone home, but Mama comfort was still around because according to our tradition she has to entertain the women.

I was feeling so happy at least am out of my uncle’s house although I don’t know what awaits me at Fred’s house in the city.

But I know it can’t be more than what I have suffered in the hands of my uncle and his children since I was born.

It was only my uncle’s late wife that treated me well, not until she dead when I was three years old and that was when my life became a living hell.

Mama comfort has be like an angel to me.
And that’s why am so happy to be her daughter in-law.

I looked towards my uncle’s direction and our eyes meant and I quickly looked away .

The looks in his face held jealousy and hatred.
But who cares anyway.

I can’t wait to laugh at chioma today when everyone has gone to there houses and everywhere is calm.

Someone tapped me on my shoulder and i looked at the person and it was ngozi my best friend.

Ngozi just got admitted into the university of Ibadan, I just hope Fred will let me go to school.

And if am given the opportunity to go to the university I will like to study law.

Don’t ask me why you should know my whole life has been a disaster.

Firstly my mother was a victim of rape and then am a victim of child abuse.

‘i’m going to miss you ulinma…’ ngozi said with a sad face this friend of mine came be dramatic at times.

‘Onye ara (mad person) me I will miss you too, especially your wahala…’ I replied and we laughed.

‘ehhh ulinma did you see how chioma was doing notice me, I even saw when she pulled her dress up…’ she said.

‘Don’t worry I’m going to show her pepper today, me am ready for them all of them…’ I replied.

Few hours later……🌸🌸
Our compound was already empty except for few women that are related to Mama comfort.

I also helped them out and after a few minutes they were done and left.

I smiled at the thought of marrying a rich handsome man even after uncle did everything to make sure I get married where am gonna suffer.

I picked up a broom and started sweeping the compound, and guess what that the only thing am going to do today.

No cooking and doing chores.
I want my uncle to die of hunger or ask his stupid good for nothing daughters to prepare his food.

I heard my name from inside and it was my uncle’s voice, I guess his hungry.
🥺Uncle mbakwe’s Pov🥺
The whole thing happening today has been getting me very angry.

I thought marrying ulinma to Papa Levy’s son will make her life difficult but instead I pushed her into good hands.

I was so so angry.
But the bride price has been paid and I can’t do anything about it.

If there was a way to make that handsome looking man marry my daughter chioma.

I would have done it.

I promise to make her few hours stay in this house be hell until tomorrow when her husband will come take her.

‘Ulinma! Ulinma!…’ I called.

After a little while she came in.
Sometimes I ask myself what she did to me to make me hate her so much.

‘Ulinma go to the kitchen and prepare something for me to eat now…’ I said but to my surprise she chuckled softly.

‘Am sorry Papa but you have to tell chioma, nnenna or nneka to prepare your food because I have to prepare for my trip to the city tomorrow…’ she said and walked out.

Oh my god.
Am so hungry and my daughter’s can’t cook.

Of course I can’t do anything to hurt her because her father in-law warned me.

I am I going to cope without ulinma in this house.
Why didn’t I think of that before marrying her out so fast.
😭Chioma’s Pov😭
I feel so heartbroken right now, so ulinma is now married while am still in my father’s house.

She did not only get married to any man at all but she got married to a rich handsome man.

I don’t even know his name.
My prince charming, the guy that won my heart.

Why is she so special huh?
And why does everyone like her?

I remember the first time Mama comfort was coming back from the farm and her dirty cutlass fell out from her basket.

She begged me to help her with the cutlass but I just finished fixing my nails so I refused.

And now her handsome son is now married to ulinma.

While am still unmarried at the age of 25.

I stayed at the backyard for hours crying my eyes out.
My stomach made a sound and then I remembered I haven’t eaten.

I walked to the kitchen to dish out food for myself and to my surprise I opened the pot and it was empty.

Don’t tell me ulinma haven’t prepared food.

I angrily walk into her room only to see her packing her clothes into a new bag, and that alone made me wanna cry.

‘Bia ulinma why haven’t you prepared food yet?…’ I asked angrily.

‘Oh as you can see am preparing for my trip to the city tomorrow, my husband Fred said I should get ready on time…’ she simply said and continued with her packing.

So my prince charming’s name is Fred .

‘Ulinma tell me are you a witch huh? How can you come out from no were and steal my husband…’ I said and she zipped her bag and started laughing.

‘Osi husband?…’ she asked laughing even more.

‘Yes ulinma you stole my husband…’ she just ignored me and lie down on her mat.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I left her room in tears.
I will confront him tomorrow and tell him about my feelings towards him.

Yes that’s what I will do.
I thought smiling a wicked smile at that.


Chioma said our ulinma stole her husband😂😂

What do you want Fred to do to her tomorrow

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Chapter 5
💞My pretty lunatic 💞
(The journey)

💖Fred’s Pov💖
My mom told me, one of the major reason why she arrange for the marriage between beauty and I.

Don’t ask me why I started calling her beauty.
Because am not that good in speaking Igbo, so I asked my mom the meaning of ulinma.

She told be it means pearl of beauty.
So if i don’t call her beauty, I call her pearl two beautiful name that what her.

Her late mom but love her so much, that even when people told her to abort her baby she refused.

This morning I prepared my things.
I’m going back to the city today and am taking beauty with me so after getting ready.

I took my car keys while my parents saw me off.
And guess what i didn’t go straight to beauty’s house, I went to a town not too far from my village to buy her some modern cloth.

I bought her a yellow top and a nevy blue short.
One thing about me is that I love my woman sexy so she better adapt.

After buying the cloth and drove back to the village to her uncle’s house.

After few minutes of driving I finally got there.
I packed my car and came down.

I saw beauty wearing a very long dress, sitting outside.
Oh my god I think I took long before coming.

Immediately she saw me she smiled and stood up.

‘Good morning…’ she greeted shyly.

‘Morning beauty…’ I replied and handed her the shopping bag containing her clothes and footwear.

‘What am I going to do with the bag?…’ she asked with a confused expression on her face.

I looked up only to see the ugly duckling.
Guess she’s her uncle children mom told me about.

Two more girls came out and then her uncle.

‘Beauty the bag I gave you contains clothes and footwear, I don’t like what you’re wearing so go and change…’ I said and she nodded with a smile.

‘But what about my bags?…’ she asked.

‘I will put them into the car…’ she nodded and ran inside.

‘Good morning young man…’ her uncle greeted.

‘Good morning sir, I came to pick my wife sorry for waking you up…’ I said with a smile.

‘That’s good but are you sure you can marry her? She’s a lunatic…’ he said and his ugly daughter kept blushing like an idiot.

‘Let me correct you sir a very pretty lunatic at that, yes I can marry her infact am already married to her…’ I said and took her bag and started loading them into the car.

Her uncle went inside same with his two twin daughters who are around beauty’s age.

But the ugly duckling stayed behind.
After a while she started walking towards my direction but I pretended as if i didn’t see her.

‘Hi good…morning handsome…’ she said.

I looked around as if i wasn’t the one she’s talking to.

‘Excuse me are you talking to me?…’ I asked.

She laughed like a lunatic and nodded.

‘Hmmm okay…’

‘I know you’re been forced by your parents to marry ulinma, I love you so much and I will like you to marry me…’ she said and I started laughing hard.

‘You see yes my parents forced me into marrying ulinma, and I accepted because she’s very very very very beautiful…’ I replied.

‘Me am I not very beautiful?…’ she asked seductively and that alone wanted to make me puke.

‘Have you seen a gorilla before?…’ I asked.

‘Yes I have when I went to a zoo…’ she replied .

‘Wanted to ask you the first day I saw you if you are in anyway related to a gorilla because girl you’re f—–g ugly…’ I said with an evil smirk on my face.

Her eyes became watery and she ran out in tears.

I wouldn’t have insulted her but why trying to snatch her cousin’s husband.

I noticed someone’s presence behind me so I turned to see who it was a immediately my landed at the figure before me my mouth dropped.

So this is what she has been hiding behind those long oversized dresses.
🌴Ulinma’s Pov🌴
While I was coming out nneka saw me.
I was about walking pass her before she said.

‘Ulinma the cloth looks good on you…’

Huh? Did nneka just compliment my dress ? That’s new…

‘Thank you nneka, that dress I wore yesterday is inside the shopping bag in my room you can take it…’ I said and she jumped up happily.

And gave me a hug.

I noticed nneka likes me but her dad doesn’t want any of his children to like me.

We disengaged from the hug and I said good bye to her and started going out.

I saw chioma running out in tears and when she saw me she stopped.

‘ulinma God will judge you for stealing my husband and also turning him against me…’ after saying that she ran pass me.

Are you sure she’s not mad… I thought.

When I got outside Fred has already loaded my bags into the car.

When he noticed my presence he turned and when he saw me his mouth dropped.

He started looking at my hips.
This is why I don’t wear this type of clothes.

It too short.
I cleared my throat and he regained consciousness.

And opened the car door for me and I got in slowly.
This is my first time of entering a car.

She also entered and he drove off.

We drove for few hours until we got to an express road.
Everywhere was so beautiful.

I was just looking at the window with a smile on my face.

‘Hmmm Fred this house looks like mountain ooo…’ I said and he laughed.

‘Come on beauty that a modern house, and guess what my house is even more bigger than that one…’ he said.

‘Ehhh that one is no longer a house nah…’

‘If it’s not a house what is it?…’ he asked.

‘That’s paradise nah…’

He even laughed the more.

At least my husband is not bossy .

‘Ulinma it’s like you have lots of things to learn, have you seen a plane before?…’

‘You mean aeroplane yes nah in the air…’

‘don’t worry you’re going to see it now…’

Few hours later……🌸🌸
We reach the place Fred said it airport and he came down and opened the door for me and I came down.

He held my hand and we started going into the place.

After a while of what ever he was founded with one man like that, that was wearing uniform.

We left.

I nearly fainted when I saw a very very very big aeroplane it was as big as a house.

He held my hand and we entered the very big aeroplane.
The inside was so fine ehhh.

We sat on one of the chairs and he helped me to lock something that looks like rope.

They call it sit belt.

Can’t wait to call ngozi and gist her.

Some many enjoyment in just one day.
❣️ Nneka’s Pov❣️
I’m so happy ulinma is out of this house, let me see how my father and two sisters will cope.

There is something they don’t know about me.
I can cook all thanks to ulinma.

I want to punish them.
All of them will die of hunger in this house.

Papa left for a meeting.
Nnenna went to visit her course mate while chioma left the house to take a walk after crying her eye out.

She’s the most foolish person I have ever since, how can you say someone stole your husband.

A guy that doesn’t even know if you exist.

I quickly went to the kitchen to prepare myself sometimes to eat.

Few hours later……💗💗
I was already done eating, I washed the plate and kept the whole things in other.

Then went into my room to take a nap.

I went to the bathroom with a bucket of cold water and took my bath.

After taking my bath I dressed up in a singlet and small short i collapsed on my bed and sleeped off.

We all have beds but ulinma sleeps in a mat.

I hope her husband treats her well

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Chapter 6
💞 My pretty lunatic 💞
(The drama🤣)

💖Fred’s Pov💖
We were half way on the journey when beauty slept off.

She slept off after all her blabbing on how she’s going to be awake in all the journey.

I wonder how this pretty girl manages to make me laugh.

I looked at her pretty face one more time and a smile appeared on my face.

So I have her all to myself.
am sure she’s still a virgin and she’s gonna thirst like heaven.

But how am I gonna get her to let me f–k her.

she looks very naive.

I think this girl is using charm on me, I can’t remember how many times I have looked at her today.

My eyes immediately traveled to her exposed thighs and my d–k twisted.

I slowly touched her legs.
it was so smooth and soft.

Her lips were partly open and i felt like kissing her.

She moved her body making me to compose myself.

Few minutes later……💗💗
The flight landed at Lagos state airport and I woke her up.

We came down from the plane took our logage and went to the car and i drove home.

when we got home it was already evening.

Her mouth dropped when we got to my house.

The security opened the gate and I drove in and packed at the garage.

I opened the car door and came down, the security guy was already taking our logage inside.

I helped ulinma with the door but she refused to come down.

‘Ulinma what’s the matter come down lets go inside…’ I said tiredly.

‘So you’re not going to use me for money ritual?…’ she asked in fear making me laugh.

‘Come on beauty why did you say that?…’ I asked.

‘You see ehh in mama’s television I use to see people like you who do it…’ she replied and I even laughed harder.

‘Ulinma come out jhari…’ I said and she removed her footwear and started following me with her.

‘Ulinma wear your footwear please…’ I said looking frustrated.

‘But this place is too clean to wear slippers…’ she replied with a confused expression.

Oh God save me from this girls wahala please.

‘Ulinma just wear it…’ I said and she immediately obeyed me.

We started walking inside.
when we got to the door i pressed my pass code and the door opened.

We stepped inside and I started showing her around.

First I took her to the kitchen.

I showed her how to use the cooker and after few minutes she was perfect with it.

she’s really a fast learner.

I can’t sleep in the same room with her, not that u don’t want to but because I can’t sleep with temptation.

I might rape her.

I showed her how to use a shower and left her.

And went to my room, it’s too late to cook so that will be by tomorrow.

I was about going to take a shower when a text came into my phone from obinna my best friend.

✉️’Hey dude what’s up?…’✉️

✉️’Am fine dude I just got back…’✉️

✉️’Woo that’s cool, we are coming to your house tomorrow morning remember men’s night…’ ✉️ immediately i read the text I nearly collapsed.

I know they are doing this because I told them my mom forced me to get married.

They just wanna see the girl.


I sent back am went to the bathroom.

Hope ulinma don’t f–k tomorrow up for me.

if she does am gonna spank her ass so hard.
🌴Ulinma’s Pov🌴
Immediately Fred left my room i rush into the white man’s bathroom to feed my eyes.

Hummm I sighed.

He said this one that looks like rain is that did he call it again.

Yes! shower.🚿

And then this one that looks like a casket is jacuzzi.🛁

This one that looks like a pot is a toilet🚽.

I decided to take my bath with the rain, then tomorrow morning I will use the casket.

I step on the shower after scrubbing my body and enjoying the feeling of the water fall.

After a while I came out and went to my bag but I didn’t see it.


I went to a big box and the I opened it i saw set of new clothes.

And a smile appeared on my face, I think staying with my husband is going to be fun.

I wore a small bum short and singlet and collapsed on the bed and travelled to dreamland.
😲Chioma’s Pov😲
I came back home very late because i was busy moving around the village to see if there’s any rich man.

But I didn’t even see anyone.
Who knows the type of enjoyment ulinma is having right now.

While am here dieing of hunger.

I was passing when I saw ngozi ulinma’s best friend telling her friend that ulinma called her.

I pretended as if i was waiting for someone to hear what she was about to say

‘Chika ulinma called me she told me her and her husband went to Lagos by flight…’ she said and that alone got me angry.

I didn’t feel like listening anymore so I just went home.

Am I really ugly why does everyone keep telling me that.

When I got home I noticed someone was cooking.

And when I got to the kitchen I saw it was nneka my little sister.

How is that even possible.

‘Nneka You can cook?…’ I asked and she just looked at me and hissed.

‘Yes I can cook, ulinma thought me and guess what i came only cook for myself…’ she said and left with her food.

somebody tell me a what happening

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Chapter 7
💞 My pretty lunatic 💞

(The drama2😋)

🥴Nneka’s Pov🥴
After replying chioma my elder sister, I smiled at myself and started walking inside my room with my plate of hot rice.

I got to my room and sat down on my bed and dropped my plate of rice on my small reading table.

And started devouring my food.

I was moaning and enjoying my food when Papa, nnenna and chioma came into my room with there faces looking like angry monkeys.

‘Nneka what’s going on here did you buy food?…’ Papa asked.

‘Me buy food when I can cook, come on Papa have you all seen the value of ulinma now?…’ I said with my mouth loaded with food.

‘So you learnt how to cook from ulinma huh?…’ my twin sister said.

‘Please are you hungry Papa?…’ I asked him with an evil smile on my face.

‘Yes my daughter I haven’t eaten since morning…’ he replied immediately.

‘Then you people should get ready to die of hunger because I can only cook for myself…’ I said laughing.

‘Chioma I want to tell you something ulinma called me this night, she said her and her lovely husband went to Lagos by flight.

Not only that he changed her clothes and am sure by now they are already having sex.

And because ulinma is still a virgin and her husband is a young hot guy she will soon get pregnant.

Then I will go to omugwo and there am going to meet her husband handsome rich friends that will marry me since I no how to cook…’

I concluded with a smile on my face.

while chioma ran out in tears.

Papa and nnenna later joined her and immediately they left I started laughing.

I can’t wait for school to resume so I will get out of this hell home.

A victorious smile appeared on my face.


When am done with all of you especially chioma.

They will know it’s not good to maltreate someone.

My stupid father is there bad mouthing other people’s children while my twin sister nnenna.

is busy sleeping with lecturer for good grades.

I do have plans for him but that’s not now.

For now I want to help ulinma on how to dress to make her husband love her the more.

Let my stupid sister chioma keep anticipating on another person’s husband.

Let her not go and learn how to cook stupid girl.

sometimes I wonder if it’s my mom that really gave birth to them.

You guys just saw house war part 1 and you are crying.

wait until tomorrow.

Tomorrow is part 2

‘Chioma this is just the beginning…’
🌺Ulinma’s Pov🌺
I woke up early the next day, I’m used to waking up early in the morning.

I went to the white man’s bathroom and took the new toothbrush and toothpaste and brushed my teeth.

After that I decided to take my bath with the casket, so I pressed the place Fred told me and water filled up the casket.

I removed my clothes and stepped into the water enjoying the feeling the water gave me.

Life in the city is really easy.
you don’t have to go to the screem to fetch water.

water comes out from the white man’s container.

Few minutes later……💗💗
I’m already done talking my bath and appling my body lotion.

and am standing at the closet looking for a cloth to wear.

I remember when we were coming to the city I saw the way Fred was looking at those girls wearing bum short so that’s what am going to wear.

I took a Jean bum short and a transparent top.

and then I went to the underwear section and took a black pant and a matching black bra that looks like a half cut.

I wore the pant and then the bra, I looked at myself on the mirror and smiled.

I then put on the bum short and transportation top and wore a black fancy slippers.

and the packed my natural hair to sided with a pink ribbon since the transparent top is pink in colour.

I know you guys maybe surprised.
Nneka has been coaching me on how to dress.

what I was satisfied on my looks I went downstairs to start my daily job.

I took the cleaning instrument and started cleaning the house.

in few hours I was done with the cleaning I went to the place he told me the dirty clothes are and started Washing his dirty clothes.

when I was done I went to the kitchen to cook.

After a while of thinking I settled for white rice and stew with fried chicken.

And I immediately set to work.
💖Fred’s Pov💖
The sound of my phone woke me up I quickly stood up from the bed to look for my phone.

when I saw it.
it was a call from obinna my best friend.

why is he calling me so early.
I quickly pick up the phone.

📱’Hello dude we are outside your house please tell your security to open the gate…’📱

📱’What at the gate? this early…’📱

📱’Check your time dummy it’s 12 o’clock already…’📱

📱’What!!! I’m on my way…’ 📱

I said and hung up and rushed into the bathroom and did my morning business.

Then went to welcome my friends.

when I got downstairs I was shocked, everywhere was sparkling clean.

I was still wondering when i heard the door bell ring.

And when I opened the door my useless friends came in Laughing at me.

‘I heard you’re now married man …’ Ola said and the rest laughed.

‘Not only that, he is married to a village girl…’ Tobi said and they even laughed the more.

I started hearing foot steps at the steps behind me.

I noticed all my friends stopped laughing and there attention was behind me with there mouth wide open.

I immediately looked back and my mouth dropped at what i saw.

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Chapter 8
💞 My pretty lunatic 💞

(The drama part IIl)

🥺Chioma’s Pov🥺
It’s just like my world is crumbling before my own eye.

I have been eating from a woman in my village who sells food and her good are not good food.

Am sure papa eats there too.
while nnenna eats at her course mate’s house.

I was so surprised when I saw nneka cooking so my sister learned how to cook from ulinma.

It’s now afternoon and the woman that sells food isn’t yet out.

I was already dieing of hunger.
Nneka came out of the house with a smile on her face.

She walked pass us singing.

she went to her farm close to the house to get what ever she wants.

After a little while she came back with a bowl filled with vegetable leaf.

Few minutes late……💗💗
Papa and I started perceiving a sweet aroma from the kitchen.

and that alone made my hunger even more.

my stomach started making different sound.

After a while nneka came outside of the house with a plate of vegetable soup with fufu.

and started devouring it without even minding if nnenna me or papa are hungry.

We keep looking at her like idiots while she was enjoying and moaning.

I couldn’t take it anymore more so I had a start a conversation.

‘Papa don’t you think we should hire a maid or something?…’ I said and nneka burst into hilarious laughter.

‘Chioma do you think your father has a good record in this village?…’ she said with her mouth loaded with food.

‘Nneka I am your elder sister and you have to talk to me with respect…’ I replied angrily and she still burst into another round of laugh.

‘Chioma my lovely sister you will really do well if you go into comedy, elder sister you say huh? an elder sister at 25 and still single…’ she said and I felt like crying.

‘Papa tell nneka ooo I will beat her ooo…’ I said and she laughed.

‘Beat me with an empty stomach?…’ she said and left with her empty plate.

God why is my world turning upside down.

I can remember last week I was like a princess with ulinma doing all the chores.

Now nneka is making life a living hell for me.
💖Fred’s Pov💖
I noticed my friends had there attention somewhere so I had to turn and when I did me mouth dropped.

Is this the girl i came back with yesterday.

I mean is this the village girl I came back with yesterday.

I looked at Tosin my friend and saw his eye was on her wide exposed hips.

She was wearing a transparent top of which her black bra was visible.

with a Jean bum short showing her ass cheek.

She cleared her throat bringing us back to reality.

‘Hey good morning, food is ready…’ she said sweetly.

I was so proud of my wife and at the same time I was becoming insecure.

She’s too beautiful to be in Lagos.
and with the way my friends are looking at her lustfully it making me more angry.

‘Beauty how was your night?…’ I asked with a sexy smirk on my face and she blushed.

‘My night was lovely huni and yours?…’ she replied, did she just called me huni.

‘Same love…’ I replied and she smiled and walked back to the kitchen.

My eye didn’t leave her sexy ass until she disappeared into the kitchen.


‘Hey dude is that your wife?…’ obinna asked.

‘Ponit of correction, yes that my village wife…’ I replied.

‘Did you see that ass? mehnnn your wife is hot…’ Tosin said biting in this lower lip.

‘I swear dude keep a close eyes on her before you start looking for her…’ ola said making me eye him angrily.

‘Guys that were I draw the line all of you should get your sinful eye off my woman…’ I said and they all burst into hilarious laughter.

‘The playboy Fredric uchemba is fighting because of a lady…’ Tobi said mockingly and we laughed.

That one thing about my friends once you’re with them get ready to laugh your ass out.

We walked to the dinning to eat and we meant my pretty wife serving food on the dinning table.

we sat down and started eating, and I swear I never knew she is such a good cook.

After my mom she’s second when it comes to food.

‘Hello pretty what’s your name?…’ obinna my best friend asked.

‘My name is ulinma but feel free to call me nma…’ beauty replied.

‘Oh beauty sorry for my manners, this is my friends Ola, Tobi Tosin said obinna, guys this is my wife ulinma…’ I said.

‘Nice meeting you guys…’ she replied with a smile.

‘Can i call you beauty too?…’ ola asked.

‘No sorry only my husband can call me that…’ she replied making me smile.

‘You re a good cook you know, do you have a sister?…’ obinna asked.

‘Hmmm I don’t have a sister nor a brother but I do have a cousin sister, that can cook…’ she said.

Hours later……💗💗
My friends were already gone living be alone with this temptation called a wife.

We are watching television.
she choose a movie titled 365days.

I have heard of it but I haven’t watched it before.

At first it was like a normal romantic movie not until they started having sex for real.

And I must confess the guy is a sex god.
I look towards ulinma’s direction but she wasn’t even feeling anything.

My d*ck was already as hard as rock.
was just wishing for the movie to just stop.

I can’t touch her.
at least not yet.

I want her to give herself freely to me not me asking.

She looks at me and started asking.

‘Fred what are they even doing?…’ wait did she just ask me that.

‘They are having s*x…’ I replied.

‘Must they remove there clothes huh?…’ she asked.

oh god please help me.😢

💓Simi’s pov💓
What is holding that guy Fred from coming nah.

I can only see his friends, but why is he not with them.

He has f*cked me once and the money he gave to me I can’t even make it in two months.

Infact i think am in love with him.

I waited for so long but he didn’t come to the club house.

His friends finished with there various bitches and went home and I was so disappointed.

I logged into my Instagram account and search for his name.

and I saw it immediately.
his account is verified on IG.

I went through his pictures and i was blushing

his so handsomely cute.

I looked for his address and I saw it.
just hope his not married because he didn’t put any relationship status.

Am going to visit him tomorrow, I can’t risk this opportunity of getting a boyfriend.

Can’t wait for tomorrow.

Who is this one Kwa?

Is like she’s ready to be insulted 🤣

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Chapter 9
💞 My pretty lunatic 💞

(Am married b—h😇)

🤩Chioma’s Pov🤩
After the whole drama that happened today, the woman that sells food later came out.

And I bought food for Papa nnenna and I, my sister nneka has already eaten another round of food.

It made me wish I know how to cook but at the second thought no.

Am going to get married to a very rich man and that rich man is gonna be Fred.

Yes you heard Mr Fred ulinma’s husband, I have not lost hope on him yet.

We were eating our food or will I say poison when nneka came to join us carrying a plate of porridge yam.

I felt like crying.
why is nneka doing this to us ehh.

When did she even learn how to cook.
I can’t wait for Fred to come and marry me so this suffering will be over.


I guess nnenna couldn’t take it anymore so she begged her for some food.

‘Nneka please am hungry and this thing am eating is not good food please can I share with you?…’ she said and I shot her look.

‘Oh my dear twin sister you’re the only person am pitying in all of you, I will alow you share my food on one condition…’

‘Anything at all as long as I eat good food…’ she replied making my eyes widened in shock.

‘Tell papa what you do with the lecturer in school…’ she said and I saw fear on nnenna’s face.

‘Ehhhnnn Papa I…i mean I use to sleep with ehmm lecturers for good grades…’ she concluded in tears.


‘Nnenna my lovely sister, you just have to stop doing that and read to pass…’ nneka said.

‘I promise from now on I will start read, I will even learn how to cook if you are willing to teach me…’ she replied and that was what provoked me.


‘Nnenna you are not learning how to cook we are going to marry rich husbands so what’s the need of cooking…’ I said and she burst into laughter.

‘Papa once told us if we learn how to cook we’re going to get married to poor husbands right?…’ nnenna asked me.

‘Yes and Papa is very correct…’ I replied and papa just left us and went inside.

‘Ulinma was the only one then who knows how to cook and who those all the rich men come asking for her hand in marriage?…’ nneka added.

‘Chioma if you want to die a spinster then go ahead for me I want to get married, be it rich poor or average I don’t mind…’ nneka said making me wanna cry.

I couldn’t take it anymore so I left them and went inside.

They will soon see me with a rich man, I thought nnenna was by my side but I guess I only have Papa.

On my way inside I saw nneka’s phone and immediately an idea came into my head.

I can just take ulinma’s number and make her get scared.

I might even be lucky to get to speak with my prince charming.


I went outside only to see nneka and nnenna busy with there food.

I went inside and took nneka’s phone and search for ulinma’s contact and in no time I saw it.

I quickly copied her number into my phone and let.

I smiled inside me.
can’t wait for her to come back to this village.

while I go to Lagos not as a spinster but as Mrs chioma Fred uchemba.

I think I will call her tomorrow morning, no I don’t think I can wait until tomorrow I will have to call her tonight.
💖Fred’s Pov💖
I was trying my best to hold myself, I just felt like bending her on this couch and f–k the day light out of her.

But she’s too fragile to me handled that way.

she should be handled like and eye, because she’s way too pretty.

She is wearing a nightwear.
the nightwear wasn’t transparent or reveling but she still looks hot in it.

i have always prayed to God for a sexy and beautiful wife but not the one as sexy and beautiful as ulinma.


Why does God always give you more than what you ask for huh?

Am feeling so so insecure right now.
I don’t even think I can go to work and concentrate.

my mind will surely be at home.
she was already feeling sleepy so I lean towards her and placed her head on my laps.

At first she wasn’t comfortable but in few minutes she relax and sleeped off.

I was just looking at her pretty face wondering how long god took in creating her.

How can someone be as pretty as a goddess and at the same time have such killer curves.

I took my hands to her hips to see if it’s truely her natural curves and immediately i did that I felt her soft flawless skin on my hand.

oh heavens I can’t wait to f–k her.

I felt something vibrate beside her and I saw it was an old Nokia phone.

Actually the one I bought for my mom long time ago.

Don’t tell me this is what my own queen is using huh?

I have to get her a new phone tomorrow morning.

I saw it was a call from an unknown number so I picked it up.

📱’Hello is this ulinma…’ a lady’s voice said and the voice sounds like that her duckling cousin sister.

📱’No it’s not her it’s her husband any problem?…’

📱’Oh my God Fred , do you Still remember me it’s chioma ulinma’s cousin sister…’

📱’Okay why are you calling her?…’

📱’I actually called to hear from you, you know i love you so much…’

📱’I can see you have gone mad official, I will advice you to visit a mental hospital…’

📱’What yes and don’t you ever call this line ever in your life that if it will be available.

I said and hung up.

Next morning……🌥️🌥️
I woke up and noticed we sleeped off at the living room.

I tapped beautiful on her shoulder and she murmured some words under her breath.

Making me smile.

I tapped her again and she woke up and slowly opened her eyes.

‘Good morning…’ she greeted sleepingly and I smiled sweetly.

‘Morning beauty, how was your night?…’ I asked and she just smiled.

‘It was fine and yours?…’

‘Same love, now go to your room and clean yourself up…’ I said and she nodded and stood up and started walking towards her room.


I also went to my room to freshen up, today is Sunday and it’s always a boring day to me.

I guess I have to take my wife out in the evening.

Am not regretting getting married to ulinma not one bit.

imagine I haven’t f*cked a b—h since she came here and I haven’t f*cked get too.

I guess that’s a miracle.

I striped off my clothes and went to the bathroom.

And brushed my teeth and took my bath, after that i left the bathroom with a towel around my waist.

I went to my dressing mirror and applied my body lotion.

After that i dressed up in a crucial wear.
a white sport short and a top.

And walked downstairs.
I started to hear sounds from the kitchen.

I guess my pretty wife is preparing brakefast.

I heard the door bell ring so I went to get the door.

‘Oga there is one lady here to see you…’ my security said.

‘Okay what did she say her name is?…’

‘She said her name is Simi…’

‘I don’t know any Simi but let her in…’ I said and he left.

Few minutes later……💗💗
The door bell rang again and when I opened the door a familiar looking lady wearing a skimpy outfits came in.

‘Hey Fred and Simi we mate at the club…’


what type of nonsense is this.

😧Simi’s pov😧
When I got to the Man my mouth dropped.

This guy is so f—–g rich, of course I can’t miss this catch.

I knocked at the big gate and after a while a man wearing a security uniform opened the gate for me.

‘How may I help you young lady?…’ he asked calmly.

‘Am looking for Fred…’ I replied.

‘You mean sir Fred?…’ he asked is this man deaf or something.


‘Okay what your name?…’

‘I’m Simi…’

‘Just give me few minutes…’ he said and left.

After few minutes he came back and told me to come in my mouth dropped when I saw the number of cars at his place.

I rang the doorbell and he opened the door.

‘Hey Fred I’m Simi we mate at the club…’ I said I he looked at me disgustingly.

‘And what are you doing in my house?…’ he asked looking pissed.


I was about replying him when a very beautiful lady wearing a sexy white bum short with a black crop top, cane out of the kitchen.


‘Huni what’s going on…’ she asked and Fred walked up to her and gave her a kiss on the lip.

‘Nothing my love she about leaving…’ she said and she smiled and went back to the kitchen.

don’t tell me his married.

‘Simi or what ever you name is am a married man and that pretty damsel you saw now is my wife so just f–k off…’ he said living me in shock.

‘You’re kidding right?…’ I asked.

‘I said am married b—h so get the f–k out of my house before I call the security to throw you out…’ he yelled angrily and I ran out of the house.

Oh God.

why must he be married huh?

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Chapter 10
💞 My pretty lunatic 💞

(Law of karma)

💖Fred’s Pov💖
After the encounter with the Simi of a girl everything went on as usual.

Ulinma prepared breakfast and we ate in silence.

And after that we decided to play some fun games before afternoon.

Because i’m going to take her out on a date and I think a park will do.

she needs to see things she haven’t seen before.

I think she needs to enjoy her life because she haven’t done that since her many years on earth.

We decided to play a game of TRUTH and DARE she didn’t know how to play the game so I thought her.

‘I will start first now truth or dare?…’ I asked.

‘Ehhh truth…’ she replied and I started looking for a good question.

‘How old are you?…’


‘Yes mom told me you’re 22 years old but I don’t believe her, and remember you must say the truth…’

‘And if I lie what will happen?…’ she asked with a smile.

‘I have a truth dictating machine so I will know you lied…’ I replied.

‘Okay I am 19 year old although 20 by next month…’ she said and my eyes widened in shock.

‘You’re lieing right?…’

‘No am not…’ she replied.


‘Your turn truth or dare?…’ she asked.


‘Hmmm Fred how did you feel when you first saw me at the village?…’

Her question made me chuckle on my drink.

And immediately i became nervous.
How am I gonna tell her she made me get a hard on.

‘Will I say it was love at first sight…’ I said and she blushed making her look even more beautiful.

‘Truth or dare?…’ I asked.

‘Ehhh truth…’ she replied.

‘When did you get your first kiss and with who?…’ I asked her with a sexy smirk on my face.

‘Few hours ago and with you…’ she said shyly.

I’m so happy am her first kiss and am going to make sure her first night with me is gonna be a memorable night.

A small smile appeared on my face at the thought of that.

‘Truth or dare?…’ she asked.

‘Truth…’ I replied immediately.

‘How does having sex feel like?…’ she asked making me look at her in shock.

‘For a first timer it’s always very painful but after that it’s sweet I swear…’ I replied and she smiled.

‘So truth or dare?…’ I asked.

‘Dare…’ she replied immediately.

‘Ulinma are you aware you have to do anything i ask you to do?…’ I asked and she nodded.

‘Okay stripe off every cloth you’re wearing living only your bra and pantie…’ I said with a wicked smirk plastered on my face.


She shouted and I nodded.

She stood up from her sit and started taking off her clothes.

my sinful eye never left her body.
She removed the crop top she was putting on living her on her pink lace bra.

She too her hand to the white bum short she was wearing and pulled it down.

Living her with only a pink G-string pant that brought out her smooth flawless big ass.

And a pink lace bra.

My eye traveled to her well shaved pu*sy it looked so juicy.

I felt like throwing her on the couch and eat her pu*sy until she can no longer breathe.

She cleared her throat bringing me back from my wet dream.

‘Truth or dare?…’ she asked.

‘Dare…’ I replied and she smiled.

‘I dare you to go to the kitchen and prepare me a mushroom soup?…’ she said and I nearly fainted.

‘come on ulinma I don’t know how to cook…’ I replied almost in tears.

‘As if I care run along …’ she said dramatically.

Oh god save me🥺

👩‍🦰Simi’s Pov👩‍🦰
After Fred threw me out of his house I felt so angry.

How dare him, who gave him that liver to do such thing to me.

Immediately i left his mansion I ordered my cab and in few minutes time the rider arrive.

I went into the cab and the diver drove off to my address.

I know you guys may not no me so let me introduce myself.

My name is Simisola and am 26 years old.

Am a striper and also a high class prostitute.

I called myself a high class prostitute because I don’t fu*k with small boy but big rich guys and of course sugar daddies.

I don’t have my own apartment nor a car but I live in a girls apartment.

We are about ten girls in a room, a very classic room at that and we pay ₦10,000 daily.

I can beat my chest and say that everyone, I mean every girl in that room are all prostitute.

There is one of the girls her name is Stella she’s from Delta state.

She’s the reason why I want Fred at all cost, she has a zaddy that spends on her.

Everyday she comes back with different expensive things.

And yesterday she bought a 30 inches bone straight human hair, not one ooo but two.

Last week her zaddy bought her an iPhone 12 and am still here.

I most say Fred’s wife is so pretty, how can I even measure myself with her.

But I need his money even if I have to be his side chick I don’t care.

December is around the corner and I can’t even boast of a tangible thing I can use to flex this Christmas.

I need to change my wardrobe and buy at least one or two bone straight human hair.

And an iPhone 12 if I get does things am okay for now.

When the driver got to the gate of our apartment, I got down and paid him.

I opened the gate and got in and to my surprise I saw Stella packing her things.

‘Stella this one you’re packing your things hope everything is fine?…’ I asked and she smiled.

‘Yes babe everything is okay, my zaddy bought me a new apartment so am moving out…’ I felt so jealous but I just covered everything with a smile.

‘Oh congratulations girl…’ I said faking a smile.

‘Thank you…’ she replied and i walked inside.

Is this girl using charm or something, she was the last girl that moved into this apartment.

And she was as poor as a church rat, back then she said she ran out of an orphanage due to hunger.

We were the one that introduced her into this business.

And she was a virgin then.
it didn’t reach two months after she followed us to the club.

And this rich divorce man in his early fifties meet her and that was it.

in less than two weeks he opened a boutique for her and she stopped doing the business.

Not only that she started bringing in expensive things to the house.

And now she has her own apartment.

I want to be sure if Fred is truly married am going to the club today and if he doesn’t come I will sleep with one of his friends to get information from them.

I don’t really believe his married.
maybe she’s just his girlfriend.

Yes that what am going to do.
I can’t wait to visit Stella driving my own car.

Fred has more than ten experience cars.

I better start dressing up.

👴Uncle mbakwe’s Pov👴
I think am an idiot and a bad father to my children.

Sometimes I wonder what my late sister did to me.

I asked her to go to the stream that faithful day because i already paid some guys to rape her.

But along the line she got pregnant and I asked her to abort the baby but she refused.

And she gave birth to ulinma and died and yet my only sister’s death did not hurt me instead I was happy.

And after her death i took every hatred I had for my late sister to her daughter.

I know how many times I asked some boys to rape her but instead they come back to ask for her hand in marriage instead.

Ulinma’s father is very rich and after two years after he raped oluchi my sister he came back to marry her.

but she was already dead.
I didn’t tell him about his daughter because I didn’t want ulinma to go into a better hand.

But it still happened.
And now my two daughters dislike me so much.

Is this how karma works.
without knowing I gave all the good wife qualities to ulinma.

oh poor chioma.

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Chapter 11
💞My pretty lunatic 💞

(,He showed her love)

💞Ulinma’s Pov💞
After few hours I started perceiving a weird aroma from the kitchen.

Don’t tell me Fred is about to burn down the house.

I quickly wore my clothes and ran to the kitchen to see what was burning.

Only to meet Fred sleeping on the kitchen counter and I couldn’t help but smile.

I left him and turned off the gas cooker, the pot was already burned and I need to wash it.

Not only that, the kitchen was also in a mess with plates littered everywhere.

I started regretting why I asked him to cook for me.

Look now my precious mushroom is gone and yet I don’t have any mushroom soup to enjoy.

I felt like spanking his head right now.

oh god.

I immediately set to work.
and took all the plates into the sink and started washing them.

And in few minutes I was done with everything so I arranged the plate properly.

After that i went into the store and took a bucket and mob and set to work.

When the kitchen was in order, I sighed tiredly and brought out the pot for cooking.

Mama told me Fred’s favorite food was egusi soup served with fufu.

So I settled for it.
I look towards Fred’s direction and saw he was sweating badly.

So I on the air condition.

I felt like calling mama and that was when it occurred to me that I have seen my phone since last night.

I will have to ask Fred about it when he wakes up.

I brought out every ingredients i need in cooking and set to work.

Few hours later……🥣🥣
I was done cooking and so I decided to set the table before waking him up.

So I took the food to the dinning table and set it properly.

After that i came to the kitchen and cleaned up the little mess I made.

And when I was done I went to went to where Fred was lying and tapped him on the shoulder.

Immediately he opened his eyes he stood up very fast.

‘Fred where is my mushroom soup?…’ I asked faking a frown.

‘I know I messed it up and i’m sorry…’ he replied with a smile.

‘Okay but guess what?…’ I asked.


‘I prepared your favorite food egusi soup and fufu…’ I said and he licked his lips.

‘Then let’s go and eat…’

‘But you haven’t taken your bath…’

‘Yes I know and I will take my bath after we finish eating same with you because am taking you out this afternoon and it’s almost 2 o’clock…’ he replied.

‘Okay let’s go and eat…’ and we left the kitchen to the dinning.

He sat down on one of the chairs and I served his food and he immediately started eating.

‘Hmmm…’ he moaned immediately he took the food into his mouth.

‘Beauty you’re such a good cook…’ he complemented making me blush.

‘Ehhh Fred have you seen my phone?…’ I managed to ask.

‘Oh yeah I actually bought you a new phone…’ he said and pointed at the shopping bag on the bar table.

‘Thank you…’ I said with a smile and he just winkled at me.

I never knew I would be this lucky in my life to get married to a rich man.

Not only rich but super caring and sweet to be with.

I think god actually favored me.
am just wondering what my life would have been if I was still at my uncle’s house.

I look towards Fred’s direction and cut him starring at me.


‘Has anyone ever told you how pretty you’re?…’

‘People do say am pretty but I didn’t believe it anyway…’ I replied.

‘Now i’m telling you that so better believe it…’

‘Okay thank you…’

Fast forward……💨💨
Fred and I are at the park enjoying the fun rides.

So many people were taking pictures of us on the park but nor of us paid attention to them.

After the fun at the park.
he took me to a very beautiful restaurant to eat.

We sat down and almost immediately a lady on uniform came to our table.

‘Please what’s your order sir?…’ the lady said looking at Fred seductively.

My wife first.
he said and immediately the lady’s face change.

‘Ma’am please what’s your order?…’

‘Can i see the menu please…’ I said and she handed a pepper to me.

‘Ehhh I will go for spaghetti, egg sauce and fried chicken…’ I said and she just nodded.

‘what will I serve it with ?…’ she asked.

‘Orange juice…’

‘What about you sir?…’

‘I will have the same thing my wife order, but serve mine with a glass of red wine…’ Fred replied and she nodded and left.

In few minutes our order was served and we ate chatting and laughing.

Less I forget Fred bought me an iPhone 12pro and I felt like crying.

He also opened an Instagram account for me and asked his followers to follow his wife.

And guess what in less than three hours he helped me open it, I already have 2.7 million followers.

The whole thing felt new to me because I haven’t been showered with such love and care before.

😠Chioma’s Pov😠
Since yesterday I have been so angry.
How dare Fred .

How dare him talk to me that way just because ‘i’m in love with him.

I blame my f—–g heart for choosing such an idiot.

What did he even see in that local smelling ulinma, that doesn’t even know how to read or write.

Take a look at me.
I’m a graduate of second class upper in marketing.

Although I haven’t gotten a job but at least am educated.

If not for me would he have known the way to his father’s house ehhh.

Yes he gave me a large amount of money but does that matter ehh.

I swear I am going to get married to a rich man that is even more richer than him 100 times.

I was still wallowing in my thoughts when nneka and her apparentist nnenna rushed into my room with there phones.

‘Chioma have you logged into your IG account today?…’ she asked.

‘No is anything the matter?…’

‘Just login there’s an important news you need to see…’ they said and ran out.

what can that be’ I thought.

I immediately took my phone and logged into my IG account.

I have about 10k+ followers and am following 5k.

immediately i logged in the first thing that popped into my screen was a picture of Fred and ulinma kissing at the park.

I read the news and it says.




It came to me as a shock.

is this really ulinma.

I immediately search for Fred uchemba and his account popped in.

I saw a picture he posted few hours ago
a picture of him and ulinma in the kitchen.

with a caption.

Hello fans follow my beautiful wife’s account
@Mrz_Ulinma Fred uchemba.

I tapped the account immediately and her account came in.

She already has 2.9 million followers, following only one person and that person is Fred. and her account has already been verified.

She only posted today.
and it was a picture of her and Fred.

she was actually sitting on his laps.

wearing a white bum short and a black crop top.

I angrily threw my phone at the wall and it broke into pieces.

I heard nnenna and nneka’s laughter and that only angered me the more.

‘Arrrggh!…’ i shouted.

That should have been me.

I cried.


It’s like our dear chioma wants to kill herself

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Chapter 12
💞 My pretty lunatic 💞

(He showed her love l)

🥺Simi’s pov🥺
Some of the girls helped Stella pack her remaining things.

I don’t have time for nonsense.
she has made her own money and I need to make mine.

I went into the bathroom and took my bath.

I didn’t forget to apply my pus*y sweetener I bought yesterday online and also my attraction oil.

I came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around my body.

I applied my body lotion and took my dress.

Which was a striper dress of course, after that i wore my wig cap and my human hair.

I applied my makeup and wore my heels.

I smiled at my reflection on the mirror and took my phone ignoring my IG notification and order my ride.

The other girls were also dressing up, except Anita one of my house mate.

she’s also a prostitute but am beginning to wonder why she’s not dressing up.

‘Anita this one you’re not getting dressed are you not going today?…’ I asked.

‘Ehhh me i don’t think I can continue this business again…’ she replied.


‘Remember I told you guys what happened to me yesterday abi?…’

‘Nooo you didn’t…’

‘That zaddy you introduced to me nearly used me for money ritual, I escaped with the help of a cleaner…’

‘Arrrggh!!…’ we all shouted.

‘Yes ooo so when I told Stella she told me she pays are worker ₦300,000 monthly and you don’t have to pay for your transport because, her zaddy bought her a bus that brings her worker to work and also takes them back home…’

‘So instead of me sleeping with different men everyday it’s better to work for her…’

‘Oh so how will you be coping with the daily rent we pay…’ I asked with a small smile but dip down i was so f—–g angry.

‘Stella said her zaddy bought a four room apartment for her so am free to move in with her…’ she replied smiling like an idiot.

‘So you’re not going today?…’ I asked still faking a smile.

‘Yes am going to stay behind and pack my things because Stella is coming to pick me tomorrow morning…’

‘Okay good luck…’ I said and with that I left her because the cab driver was already outside waiting for me.

I was so angry.
Stella’s zaddy is the same man that took her virginity that day I took her to the club.

He have slept with me once.
but he just paid me and left.

But he opened a boutique for Stella, bought her two bone straight human hair and an iPhone 12.

Not only that.
he bought her a new Benz and now he bought her a four room apartment.

While am still here.
At least I have hope of being rich, that’s if Fred is not married.

The car came to a hint in front of the club house and I came down and paid the cab driver.

I walked majestically into the club house and every eyes was on me.

So many people was at the club house drinking while some where dancing.

I walked into the VIP section of the club only to see four of Fred’s friends drinking but he wasn’t there.

I walked up to one of them.
people say his name is Ola and his also rich.

What am I saying.
all of Fred’s friends are f—–g rich but one problem they have is that they are playboys.

They don’t date instead they fu*k and pay and that’s it.

In all of them excluding Fred that has no relationship status.

obinna is the only one that his relationship status says in a relationship.

I heard his dating one American rapper like that.

Few hours later……💨💨
The Ola of a guy was done fu*king me and guess what i couldn’t even get any information from him.

They are just the same.
immediately after fu*king you they pay you and throw you out.

I didn’t get any client to take me home today so I just came back to our apartment.

Ola paid me ₦200, 000 just for one round.

but I must say he really damaged my legs.

When I got home I saw that Anita’s things has been properly packed inside her travelling bag.

She was already sound at sleep.

I went straight to the bathroom and took my bath.

After having a refreshing shower, I wore my night wear and collapsed on my bed.

I took my phone and logged into my IG account only to see the shock of my life.

it was a picture of Fred and the lady i saw at his house this morning kissing at the park.

I searched his account and I saw a picture her posted few hours ago.

A picture of him and the lady .
the pretty lady was actually sitting on his laps.

with a caption.

Hello fans follow my beautiful wife’s account
@Mrz_ulinma Fred uchemba.

I tapped her account and the popped in immediately.

To my surprise her account was already verified and she has 3.1 million followers already

I went to the comments section and started reading the comments.

👥 Oh my gosh she’s so pretty.😱

👥Cute couples❤️

I got bored reading the comments so I just switched off my phone angrily.

Why can’t I just get a rich man like Stella did ehh.

I can’t loose Fred .
what am I going to do.

His wife is so so beautiful that I doubt if he will look my way.

what are you even saying didn’t you see the way he threw you out of his house’ my inner man said.

I just have to look for plan B because I really need to flex this Christmas.

Or should I seduce Stella’s zaddy’ I thought.

but at the second thought no.
one of the girls here Faith has tried doing it and the man thought her a good lesson.

more over if I do that now.
what’s my gain am just going to give the man free pus*y and free pus*y it out of my Christmas list.

Fred why do you have to get married this Christmas I need your money.

I rested my head on the pillow and in few minutes sleep took over.

Tomorrow is gonna be a good day.

❤️ Fred’s Pov❤️
Today was really fun and enjoyable to the both of us.

I was the topic in the whole social platforms and I love it.

After eating at the restaurant I decided to take her somewhere cool.

on our way her eyes cut a church down the road.

‘Fred we are going to attend this church next sunday…’ and I immediately nodded.

I think ulinma is actually gonna change me completely.

I can’t remember the last time I went to church but she’s here telling me we are going to church next sunday and funniest part is that am happy.

I took her to a private beach.
we were just enjoying the beautiful view.

It was already getting dark but I didn’t even care as long as my pretty wife is with me.

After a little while she called me.

‘Fred it’s getting late let’s go home…’ she said and I smiled and kissed her at first it was like she didn’t know what to do but after a while to responded.

when we broke the kiss she buried her face on my chest.

I guess she’s shy.

I took her hand and lead her to the car.
she got into the car and I zoomed off.

‘Ulinma can you sleep in my room tonight?…’

‘Yes sure I will…’

After few minutes of driving the car came to a hint in front of the house, I pressed the horn and immediately the security opened the gate and I drove in.

My pretty wife was already sound at sleep and I didn’t feel like waking her up.

but immediately i opened the car door, she woke up.

‘Are we home already?…’ she asked.


I helped her into the house and we went upstairs to my room.

Immediately we got in I asked her to take a shower and she nodded and went to the bathroom.

After a while I stopped hearing the sound of running water.

And she came out with a short towel wrapped around her body.

‘Ehhh Fred I have to go get my clothes inside my room…’

‘No you can wear any of my clothes…’

‘Okay thank you…’

I went to the bathroom and took my bath, when I came out she was already dressed on one of my shirts.

I wore my night robe and collapsed on the bed beside her.

I made her lye down on my chest and we immediately traveled to dreamland.

👵Mama comfort’s Pov👵
At first when I asked Fred to marry ulinma I was scared he will not treat her well.

Since they traveled to Lagos I have been having sleepless nights.

I know my son can be an idiot sometimes and that’s what got me scared the more.

And when I called her line for a while and she didn’t pick I concluded.

I told my husband about it and he just laughed and assured me that she’s fine.

My thoughts were still the same.
that I even decided to travel to Lagos to see how she’s doing.

Not until a notification came into my WhatsApp.

Yes ooo.
mama comfort is on WhatsApp and I only have like ten contact.

which is Fred, ulinma and my sisters children that stays abroad.

when I opened the message it was a picture of ulinma and Fred kissing at the park and many more.

Ulinma was the one that sent it to me.

immediately i saw it my mind relaxed.

I don’t think there is a need for me to go to Lagos anymore.

I want them to give me grandchildren and me going there will not fasten it.

I just can’t wait to carry my grandchildren in my arm.

Fred be a man man and do it fast ooo


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Chapter 13
💞 My pretty lunatic 💞

(The b—h secretary)

🤪Nneka’s Pov🤪

Next morning……🥞🥞
It has been fun ever since my twin sister nnenna joined me to frustrate chioma.

She thinks I didn’t know she took ulinma’s number from my phone, but am aware.

I know you guys maybe surprised, how I got to know about it so let me gist you.

Flash back……💨💨
Chioma nnenna and I sleeps in one big room that is very beautified.

Only ulinma then.
sleeps at the old hut near our main building.

That day I and nnenna was eating outside when she decided to get a cup of water from the kitchen.

But to my surprise she ran back to me and gave me a sign to come with her.

We snicked inside slowly and to my surprise I saw my stupid good for nothing elder sister with my phone.

I just left her to take what she wants to take.

So after eating.
I and nnenna went inside and when I went threw my phone.

I noticed she took ulinma’s number but who cares.

Ulinma is married and she can do nothing about it.

Later that night I pretended to be sleeping when she called ulinma.

And to my surprise her husband picked up the call.

Can you imagine that my sister that wanted to threaten ulinma changed her voice immediately.

And I felt like laughing when ulinma’s husband gave her the insult of her life.

Presently I and nnenna is in the kitchen and am teaching her how to cook.

When people say learning how to cook is better when you’re still a child I believe it.

Me teaching nnenna how to cook is just like teaching a dumb kid how to read and write.

But am just happy doing it because she’s willing to learn.

At first I didn’t want to teach her but then I remembered ulinma thought me how to cook even though we maltreated her.

If she could teach me how to cook in her current state then why wouldn’t I teach my twin sister.

Seeing the pictures of ulinma yesterday made me very happy.

This morning after doing my morning chores, I login to my IG account and search for ulinma.

Surprisingly she already has 4 million followers and following five people only.

I checked the people she was following and they were five cute guys including her husband.

One of them cut my attention and his name was Tobi.

I followed him and to my surprise he followed me back and I must say I nearly ran mad.

Do you know what it means?
For a celebrity to follow you on Instagram.

I sent him a message hoping he will reply when he comes online.

Not only that I also followed my lovely cousin sister ulinma and almost immediately she followed me back.

My followers are already getting to 500k maybe it because ulinma commented on my pictures yesterday.

I felt so happy not only for ulinma but also because a celebrity followed me.

Who would have believed that dirty ulinma will one day become a celebrity.

This is what shows that “what comes around goes around…”

If papa didn’t treat ulinma badly maybe she would have still been at home.

❣️Fred’s Pov❣️
I woke up this morning only to see my pretty wife wrapped around my arms.

And then the event of yesterday came flashing back into my memory making a smile escaped my lips.

I wanted to stay this way forever until I remembered that today is Monday morning.

That means I have to get my lazy ass out of the bed and started preparing for work.

I didn’t want to wake her up so I slowly unwrapped my hands from her body and went to the bathroom.

When I got to the bathroom.
I took my toothbrush and applied toothpaste on it and started brushing my mouth while looking at the mirror.

After i was done brushing my toothbrush I dropped the toothbrush after washing it and washing my mouth too.

I stepped into the shower enjoying the feeling of the cold water running down my body.

After the refreshing bath i cleaned up my wet body with a towel and wrapped a towel around my waist and came out of the bathroom.

And to my surprise ulinma wasn’t on the bed because the bed was neatly organized.

I smiled and went to my dressing table and took my body lotion.

After applying my body lotion.
I went to my wardrobe to get a cloth to wear.

After a while of searching i settled for a white shirt, black trouser and a wine colour suit with a matching black leather shoes.

And less than few minutes I was already done dressing up so I combed my hair took my briefcase and went downstairs.

When I got downstairs I saw ulinma setting the table still on my clothes from last night.

I hope she prepared something light because I don’t eat hard food to work and yes it’s just a part of me.

I walked up to her at the dinning area, I guess she hasn’t noticed me yet.

‘Good morning beauty…’ I greeted giving her a kiss on the cheek.

‘Morning… your food is ready…’ she said.

I looked at the table only to see fried egg bread and coffee.

After enjoying the delicious breakfast prepared by my wife, I took my briefcase kissed her good bye and left the house.

I unlocked my sport car and drove out of the compound to my company.

After few hours drive I finally arrived.
immediately i got out of the car I handed my car keys to the security and started walking inside.

My employees where greetings me but I just ignored them all.

Immediately i got to my office I unlocked it and went inside.

I’m sure there’s gonna be lot of work for me to do today.

After a little while i heard a light knock at the door.

‘Come in…’

And immediately Linda my secretary walked in dressed like a s–t as she always do.

Linda has been my secretary for like six months now and I have had sex with her once.

‘Good morning sir…’ she greeted seductively making me feel disgusted by her bitchy behavior.

‘Linda what are my schedule for today?…’ I asked ignoring her greetings.

‘Ehhh sir you have a meeting by 10:00 with the Gideon’s empire.
And a dinner date with Miss Temi of Temi’s designs by 2:00…’

‘Cancel the dinner date with Miss Temi…’

‘Okay sir less I forget remember the conference dinner party for all the companies in Lagos is tomorrow by 3pm…’


‘And sir the rules is that you have to come with a date and since you’re single I don’t mind being your date…’ she said smiling like a fool.

‘Did you see the news that has been going viral since yesterday?…’ I asked coldly.

‘Yes sir the one you were cut on camera with a lady…’

‘Exactly that my wife and am going to the dinner party with her…’ I said and her face expression changed.

I can pay a million dollars to see the look on her ugly face right now.

‘Oka…okay sir is…ther…there anything I will get for you…’ she stuttered.

‘No you may leave…’ I replied and she turned to live but she dropped her pen on the floor purposely.

And then bent down to pick it up exposing her pants.


‘Yes sir…’ she responded immediately with a seductively smirk.

‘Please do wash your pants when you get home because it stinks…’ I said and her face flashed red in embracement.

‘Ehhh ye…Yes…si…Sir…’ she replied and left in a hurry and I nearly busted out laughing.

Stupid b—h!

👱‍♀️ Linda’s Pov👱‍♀️
I have never been disgraced like this in my life.

How can sir Fred tell me my pants stinks or does it.

immediately i got to my office I removed my pants to check if it’s dirty but it wasn’t.

Then why did he say that to me.
I have been crushing on sir Fred ever since I started working for him as his secretary.

Yes I have been working as his secretary for the past six months now.

And yes he has had sex with me but just once.

Yesterday when I saw the news I though it was all this good for nothing blogger that wants to trend.

But hearing it from his mouth broke my heart.

I know you guys may not know me so let me introduce myself.

My name is Linda adekunle and I am 24 years old and a graduate of business administration.

I have a boyfriend but am not taking him that serious because his not rich.

I login into my IG account and search for his so called wife’s account and in no time I found it.

Her account is already verified and she has 4 million followers.

And I most say Mr Fred has a great thirst for women because his wife is extremely beautiful.

I will keep trying my luck at least for one more sex with him.


And it’s like we have a new character?
What do you think about Linda😒😒

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Chapter 14
💞My pretty lunatic 💞

(They won’t give up)

👩‍🦰Simi’s Pov👩‍🦰
The sound of my phone ringing tone woke me up from my sleep.

And when I managed to open my eyes I saw only Anita dressed up and her bags are no longer in the room.

I didn’t know this Anita of a girl can be this stupid to accept to be Stella’s employee.

Stella that we all introduced into this our business.

Just because she was almost used for money ritual.

Does she know how many times I have escaped it and yet I continued with the business.

And what provoked me the more is that she’s going to work for a small girl we introduced into the game.

I guess the rest of the girls aren’t back yet.

‘Anita this one you’re dressed up this early?…’

‘Oh good morning Simi you’re awake already…’

‘Yes is it not too early to start going?…’

‘Come on Simi it’s already 8 o’clock in the morning and Stella is already outside waiting for me, she came in to greet you but you were sound at sleep so she didn’t want to disturb you…’

‘Oh so you’re going right now?…’

‘Yes I am please do take care and tell the rest of the girls I said bye…’ she replied while I nodded with a fake smile and she left.

Fool! I coursed under my breathe.

How can someone be so stupid to do what she just did.

I was still muttering to myself when my phone started ringing.

I looked at the screen and saw the caller was one of my zaddies and his name is senator Bello.

His the only zaddy I have that knows how to spend money.

so i picked up the call and placed the phone on my ear.

📱Hello baby…

📱Good morning daddy, how was your night?…

📱My night was blissful and yours?…

📱It was fine too…

📱Okay.. That your friend what’s that her name again yeah Anita I want her…

📱Oh sorry daddy she’s no longer in the business anymore, she doesn’t even stay with us anymore…

📱Okay then you will have to do it for me, there is a conference party you have to accompany me to tomorrow…

📱As long as money is involved am always available you know…

📱I’m going to pay you ₦500.000…

📱Come on daddy₦500.000 is way too small ₦700.000 will do…

📱Okay then dress up my driver is coming to pick you up by 1pm…

📱Okay daddy bye…

And he hang up.
so this is what Anita would have collected from me now.

At least am happy she’s out of this apartment because apart from Stella she’s another girl senators like alot.

I can’t just wait until tomorrow.i think I will go for shopping to buy makeup kits.

Because mine has finished.

My mind flashed back to Fred and his beautiful wife.

I can’t loose hope on getting him to date me he can be married but who cares.

If I have to buy an attraction oil online to get him I will do it.

But I most say his wife is f—–g pretty i swear.

👧Nnenna’s Pov👧
Learning how to cook is really stressful but the outcome is really worth it.

At least I will be able to prepare for for myself and anyone.

Nneka has thought me how to cook, white rice and stew same with beans and yam porridge my favorite.

But she haven’t thought me how to cook soup she said we will learn it by tomorrow since am tired.

I noticed papa is very hungry but I know nneka will never give him food.

Yes he is too wicked to be treated with mercy but what happens when you don’t have the heart to do that.

Nneka went out to take a walk.
she asked me to join her but I refused not because I didn’t want to but because I wanted to give papa food.

He needs to be alive to meet his karma and I can’t risk it.

Mum she left i dished out some food for Papa and went to the parlour were he was sitting.

‘Papa I know you are hungry and it’s been a while you ate good food so this is your food…’

‘Thank you so much…’ he said and I nodded and left him to enjoy his food.

I only did what I did because it’s papa and even mama will not be happy that we let papa die of hunger.

But for chioma let her not go and learn how to cook.

Nowadays all she does is walking around the village maybe so that any rich guy will notice her.

I laugh in Spanish.

Does she think that’s how to find a husband.

Am so happy ulinma left this house, if she didn’t leave maybe our eyes wouldn’t have opened.

Ulinma is a girl I know that has a lovely heart and also a good personality.

If I was the one in her situation then i would have even everyone in this house poison but she didn’t do that.

I guess that’s why good gave her a lovely husband.

I saw chioma coming back to the house and I couldn’t help but shake my head.

she doesn’t even have a little atom of shame inside her.

She’s still going around trying to contact Fred ulinma’s husband all in the name that ulinma stole her husband.

Somethings I begin to wonder if she is mentally ill.

Few hours later……🍣🍣
I heard my name from inside and it was Papa that was calling me.

I guess he has finished eating.

So i went to the parlour and he smiled at me, food is really life my father now looked refreshed.

He thanked me and i cleared up the table and took the plates to the kitchen.

when I got to the kitchen.
I started washing the plates.

Am really wondering how papa will cope when school resumes next semester.

Anyway until then maybe they will see a small girl to serve them.

After washing the plates, I went into our room only to see chioma on her bed operating her phone.

I guess she has repaired it.

I walked pass her to the small bathroom to take my bath.

After talking my bath I wore a simple cloth and collapsed on the bed to take a nap.


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Chapter 15
💞My pretty lunatic 💞
(The date)

❤️ Fred’s Pov❤️
After a little while my stupid secretary came in again.

She better mind her business this time if not am going to grace her with a thunderous slap.

Am not just ready for her nonsense at the moment not now that am missing my pretty angel.

‘Sir your meeting with the Gideon’s empire is in five minutes…’

‘Okay any other thing?…’

‘Ehhh sir can I come with you to the conference dinner party but not as your date since you said you are going with your wife…’

‘What are you going to do there if I may ask…’

No response.

‘Let me make it very clear to you, I am attending the conference dinner party with my wife alone. No idiot no b—h just my pretty damsel…’

‘Okay sir…’

‘Good now get the f–k out of my office and wait for me at the hall…’ I said and she nodded and left.

W—e I coursed under my breathe.

I arranged the important files on my office table and stood up to the exit.

Of course after putting my important files into my briefcase.

I intend on going home straight after the meeting with the Gideon’s empire.

I am missing my wife so badly and I don’t think i can concentrate with work knowing fully well a pretty lady is at me house.

When I got to the meeting hall to my surprise I saw a young man around my age sitting on the chair waiting for me with my good for nothing secretary flirting with him.

What a b—h.

I cleared my throat and the fool I call a secretary looked towards my direction and left the young man.

Fool i thought.

‘Sir you’re here…’ she said and I just nodded.

‘Good day Mr Fred uchemba…’

‘Same to you and you are?…’

‘I’m adekunle Gideon and I am Mr Gideon’s first son, sorry he would have been the person present for this meeting but his at the hospital as we speak…’

‘Oh please do sent my greetings…’

‘Yes i will…’

‘Then let’s get to work…’ I said with a smile.

Few hours later……💧💧
After three long hours of stressful meeting it finally came to an end and I started walking out of my company to the garage.

‘Sir! sir!…’

I heard someone calling me and that made me to stop on my track and when i turned i saw my good for nothing secretary running towards me.

‘Sir are you going home?…’ she asked.

What type of useless question is that or has she suddenly gone blind i thought.

‘What does it look like am going or do you suddenly need glasses?…’

‘I’m very sorry sir but what about the dinner meeting with Miss Timi?…’

‘Where you deaf when I told you to cancel the dinner meeting huh?…’

‘Oh sorry sir my bad…’
she said laughing nervously.

‘Sorry for your stupid self…’ I said and walked out living her standing like a fool that she is.

When I got to the garage the security handed my keys over to me and I went into my car ready to go home when my phone started ringing.

Who the f–k can that be.

I brought out my phone and checked the caller ID and it was my friend Tosin.

So i quickly picked up the call.

📲Hey dude what’s up?

📱Am good man and you how is work and my beautiful wife?

📲My wife is fine and work too, were you invited to the conference dinner party holding tomorrow?

📱Yes I was invited and that’s even the reason why i called you.

📲Oh so what the matter?

📱I don’t have a date for the meeting and I really want to go for the meeting Tobi said he isn’t gonna go.

📲Oh that’s really a big problem, what about that your house girl what’s that her name again?

📱You mean Jenifer?

📲Exactly what about her can’t you take her for the conference dinner party as your date huh?

📱That’s a lovely idea man thanks.

📲Yeah good bye.


He said and I hang up.

I oned the ignition of the car and drove off.

After few hours drive plus traffic i got home and the security opened the gate for me and i drove in.

I packed the car at the garage and came out took my briefcase and went inside the house.

Only to see my pretty damsel sleeping at the couch at the living room.

I blend down and kissed her full pink lips making her to mutter some words in her sleep.

I don’t know what this girl is doing to me but what ever it is I love it.

I saw how uncomfortable she was on the couch so i dropped my briefcase on the center table and carried her bridal style to my room.

Or will i say our room because from now onwards i want us to start sleeping on the same room.

I placed her slowly on the king size bed and went back to the living room and took my briefcase.

I dropped it near my reading table and quietly went to the bathroom to take my bath.

💘Tosin’s Pov💘
After the call with Fred I went downstairs only to see Jenifer my house maid clearing the dinning table.

Let me tell you a secret promise me you won’t tell anyone one.

pinky swear.

I have been crushing on this ever since the day my mom brought her to my house.

But the problem is she’s too scared of me that sometimes I feel bad.

And now how do I tell her about the conference dinner party without her fricking out.

After she was done clearing the dinning table she went to the garden to water the flowers.

And I had to go over to the balcony so i will be able to see her from there.

I think i have to tell her because I don’t have a choice here.

So i went to the garden to meet her and immediately she noticed me her eyes widened in shock.

‘Good afternoon sir…’ she greeted.

‘Jenifer how many times have i warned you to stop calling me Sir…’

‘I am s…Sorry sir…i mean Tosin…’ she stuttered nervously.

‘Good and Jenny i need your help…’

‘On what exactly sir…i mean Tosin…’ she said

‘There is a conference dinner party i have to attend tomorrow and the rules of the party is that you most come with a lady, so i will love you to join me…’

‘O…okay but I don’t have anything good to wear for the occasion…’

‘Don’t worry I will get a good dress for you…’

I replied and said nodded with a smile.
and I returned her smiles and left.

When I got to my room i punched the air happily and quickly took my phone and order a dress and shoes online.

The only thing I have to do tomorrow is to call a stylist to make her hair and makeup.

I can’t wait for tomorrow to reach.

🤎Chioma’s Pov🤎
I watching nnenna as she slept on her bed and all I felt for them was hatred and anger.

How dare them make mockery of me in this house just because I choose not to learn how to cook.

I know they think i can’t make Fred mine but i promise them i will even if it means selling my soul to the devil.

I was going through my contacts when i came across the number of my old friend Simi.

We were room mates back then in school and we were really close.

And she also based in Lagos.
I think I have to beg her so I can come over to Lagos and stay with her.

I can get Fred staying here in the village with this devils I call sisters in this house.

Plus what if they go back to school how am I gonna cope.

No one in this village will release her child as maid if am in this house.

A notification came into my phone and when I checked it, I was surprised to see that my sister nneka already has 600k followers on IG.

While nnenna has 400k followers, and am still on 10k followers.

No this can’t be happening.

I quickly dialed simi’s number and it started ringing.

I have to get the f–k out of this village if I have to get Fred.

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Chapter 16
💞 My pretty lunatic 💞

(Chioma going to Lagos)

🤎Chioma’s Pov🤎
I quickly dialed simi’s number and it started ringing.

I have to get the f–k out of this village if I have to get Fred.

Her line kept ringing she didn’t pick up and that made me start to wonder if she has changed her line.

But at the third ring she picked up the call making my heart dance for joy.

📱Hello this is Simi and please who am I speaking with?

📲Hey Simi it me chioma your room mate at unilag.

📱Oh my god chi baby how are you doing? it been awhile you called me so you actually have my number ehh.

📲Am very sorry dear my family problems really got me busy I swear.

📱Oh no problem love, so have you gotten a job yet.

📲Nooo I haven’t gotten a job oo what about you.

📱Same here but am into runs nah, I know you understand nah.

📲You mean prostitution?

📱Yes but I base with sugar daddies and it pays good instead of you to stay at your father’s house doing nothing you can come to Lagos and join me.

That’s really a good idea i thought.

📲That’s why I called you in the first place please if you help me i will be really happy.

📱Okay as long as you are with your transport money you can start coming next tomorrow.

📲Why not tomorrow?

📱One of my sugar daddy’s asked me to go with him to a conference dinner party and i don’t know when I am coming back so next tomorrow is better.

📲Okay no problem we will keep in touch.

📱No problem chi chi baby I can’t wait to see you so we will set the town on fire.

📲Trust me nah.

📱Okay bye.


And she hang up.

I didn’t want to become a prostitute but if being a prostitute will bring me close to Fred then I will do it.

I smiled and started packing my things inside my pink traveling bag.

I guess am over reacting.
there is still time to get ready moreover I don’t have much things.

Fred here I come.
Ulinma your nightmare is about to come meet you so get ready.

A text immediately came into my phone and when I checked it was from Simi.

So i took my phone and opened the text since she was online on WhatsApp.

💬Hey babe can you start coming today I will send you transport money…💬

💬Why so much in a hurry did anything come to?…💬

💬Yes one of my sugar daddy wants a girl for the conference dinner party i told you about so can you make it…💬

💬Of course just send the money and I don’t even have any cloth for such occasion🥺…💬

💬Come on chioma you are my paddy nah i have got you covered in the one nah…💬

💬Will i come with bus?…💬

I texted and after a while she replied my message.

💬Nooo you are coming by flight I will be waiting for you at the airport call me when you get there…💬

💬Okay later nah i have to prepare…💬

With that I dropped my phone and started packing the important things I need.

while I was packing nnenna stood up from the bed and left and I hissed.

They should get ready because am going to shock them.

After that I went to the bathroom to get ready.

Lagos there i come.

😱Nnenna’s Pov😱
I was awake when chioma was making calls with her so called friend.

And the phone was on loud speaker so I heard everything they were discussing at a point I oned my phone recorder so nneka won’t say it’s a lie.

And to say she’s is willing to become a prostitute all because of a married man that’s what shocks me the more.

I stood up and went out of the room, we really needs to warn ulinma about chioma.

When i got outside I saw nneka sitting under a tree.

‘Nneka I think chioma is going to Lagos to frustrate ulinma in her peaceful marriage…’

‘How did you know…’

I played the recorder for her and she grasped in shock with her hands on her month.

‘I have a plan.…’ she said and whispered it into my ears.

‘Okay let’s go…’ I said and we went inside.

The plan was to snick out her phone and get the lady she’s going to be staying with pictures and send it to ulinma to warn her.

Few hours later…….💨💨
We have already gotten the ladies pictures and it only remaining to send it to ulinma.

I hope she’s online so we can be able to warn her about it.

I just can’t wait for the day chioma will come back to his house empty handed.

She thinks she can succeed with her evil plan to take ulinma’s husband.

instead of her to look for a decent job since she’s a graduate.

All thanks to my twin sister nneka, what if she didn’t make me see reasons.

I just hope chioma change before it’s too late.

Yes she’s my sister and i love her.

I better text ulinma now.
since nneka said his going to be doing the cooking.

I was about texting ulinma when chioma came out of the house with her logages.

‘Nnenna I know papa is not around so when he comes back tell him I have gone to Lagos to make him proud…’

And with that she left.

What’s really wrong with my sister i thought.

God help her.

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Chapter 17
💞my pretty lunatic 💞

(She won’t listen)

💓Ulinma’s Pov💓
I woke up only to see myself in Fred’s bedroom and i was really baffled.

Because am very certain i slept off on the couch at the living room.

I heard running water at the bathroom and then it occurred to me that Fred was home already.

But is it not too early to come back home from work, it just …

Oh my gosh!

I didn’t know i slept for so long.
it’s already 4 o’clock in the evening.

I was about coming down from the bed when the running water stopped and Fred came out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist.

Holy moly!

His so handsome with six packs and a little muscler body just the way i like it.

He held the hem of the towel with a sexy smirk on his beautiful face.

“Babe no need of you drooling over me am all yours, you can start f—–g me for real and not with your eye but first am so hungry…”

He said making my face heat up immediately he mentioned the word f–k.

I began to wonder why he hasn’t done anything with me yet.

Before i came to Lagos mama told me there are somethings couples do except kissing.

And she also told me anytime Fred asks me to remove my clothes i should obey him.

But ever since we came here.
like close to two weeks now he hasn’t told me to remove my clothes and lie on the bed.

I felt a hand on my thighs and that made me snap back to reality.

I smiled shyly at him and he smiled back and bit on his lower lip seductively.

To my surprise his hand traveled to my pants.

I was only putting on a big shirt with no bum short only a G-string pant which was easy to remove.

He used his left hand to part my legs and he took his hand into my pants, making me gasp.

This is the first time since I was born that a guy is touching me intimately.

He came on top of me and started kissing me.

I wasn’t much of a good kisser so i just let him do his thing while i enjoy the feeling.

To my surprise i didn’t even know when i grabbed his neck and deepened the kiss.

What really wrong with me this feeling is so new to me and it’s driving me crazy.

D–n! His lips, it thirst like orange juice.

His left hand traveled in between my legs massaging my pu*sy.

“Hmm……” I moaned into his mouth.

His strong protective hands traveled down my waist and started unbuttoning my shirt.

I don’t know what he was doing but I certainly don’t want him to stop it.

After he succeed in removing my shirt leaving me on only a lace bra and G-string pant.

I started feeling self conscious.

“Babe am not doing it now i just want you to have a thirst of what you do to me everyday…”

He said and squeezed my breast with my lace bra on.

I drove my hands to his hair and clutched on it.

“Argggh……” I bemoaned when his cold hands traveled to my back and he removed my bra.

“F–k…” he cursed immediately his eyes came in contact with my two round breast.

Without warning he took one of my round breast into his mouth and started s—–g on it like an infant feeding from his mother.

“Hmm……” I bemoaned.
The feeling was something i couldn’t explain.

When he had done justice to both breast he kissed down my stomach.

And i shivered at his touch.
Mama told me a woman’s first time is normally painful.

I guess she lied because this feels like heaven.

To my surprise he started pulling my pants down my legs without breaking eye contact with me.

When my pants was out of my body completely I started feeling scared.

And like a flash Fred buried his face in between my legs and started running his wet tongue on my pu*sy.

“Arggh……” I screamed in pleasure.

He continued doing it until i felt my stomach tighten.

“F…fr…Fred i want t…to pee…” i stuttered with tear in my eyes not because it hurt.

But because the pleasure was traveling me wide.

“P…p…Please …” I pleaded.

“C-m for me baby…” he uttered and just like a flash my organ tore off me.

He smiled and left me while i was breathing hard.

“Come let me get you cleaned up…” he said and I nodded and he carried me bridal style into the bathroom.

Few hours later……🌮🌮
Fred and i was sitting at the living room watching a movie titled ‘Lucifer morning star’ and I must say the movie is really interesting.

I was sitting in between his legs with my head resting on his board chest.

And his left hand was in between my legs teasing my private part.

He has already informed me about the conference dinner party i was going to accompany him to.

Not only that he has already bought me a dress for the occasion.

My phone vibrated so i had to pick it up to read the message.

And it was from nnenna my cousin sister.

💬Please ulinma be very careful chioma is now at Lagos and she’s coming for your husband.💬

she sent with a picture of a lady attached to it.

immediately Fred saw the picture he burst into a hilarious laughter.

“Isn’t this the b—h from the other day?…”

he asked and i nodded feeling scared.

“Ulinma you don’t need to be scared i love you and i am gonna do anything within my powers to protect what’s mine okay…”

He said making me smile shyly.

If this is what they call love then I want to be in love with Fred forever.

🤎Chioma’s Pov🤎
When I got to Lagos state airport a smile appeared on my face.

The first thing i saw was a Fred and ulinma on a very big billboard.

And my anger arose the more.
why most she be the only one with all the good things huh?

I took my phone immediately and dialed simi’s number and after few rings she picked up.

it was already getting late and i needed to rest my head.

📱I have already seen you girl.

She said and ended the call and in less than few seconds she came to me.

“Chi baby you are really looking good…”

she said and i smiled.

“And you’re not looking bad either…”

“Okay let’s go…” she said and i followed her from behind.

We both entered a taxi and the driver drove off.

After few minutes of driving he car finally came to a hint at a back gate.

And we got down.
she helped me with my bags and we went inside.

When we got to the room i saw about five girls in the room dressing up.

“Hey girl this is chioma my best friend, she will be staying with us and doing what we do from now on…”

Simi said and the girls welcomed me.

Simi told me we will be going to the club to look for clients and i accepted.

As if I have a chance.

People has to do certain sacrifices to reach there destination.

And i am more than ready to sell my body to achieve my aim.

which is getting married to Fred.

And making ulinma’s life a living hell.

I went into the modern bathroom and took my bath.

After that i dressed up in the skimp dress Simi gave me and also applied heavy makeup on my face.

The two of us ordered a cab and in few minutes it arrived

And the driver drove us to a strip club and we got in.

Few hours later……⚜️⚜️
I was booked by one old man like that and he took me to a VIP sult at the club.

This is one of those sacrifice.
it not like am a virgin anyway of course i started having sex

since I was in secondary school
so it’s not a biggie to me.

I can’t just wait for Fred to me mine.
a smile appeared on my face at the thought of that.

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Chapter 18
💞My pretty lunatic 💞

(The b—h secretary)

❣️ Fred’s Pov❣️
When my wife showed me the picture of the lady her stupid cousin was gonna stay with i couldn’t help but laugh.

At first when i first saw ulinma’s cousin, what’s that her name again chioma.

I immediately knew her type and that why i said she was ugly.

She’s isn’t ugly at all but to me good face with a bad character is the real ugliness.

And to say she’s that b—h’s friend makes her even worst than before and I mean it.

I am the happiest man in the world to have a beautiful lady like ulinma as my wife.

She’s god sent.
infact she was made specifically for Fred uchemba.

I glanced at her one more time and a smile appeared on my face.

Maybe she not the type that stays out late at night because she’s already at sleep on my chest.

My mind flashed back to what happened few hours ago between the two of us and i smiled.

I felt like making love to her but i had to hold myself because she’s too fragile.

So i want to take things slowly, she’s mine anyway so why should i hasten it.

After a while i looked at the wall clock and it was already 10 o’clock in the night.

so i gradually too the popcorn box from her and carried her bridal style into our bathroom.

I placed her slowly on the bed and lyed on the bed beside her and sleep took over.

Next day……🌥️🌥️
After my morning routine i went downstairs since i wasn’t going to work today because of the conference dinner party.

I sat on the living room, picked up the TV remote control and on it.

My beautiful wife was in the kitchen making breakfast.

The truth is if anyone had told me a month ago that i won’t be going to the club anymore to look for bitches to f–k, i won’t have believe it.

We took breakfast together and then she came to join me at the living room.

There is still enough time since the f—–g conference dinner party is by 3 o’clock in the evening.

Ulinma was sitting on the couch beside me with her legs on my lap and i was busy giving her a foot massage.

All of a sudden the door bell rang.
am very sure that’s not the security because after ringing the doorbell we would have walked in.

Come to think of it how dare him open my gate for anybody without my consent.

I looked at my wife and she was fast at sleep on the couch with her legs on my lap.

I ignored the doorbell and took my wife into the bedroom before coming back to answer the door.

When i opened my door to my surprise the person at the door was my stupid secretary Linda.

“Good morning sir…”

“Yeah so what are you doing at my house my this time of the day shouldn’t you be at the office?…” I asked and the anger in my voice was very visible.

“Ehhh… sir i came to see if you are fully prepared for the conference dinner party…” she replied and i started wondering where she was driving at.

At first i looked at her from head to toe and she was wearing a very skimpy dress.

“So how is that any of your business or is it 3 o’clock huh?…”

“No sir it not yet time for the con…Conference dinner party…” she stuttered.

“So if i may asked what says the time on your wristwatch?…” I asked.

“Ehhh it’s just past 11 o’clock sir…”

“Then what really are you doing in my house my this time of the day and wait did you wear this nonsense to work together?…” I fired angrily and she moved backwards in fear.

“I mean sir…” she was about saying when i cut her off.

“Linda get the f–k out of my house, and more thing if you repeat this rubbish next time consider yourself fired…” I said and her eyes widened in shock.

“Yes sir it wouldn’t repeat itself again…” she replied and ran out.

“Idiot…” I caused under my breathe.

I wonder why girls of nowadays don’t just keep there wide p***y at a place huh?

♥️ Linda’s Pov♥️
I thought that he was kidding when he said he was going to the conference dinner party with his so called wife.

I have gone to work this morning i just took time in getting myself fixed.

because i thought he was going to take me to the dinner party but I guess i was wrong.

I ran out of his house and borded a taxi to the office because tomorrow is going to be a hot day for me if i don’t finish the work he gave me.

When i got to the company i payed the taxi driver and started walking inside.

While i was passing everyone kept looking at me disgustingly and that made me to wonder why.

It then flash to my mind that i dressed like a s–t to the company and as a secretary i should dress well.

I started hearing some of the workers making hateful comments towards me.

👥Look at what she’s wearing.

👥She’s such a s–t for dressing like this to work.

👥Maybe she thinks she can continue seducing the boss but unfortunately for her the boss is married.

I couldn’t listen to it anymore so i ran into my office and shot the door.

I feel so stupid because even after everything i couldn’t even see my boss’s wife.

Her account is on private so it’s had to see her pictures.

Why can’t Mr Fred uchemba love me huh?

❣️ Fred’s Pov❣️
After that stupid secretary of mine was long gone i decided to continue watching my movie.

I wasn’t actually enjoying the movie maybe because my baby girl was with me.

And i just kept looking at the wall clock to see if it was already time for the conference dinner party but the time was slow.

I have already called a makeup artist and hair stylist to get her fixed.

I bought her a red long dress with a diamond all over the dress.

The dress has an opening at the back and another opening from the end of the dress to her bid thighs.

I can’t just wait to see her on the dress i swear.

Few hours later……🎀🎀
The stylist and makeup artist came in few hours ago and they aren’t done yet.

I have finished dress up for 45 minutes now and patiently waiting for them to finish.

The time was already 2:30 and we have not even left the house yet.

After a little while i started hearing foot steps from the steps and when i turned my mouth dropped.

She was no longer on her natural hair but her was styled beautifully.

She was wearing a bone straight human hair, the dress hugged around her body bringing out her killer curves.

Her nails where beautifully polished and she applied light makeup.

she was wearing a transparent heels and a matching bag.

She cleared her throat making me snap back to reality.

I smiled at her and she smiled shyly, i paid the makeup artist and stylist and they left.

“Shall we?…” i ask making her laugh.

“Yeah…” she replied and i locked my hand with hers and we walked out of the house to the garage.

Since my queen was looking so beautiful today i didn’t to ride on my new Lamborghini 2020 model.

I opened the door for my queen and she got in, I helped her gather her dress then closed the car door.

After that i got into the driver sit and on the ignition while the security opened the door.

I looked at my prince one more time and drove off.

i hope we get there on time for the red carpet because i want the paparaza to go wild.

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Chapter 19

💞 My pretty lunatic💞

,(It shock her)

🎀Ulinma’s Pov🎀

After few minutes of driving the car finally came to a hint at a very massive building.

People wearing all type of beautiful dresses and men wearing expensive suit were walking down the red carpet.

I felt so nervous as hell.
all my life i wasn’t opportuned to live the village and now am a public figure.

Maybe Fred noticed how nervous i was because her gave me hand a little squeeze.

“Are you nervous?…” he asked and i just nodded my head.

“Come on beauty you don’t have to feel nervous you’re with me okay…” he said making me smile.

All my life no one has ever showed me love and care except Mama comfort and Papa Levy.

And now Fred and that alone bring a smile on my face.

“Why are we still in the car?…” I asked a bit confused.

“They are calling the Top celebrities by name so until our name is called I won’t come out…” he replied.

“But some people are already out of there car waiting for there name to be called…”

I said with an eyebrow raised and he burst into laughter.

“I don’t want anyone to see you or me until our name is been called…” he said and i just smiled and looked out of the tinted glass.

And I saw his three friends obinna, Tosin and ola with there partners but I didn’t see what that his other friend’s name again?

Ehhh Tobi maybe his not coming.

After a little while our name was called by the organizer.

Immediately the name Mr&Mrs Fredric uchemba was call the whole eyes was fixed at my husband’s flashy car.

“Are you ready?…” he asked.

“Yeah…” I replied and he gave me a passionate kiss before stepping down from the car.

I guess that what i really need right now a passionate kiss from the king of my heart.

My pam was sweating badly.

Fred opened the car door for me and i stepped down from the car he locked his aim with mine while we step on the red carpet.

Camera light kept flashing at us and the i remember what nneka thought me and that was to smile and wink and give the camera my best shot.

I smiled at the camera and winkled with a sexy smile on my face.

Why should i be nervous when my husband is smoking hot.

We were about going inside the party venue when a lady walked up to us.

“Please sorry to disturb you Mr&Mrs Fredric uchemba my name is Lisa and i work with the couple’s magazine…” she introduced.

“Okay…” I said politely while my cute husband just nodded.

“I must say you two her the most beautifully dressed couples in this occasion, so i will like to take a picture of you two for our magazine cover and billboard that if you don’t mind?…”

She concluded and i glanced at Fred and he just smirked and gave my ass a light squeeze and i slapped his aim playfully.

“No problem miss…” I said with a smile.

“Okay…” he replied and called her photographer.

“Sir&Ma’am are you ready?…” the photographer asked.

While we nodded.

“Mr&Mrs Fred uchemba please i want a very romantic shot, just two anyway…” the lady said and Fred nodded.

I was confused because nneka haven’t thought me about romantic moves.

Just in a twinkle of an eye Fred place his leg on mine making me loose my balance but he cut me and please his lips on mine.

and started kissing me, I shut my eyes and placed on my hands on his chest and the other on the cheek.

Immediately i felt the flash of the camera and we unlock from kiss and i looked at the lady with a shy smile.

“That was lovely just one more shot and i will release you guys…” she said.

“Ready?…” the photographer asked and we nodded in union.

Fred turned me making my backside rest on him and he placed a kiss on my lips and the photographer flashed the camera.

“Thanks for your cooperation Mr&Mrs Fred uchemba…” she said and extended her hand for a handshake and Fred accepting it.

“It’s a pleasure…” Fred replied and she walked out.

When we got inside Fred took me to the VIP section were this three friends and there girlfriends were.

“Hey man…” he said to his friends and there engaged in a friendly hug.

“Hello everyone…” I greeted with a smile and they replied me.

After a while i started interaction with the three ladies since the men where busy with there discussion.

“Hello my name is Caroline Bash popularly known as Caro-B i’m a rapper…” obinna’s girlfriend introduced.

“Nice to meet you…” we all said.

“Are you are Nigerian?…” I asked.

“No i am not am a black American…”she replied.
“Wow that’s nice…”

“And i am Princess adebayo and am a model, although an upcoming model…” Ola’s girlfriend introduced.

“Nice meeting you…” we said in union.

“My name is Jennifer Williams…” Tosin’s girlfriend introduced remaining only me.

“My name is ulinma Fred uchemba and i am Fred’s wife, guess am the only person here without an English name…” I said dramatically and we all burst into hilarious laughter.

Fast forward……💋💋
The men later joined us at the VIP table where all kinds of food where displayed.

Some old men kept coming to our table to greet obinna, Ola, Tosin and my husband.

All of a sudden Fred made me sit on his laps although Tosin made Jenifer sit on his laps too i was d–n shy.

Two very old men started coming towards our direction with two young ladies with them.

I didn’t pay much attention to them because i was feeding my husband while sitting on his laps.

They greeted the rest of Fred’s friends before getting to our table.

“Goodday Mr&Mrs Fredric uchemba i can see you guys are enjoying yourselves lovebirds…” the old man said and Fred kept a strict face.

I was forced to look up and my mouth dropped at what i saw.

💔Chioma’s Pov💔

When Simi introduced me to the zaddy that was taking me to the party i got angry.

saying he is old is a misinterpretation because the right word is he’s my grandfather or ancestors.

But i couldn’t complain because the man said he was gonna pay me ₦700.000 although we are still gonna f–k.

Immediately we got to the party and his name was called we walked inside the conference dinner party venue.

Same with Simi since the two zaddies are best friends.

The last couple that got in took every bodies eyes.

The guys wife was wearing pure diamond from head to toe.

Our zaddies decided to go greet some important personalities and as there date for the dinner table we have to go with them.

We greeted lot of them and they were all young boys and i must say we can’t stand a chance because there girlfriends or fiancee are hot.

When we got to the last table i nearly passed out at what i saw.

It was Fred i mean my Fred , he was carrying a very beautiful lady on his laps.

So ulinma doesn’t even go out with him or is that ulinma.

I looked at there dress and then i recalled that they were the couples.

I felt so ashamed of myself because i came to the dinner party with my grandfather.

He will start seeing me like a prostitute, “are you not a prostitute?” my inner man asked.

I smiled at him but he looks at me disgustingly making me wanna cry.

The pretty lady on his laps raised her face and my mouth dropped.


And immediately i started fuming in anger.

why must she have all the good thing huh?

I think is high time i eliminate her from the surface of this earth.

Now the problem is how will i be able to do that?.

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chapter 20
💞My pretty lunatic, 💞

(The party)

❣️ Fred’s Pov❣️

I saw the two s–t and that’s why i made ulinma sit on laps.

And to think that she was with a man three times older than her father was what disgusted me the more.

I guess she didn’t notice it was ulinma and i they were coming to meet last, but immediately she saw me the shock on her face was very visible.

She smiled at me and i shot her a disgusting look.

F—–g w—e

“Goodday Mr&Mrs Fred uchemba i guess you guys are enjoying yourselves lovebirds…” senator yemi said with a smile.

“As you can see senator we are…” I replied with a fake smile.

My wife immediately turned as her mouth dropped same with the w—e but my beauty my quick to replace her surprise look with a smile.

“Goodday Mr?…”
“Yemi my dear…” the old fool replied immediately.

“And?…” she asked the other fool what’s that his name again.

“I am senator Bello dear…”
“Goodday Mr yemi and Mr Bello…” she finally greeted with a smile.

“What a lovely wife you have here Mr Fred…” the old fool said and i smiled and thought of something to make her cousin sister hang herself.

So i kissed my wife on the lips and she responded immediately.

“So lovely, anyway Mrs Fred my wife owns a modeling companies and i will love to invite you…” senator Bello said.

but ulinma’s reply took me off guards.

“You mean the young lady beside or the one beside senator yemi huh?…” she asked and i burst into hilarious laughter.

“What’s so funny babe?…” she asked with a little frown.

“Nothing cherry…” I replied and i could see the two bitches fuming in anger.

“No not at all come on child we are old men and our wives should be old too don’t you think…”

“They two ladies you see are just call girls…” senator Bello concluded.

“Prostitutes you mean?…” she asked making me wanna laugh the more, ulinma will really do well if she goes into acting.

“Exactly…” he two old men said in union and my wife nodded making Simi and chioma turn red in embracement.

“So what will you say about my invitation…” senator Bello asked but before beauty can reply i cut in.

“Sorry to disappoint you sir but my wife isn’t going into modeling she’s studying law…” i said.

“That’s lovely, have a good day Mr&Mrs uchemba enjoy the party…”

And they disappeared with there bitches.

My wife continued feeding me while the two bitches kept throwing daggers at us but who cares anyway.

Few hours later……💧💧
I was driving home from the party and ulinma was already sound at sleep in the car.

What she did today really baffled me because i didn’t know she could have the boldness to talk that way.

I intend on employing a home teacher for her so getting into the university won’t be a problem.

After a long drive the car came to a hint at my house and the security opened the gate for me and i got in.

I opened the car door and came down before opening the passenger seat beside be and carried my sleeping wife inside.

Today was really a great day and i enjoyed it.

💘Tosin’s Pov💘

The party was really fun not because of the activities but because of Jenny.

I think this girl is finally making me go crazy and i love it.

She was looking stunning and i couldn’t take my sinful eyes off her.

After the whole fun at the party she ended up getting drunk so i had to take her home.

And when we got home i carried her bridal style into her room.

and started undressing her because she doesn’t feel comfortable with her dress.

I closed my eyes and pulled the dress off with my eyes closed although a little bit open.

After that i took up a nightwear at her wardrobe and wore on her.

I kissed her forehead and disappeared from the room to mine.

🖤Simi’s Pov🖤
After the party when we got into the house chioma was fuming in anger and that made me to wonder.

I couldn’t take it anymore so i had to ask because no one will stand in my way of getting Fred not even her.

“Chioma do you know Fred uchemba from anywhere?…” I asked.

“Yes i don’t only know him alone but his wife is my cousin sister and she stole him away from me…” she replied.

Hmmm this is getting more interesting. I thought.

“So what really happened?…” I asked and she told me.

After telling me the whole story i almost laughed.

“And Simi you know what I want her dead…”

“WHAT!…” I shouted

“Come on chioma it hasn’t gotten to that…” I said.

“Yes Simi it has because she’s the only obstacle between me and Fred…”

I was about replying her when an idea came into my mind and i let out an evil smile.


Hmm mm…🤔🤔
What can the idea be?😒😒 it’s like our dear chioma is in trouble

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Chapter 21

💞My pretty lunatic 💞

(You want to disgrace me)

Next morning……🌥️
👵Mama comfort’s Pov👵
Last night i was watching my son and his wife.

Oh my ulinma.

I never knew my stupid son has good taste of women.

That boy has really made me proud and i am super excited about it.

He has really prove to me that he is really a man and not a boy.

Ever since ulinma left her twins cousins has really turned a good live and i am happy about it.

Nneka is a very good girl because she really did a good job in trying to change her siblings.

But i am now more close to nnenna, the girl has a very good heart and now i know she’s the one who took after there late mother.

You people knows that mama comfort is getting old and can’t do everything on her own abi.

Nnenna has been my helping hand for some weeks now.

For that there useless elder sister god should save her because if she doesn’t get successful before coming to this our village again, she will have to commit suicide.

Maybe that stupid girl thinks people in this village don’t have television and radio to see and listen to news.

I was so ashamed when i chioma with that old man on TV, i felt like it was my own daughter that was displaying such ill manner.

Me am even beginning to pity mbakwe because he can’t just live his house without people tell him about his daughter.

Sometimes i wonder if that girl has no shame at all.

Being ashawo at age 25 don’t she know she’s no longer getting younger.

That’s what i tell youths at church especially females.

We women are like flowers we are fresh and beautiful in the morning but in the night we shrink and get old.

Just like i told nneka and nnenna yesterday there was a time Mama comfort was fresh.

Back then when i was young m neti eti nah(I was balling nah) i wear different types of sexy dress.

But look at me now and already an old woman and can’t were sexy dresses anymore.

Nneka and nnenna said they are not coming to visit me today because they are going to the farm to uproot cassava because there garri is getting low.

I am so happy because those two children are trying there best and i am sure god is going to bless them with good husbands.

I was cooking in the kitchen while my husband was sweeping, don’t be surprised that how we do it division of labor.

while i was cooking an idea came into my head if i don’t pressure Fred and ulinma they won’t know i want immediate grandchildren.

So i took my phone and dialed ulinma’s number but it wasn’t reachable so i dialed my son’s line.

After few rings the idiot picked up.

📱”Nne good morning…” he greeted i think i just woke him up but who cares anything for my grandchildren.

📱“Morning how are you and my wife doing?…” i said trying to look for his trouble as usual.

📱“Ehhh nne you have started looking for my trouble again it my wife not your wife…” he replied and i burst into laughter.

📱“Anyway how are you people doing?…”

📱“We are fine nne, you and papa nko?…” he asked.

📱“We are fine but i called you because of the issues at hand is ulinma pregnant?…”

📱“Ahhhgg mama! noooo she’s not i haven’t even touched her…” he said laughing.

Is like this boy things am joking. i thought.

📱“Then what is holding you or are you not man enough to get her pregnant so i carry my grandchildren ehh?…”

📱“Jesus Christ of Nazareth mama of course am man enough…”

📱“Then do something, if you have to keep your legs on the wall to do it then my friend do it, next time i call i want to hear good news…” I didn’t wait for him to reply me and i hang up.

I smiled victoriously.
So they think i was joking when i told them i need grandchildren.

Fred should better do it oo before i cut off his manhood roast it and eat it since he doesn’t want to make use of it.

I laughed at my thoughts and continued cooking.

❤️ Nneka’s Pov❤️
My twin sister papa and i went to the farm to uproot cassava.

I never knew papa was this hardworking he didn’t allow us to uproot we just gather and carry them out to the junction.

And then come back to carry another one and in few hours we were done and looking for a bike to help us carry it home.

We told papa to go home take his bath and rest so that when we come back we cook.

Yes i no longer get angry when nnenna gives papa food because he has already learnt his lessons.

I just wish my stupid sister chioma understood what i was doing back then and change.

But no she prefer going to Lagos and start doing prostitution.

A graduate who should start looking for a good decent job to help her.

Last night papa me and nnenna was watching a video when Papa said he wants to learning to the news.

And i saw ulinma and her husband, they were guest at the occasion.

I also saw Fred’s friends obinna, Ola and Tosin but i didn’t see Tobi.

When I saw my sister chioma i felt so ashamed of myself.

chioma was with an old man even older than mama wear a skimpy dress while everybody was on long sexy outfit.

She’s a true definition of an ashawo but at least i used my dear cousin to comfort myself.

Enough about stupid chioma.
Guess what guys.

Tobi replied my message and we have been chatting since then, he asked me who i am and i told him i was ulinma’s cousin.

And that was why we started chatting very well.

Last night we did a video call and he told me I don’t look photogenic and i look pretty in reality.

I blushed at the thought of that and nnenna cleared her throat.

“Someone is blushing again because of he celebrity lover…” she said laughing.

“Nnenna you are such a kill joy…” I replied and she laughed the more making me slap her hand playfully.

“Ehh nnenna what about that your boyfriend the one you normally go to meet?…” I asked and she scoffed.

“I have broke up with him since two weeks ago…” she replied making me gasp in shock.

“But why?…”

“You see nneka i am trying to turn a good live here and face my studies too so i don’t want distraction, for now I don’t want any guy to occupy my mind…”

“Wow my sister is now a changed person our future news broadcaster nnenna mbakwe…”

“You can say that again…” she replied and we burst into laughter.

Few hours later……🥞🥞
I and nnenna are at the kitchen preparing food while papa was sleeping at the living room.

papa told us last night he was the one that caused the death of his sister ulinma’s mom.

I really cried because my father is really a heartless man but at least he is willing to change.

After cooking we served papa’s food and went outside to go peel the cassava.

it gonna be long day.

🖤Chioma’s Pov🖤
I woke up this morning by the sound of my phone and i checked the caller and it was Papa.

So i happily picked it up because i have really missed papa and to say i didn’t even tell him before traveling.

📱“Hello papa good morning…” I greeted him.

📱“Chioma hold your greetings to yourself so you have decided to bring disgrace to me ehh…”

📱“Papa i don’t understand what you are saying is anything the matter?…” I asked a bit confused.

📱“So this is how you want to pay me back after struggling to train you in the university okwaya…”

📱“Papa am confused…”

📱“So you have decided to go to Lagos and become an ashawo abi to the extent that i saw you on TV with an old man?…”

Oh my god i didn’t know the occasion was going to me covered on camera.

Before papa could start more of his blabbing i ended the call.

He called again so i switched my phone off.

I think i have to go with simi’s plan.

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Chapter 22

💞 My pretty lunatic 💞
(The evil plot)

❣️ Fred’s Pov❣️
After answering the call with mama i burst into laughter.

That woman is something Else, how can she ask me if am not man enough to impregnate ulinma.

Of course i want to do it but am scared to hurt her and forget i am laughing about mama’s call but i know she’s d–n serious.

Speaking of my wife were is she, i woke up and she wasn’t with me on the bed.

F—–g shit!

Today is Wednesday and am still in bed and it late already, i mean it’s already 8 o’clock.

I rushed into the bathroom and did my morning routine before taking my bath after that i dried my body and walked out of the bathroom.

When i came out of the bathroom to my surprise i saw my outfit for today well ironed and arranged on the bed.

Making me smile and was wondering what i was gonna wear to work today since i am late without knowing my pretty angel has everything planned.

I applied my body lotion and started dressing up in few minutes i was done so i grabbed my briefcase and went downstairs.

When i got to the living room a mouth watering aroma heat my nose making my stomach to grumble.

so i dropped my briefcase at the center table and walked into the kitchen.

And i saw ulinma wearing a black sport pant and a matching black crop top of which her flat tommy was open.

She packed her bone straight human hair up in a ponytail with a white hair band.

Or did she see the gym house.

“Hey love good morning…” i greeted after wrapping my hands around her waist.

“Oh morning come have breakfast so you can go to work you know you are late…” she said with a smile.

“Can i eat here in the kitchen please?…” i asked with a puppy eyes and she laughed.

“Okay now eat up…” she ordered and i immediately started devouring my food.

After eating i kissed her good bye and walked out got into my car but the security didn’t come out immediately.

“That’s so unlike him…” i thought.

I pressed the car horn and he ran out of his quarters and opened the gate but i noticed he was sweating but i didn’t take it serious.

when he opened the gate i drove off to the office.

Few minutes later……💧💧
After few minutes time i drove into my company’s premises and packed the car at the garage.

I gave the security my bag and walked in. my employees kept greeting me and i just nodded.

When i got to my office i removed my suit jacket and sat down on my office chair and started working on something important files.

And immediately i heard a light knock at the door and i muttered a come in.

The door opened and Linda walked in with a cup of coffee WEAR a skimpy outfits.

“Sir here is your coffee…” she said with a smile and i nodded with my eye fixed at the laptop.

“Linda are you done with those files i gave you two days ago?…” I asked.

“Ehhh no sir but i am almost done with it…”

“Now get out of my office and complete the files i want it in 45 minutes time…” I said and she left my office in a hurry.

🖤Chioma’s Pov🖤
I think i will have to go with simi’s plan.

You guys maybe wondering what the plan is so i will tell you.

At first when she brought up the idea i said no to it because it’s a very stupid act.

But to eliminate ulinma i need to know the things going on around Fred’s house and all that.

She asked me to seduce the security and if he falls for it then i will tell him i will be allowing him to have sex with me if he helps me spy on Fred and his wife.

At first when she told me i refused, how can i allow an ordinary security to sleep with me.

But after the call from papa i think i will have to do it.

I Am sure everyone in my village now knows be as a prostitute so i have to come back home with something tangible.

And it’s Fred of course after ulinma’s death because she will die.

Even if it means for me to double my hustle.

So i dressed up and told Simi that am already going to Fred’s house.

I ordered for my ride and the driver drove me to Fred mansion and i got out and paid him.

So Fred is this rich.
I knocked at the large gate and the security opened the door.

He looks very young sha.

“Excuse me miss how may i help you?…” he asked and i smiled seductively.

“You can help me in many ways handsome…” I replied and he looked at me in surprise.

“Ehh miss i don’t understand?…”

“Then take me to your quarters if you really want to understand…” i said and grabbed his d*ck with my hand making him moan.

He smiled and looked at me and said.

“Are you sure about this huh?…”

“Of course i am…” I replied and he opened the gate and dragged me into his quarters.

Without any warning he pulled me to the bed and started removing my clothes i tried to stop him at least tell him first but he didn’t even listen.

Fast forward……💨💨
The security of which i later found out that his name is Daniel.

Nearly disfigured my legs.
you know how guys do when you give them free pu**y.

“Hello handsome hope you enjoyed it?…” I asked.

“Of course i did…” he replied.

“If you want to be having me anytime you want it all you have to do is tell me everything about your boss and his wife, where they go and when they go…” I said.

“Is that all then consider it done…” he replied making me smile.

Step one accomplished.

🤎Simi’s Pov🤎
Immediately chioma left i let out an evil smile.

At first i wanted her to just be a friend i can confide in, but immediately i saw she had eye on Fred i decided to use her as a scapegoat.

And immediately she succeed in killing Fred’s wife i will hand her over to the police and that will make Fred become mine.

Chioma thinks she’s wise but what she doesn’t know is that am always a badass Lagos girl.

She thinks she can come from no were and steal the spotlight, that’s a f—–g lie.

I just pray the security gives her the banging of a lifetime.

And to say she has the heart to kill her own cousin is what baffles me the most..

Fred is mine and no one can take him away from me and if i can’t get him then i let the poor girl enjoy her marriage.

Because after everything chioma told me i understood the girl in question suffered in there hand.

Chioma get ready to play.

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Chapter 23

💞My pretty lunatic 💞

(Chioma the fool)

🎀Ulinma’s Pov🎀
After a little while of exercising my body i started feeling bored.

Even my phone couldn’t stop my boredom so i decided to try watching television.

And they were showing a very interesting cartoon series.

I ran to the kitchen and got myself a box of pop corn and a glass of orange juice to use make it spicy.

After a while i started noticing some movement in the security guys quarters.

At first i didn’t want to take it serious but in every passing minutes the noise got louder.

I paused the movie drop the box of pop corn at my hand and walked outside towards the security quarters.

Initially my aim was to knock at the door and tell him to stop the noise but when i got close to the door what i heard made me change my mind.

So i went over to the window to see who he was talking to and when i looked through the window i was surprised to see a lady i couldn’t see her face clearly because of the cotton.

I immediately brought out my phone and started recording there conversation.

Why does she want the security guy to spy on my husband and I huh?

When i was satisfied with what i have gotten i decided to visit Fred at his working please.

So i left the window and walked into the house and when i got to the living room i turned off the television and took the popcorn into the kitchen.

I went into our bedroom and striped off my clothes and went to the bathroom to take my bath.

After talking my bath i dressed up in a classic red dress that reach my knee and hugged my body with a little opening at the back.

I matched it with a pair of black sandals and a matching black Gucci bag.

After that i repacked my hair in a ponytail and looked at myself at the big standing mirror.

I have never been a fan of makeup so i just added lipgloss.

I took my phone and ordered a cab, i would have gone with one of Fred’s cars but unfortunately I can’t drive.

After a while the driver arrive so i went outside the house and immediately the security saw me he ran to help me open the gate.

With the way he’s looking at me i know something is bothering him.

“Daniel is anything the matter?”
I asked him with a smile.

“Ehh ma’am i don’t know if you are in a hurry so i won’t waste your time..”
he replied nervously.

“No i am not in a hurry so go ahead..”
I said and he sighed softly.

He sighed again then took his eyes to the ground.

“Ma’am one lady came here this morning and when i asked her who she was looking for she kinda ehh.. seduced me..”

He explained feeling nervous and scared at the same time.

I urged him to continue.

“After we finished having sex she said something very suspicious..”
He said with a worried expression on his face.

“Something suspicious like?”
I pretended has if i didn’t know because i wanted to confirm how loyal Daniel was to Fred.

“She said if i want to be having sex with her i should start spying on Oga Fred and you ma’am..”

“Do you know who she is or where she lives?”
I asked him but he shaked his head negative.

“No ma’am i can only recognizes her when i see her but she’s just a total stranger..”
he replied almost immediately.

“Okay i am happy you told me this it shows how loyal you are to Fred..”
I said with a smile.

“Ma’am abeg don’t tell Oga Fred about this my family relays on me and if Oga Fred hears i allowed a stranger in he will sack me..”

He pleaded almost on his knees and i had to promise him i won’t tell Fred although am still gonna tell him in my own way.

After our little discussion i apologize to the cab driver and got into the cab.

“Ma’am were are you going to?”
the elderly man asked with a smile.

“I am going to F.E..”
I replied and he nodded and zoomed off.

🖤Chioma’s Pov🖤
After my little discussion with security guy Daniel my mind didn’t tell me he was gonna do it.

So when i got out of the house i had to get a clear view of Fred’s mansion.

I never knew this guy was this rich and if i had known i would have faught more harder back then he came to the village.

I started counting the cars in the compound one, two, three……. twenty five.

This guy is so rich and he is married to ulinma.

I most try everything within my powers to eliminate that winch that charmed my husband.

“How did you know she charmed him?”
My conscience asked.

“Of course i know she charmed him with those her pretty face..”

I can’t wait to have all the money to myself and also Fred.

when he start taking me to parties wearing expensive diamond clothes and rings.

When I was done checking the house out i decided to leave before anyone notice me.

When i got outside the gate my mind kept telling me to wait a little bit and i did.

After a while I saw ulinma living the house.

wow perfect timing if i knew things were going to go this way i wouldn’t have allowed that stupid secretary touch me.

I yelled angrily so that guy fvcked me for nothing huh?

Before i came out i asked Simi my bestie to look for some gun men for me.

The ones that are good at it and she agreed to help me out.

She’s really a good and reliable friend and that’s why i love her.

She texted me while i was still with the gate man and said she saw good ones and i told her to ask them how much they take.

And she said they said they take ₦700.000 for the job.

Thank God Mr Bello gave me ₦700.000 after the conference dinner party so i told her to pay them with it.

So i immediately took my phone and dialed simi’s number.

After few rings she picked up.

📱..Simi tell the men she just went out of the house and she’s heading to Fred’s company..📱

📱..Okay but was it the security that is giving you information about her well about?..📱

📱..No ooo don’t mind that useless security the foolish guy just fvcked me for nothing..📱

📱..Ahh was he hard on you? like did he fvck you very hard?..📱

📱..Hmm Simi that guy is a p–n star he nearly shifted my womb for me oo..📱

📱.. Don’t mind him you know free p—y they sweet nah anyway let me go and inform them..📱

📱.. Thanks bestie me i am even on my way home just about to order my cab..📱

📱.. Okay nah i am at home, but remember we are still going to heat the club today oo..📱

📱.. Of course nah, don’t worry i dey show for house..📱
I said and ended the call.

Ulinma today is going to be your last day on earth watch and see.

I can’t wait to have Fred all to myself.

🧡Simi’s Pov🧡
After the call i bursted into hilarious laughter.

I never knew chioma was d–n doom like a fool, how can she believes everything i tell her.

I was asking her about the svx with the security because i wanted something to laugh about.

I feel so happy because the security guy fvcked her well and also because her plans are falling in place.

Immediately the news of Fred’s wife’s death comes out i will go to Fred and play the voice note of chioma planning to kill his wife.

And immediately i get his truth getting his heart wouldn’t be a biggie.

Actually the men i saw told me they were gonna collect ₦300.000 for the oppression.

But i told my fool ₦700.000 and now the whole money she got from the senator are gone.

She should be awarded for the best fool of the year.

Since she thought she can come to Lagos under my roof and take what’s mine.

I still want to be more better than Stella and i most be.

And i came only do that with the help of Fred’s money.

My plans are already set and ready the only thing getting in the way of my plans is Fred’s wife.

And i just hope the boy do a good and clean job.


Chioma and Simi if anything happen to my baby ehhh.😠

The thunder that will fire the two of you is at Mount Olive doing press-up🤣🤣

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Chapter 24

💞My pretty lunatic 💞

(Who wants my wife dead)

❣️ Fred’s Pov❣️
Work at the office today was hectic not because there was so much work but because my stupid secretary didn’t even touch the files i gave her for two days now.

The idiot told me she wasn’t done with it yet without me knowing she didn’t even touch it at all.

The files weren’t even complete until it was time for the presentation and that got me really angry.

I had to tell her if i fell to get that particular contact i was gonna get her fired.

Guess that was why she put in her best and i won the contact over.

She’s really good at what she doesn’t but she’s not alway concentrating with her work.

All in the name that she wants to get my attention when she’s aware that am married.

It was almost lunch break and i was getting some important work done.

I hope she’s taking care of the files i gave her to do against tomorrow and if she’s not doing it she’s in for my trouble tomorrow.

I was still going through my files when i started hearing voices from outside.

Does my fvcking Secretary think this place is market square huh?

I sighed angrily when the noise got louder.

So i decided to go check out what was going on outside.

Hope it’s something reasonable if not someone is getting fired.

🎀Ulinma’s Pov🎀
After few hours of driving the cab driver stopped in front of a very massive building.

And i got down from the car feeling nervous like someone going for a job interview.

“Sir how much is your money?”
I asked politely.

“Oh my money is ₦9.200 my dear..”
he replied with a smile.

I brought out the ₦10.000 at my bag and handed it to him.

“Sir keep the change..” I said and he thanked me and i started making my way into the building.

While I was passing a security stopped me, the guy was looking so mean and scary.

“Excuse me miss who are you looking for in this premises?”
he asked and i swallowed hard.

“Point of correction Mr it’s Mrs not miss, and to answer your question i am Mrs Fredric uchemba and am here to see my husband..”

I replied him authoritatively making me wonder where the boldness came from.

“Oh sorry for my manners ma’am you may go in. sorry once again..”
he said.

“No need to apologize Mr you’re just doing your job..”
I said and walked majestically into the building.

When i got in front of the receptionist she looked at me and then smiled.

“Excuse me pretty Mrs please how may i help you?”
she asked with a smile.

“Actually i am here to see your boss Mr Fredric uchemba..”
I replied her.

“Okay but do you have any appointment with Mr Fredric uchemba ma’am?”
she asked again.

“No not at all moreover i don’t think i need an appointment to see my husband..”
I replied her politely.

Everyone started raising there head up to see there bosses wife.

“Oh you’re welcome ma’am it’s nice to meet you..”
she said.

“Same here darling but can you direct me to his office please?”
I asked.

“Of course ma’am you just have to go towards your left the first office by your right is his PA and secretarys office she can then help you get to him..”

She said with a smile.

“Thanks so much darling..”
I replied and started going towards the direction she gave me.

Fred’s employee kept greetings me and i replied.

people were making comments like.

👥.. Wow so that’s the boss’s wife she’s so pretty..👥

👥..The boss’s wife is so simple..👥

👥..She even answered my greetings i am a celebrity..👥

👥..I think i already like her she’s so simple and not bossy..👥

I couldn’t help but smile.

When i got to the PA and secretary’s office she stopped me from going into Fred’s office.

“Sorry young lady but you can go into my boss’s office..”
she said rudely.
I sighed tiredly before looking at her.

She was putting on heavy makeup on wearing a very skimpy outfits.

“Miss sorry for my manners i want to see Mr Fredric uchemba..”
I said with a smile and she scoffed.

she’s so rude to be a personal assistant and secretary.

“Where you deef when I said you can’t see him huh?”
she yelled.

“Or do you have any appointment with him?”
She asked rudely.

“No i don’t have an appointment with him and i don’t think i need an appointment before i see my own husband..”

I fired already angry and she laughed.

What’s so funny. I thought.

“Husband huh? you better get the hell out of here before i called the security..”
she yelled.

I was about replying her when an angry voice cut me off.

“Linda! have you suddenly gone nuts huh?” Fred yelled.

“But sir…..”
She was about saying but Fred cut her off.

“S..shut up! how dare you talk to my wife in such disrespectful manner.”
he fired.

“I am really sorry sir i..I never knew she was your wife.”
She stuttered in fear.

“Linda i see you no longer value your job the next time you repeat this nonsense you will loose you job.” Fred said and the lady nodded.

He came close to me and place a passionate kiss on my lip and i responded immediately.

when we broke the kiss he looked at my face with a smirk on his face.

“Baby why don’t i take you to a restaurant so we can eat..”
he asked.

“That will be a good idea because i also came to tell you something..”
I replied.

❣️ Fred’s Pov❣️
Ulinma locked her hands with mine and we started walking out of my company building.

When we got outside the security gave me my keys and i opened the car door for my queen and she got in.

I didn’t get the chance to check her out , she was wearing a knee length red dress with a black sandals.

She always looks pretty every fvcking time you get’s any cloth from her wardrobe.

I got into the car and drove off. the drive to the restaurant was a fun driving because we kept talking about lots of things.

And in no time the car came to a hint in front of a very big restaurant and we came down.

I felt like someone was watching us but when i turned i saw no one.

“Fred is any thing wrong?”
my queen asked looking around.

“No not at all so lefts go in..”
I said and she nodded and we started going into the restaurant.
When we were sitted a male walter came to our table.

“Sir and ma’am welcome to our restaurant please what’s your order please..”
He said.

“Can we see the menu?”
i asked.

“Here you go sir..”
he said and handed me the menu.

“Ehh… I will go for a plate of fried rice and chicken served with red wine..”
I said and he wrote it down.

“What about you ma’am?”
he said.

“Hmm.. I will have a plate of properly garnished macaroni with chicken wings served with Apple juice..”
she said and he wrote it down.

“Your order will be delivered in few minutes..”
he said and left.

After a while our food was served and we started eating.

I noticed ulinma my trying to tell me something but she doesn’t know how to say it.

“Beauty what is it you said you wanna tell me?”
I asked.

she cleared her throat.

“Fred the security told me a lady came to him and told him to help her spy on us..”

I was still confused.

“Okay love just let’s finish our food we will talk about that later..”
I said and she nodded.

I still got that feeling that something is watching us again but when i turned i saw nothing.

that’s strange.

In no time we finished eating and paid for our meal.

And walked out of the restaurant towards the car.

Something inside me told me to look front and when i did i saw a guy pointing a gun ulinma.

“What the fvck!”

I pulled my wife to the ground and immediately the sound of a gun was heard.


“Oh my god!”
ulinma lamented looking at me with fear in her eyes.

People shouted and started running around.

I noticed the gun shot heat a police officer.

I guided my queen to the car and disappeared through the crowd.

I noticed that ulinma my shivering in fear and to say that the gun was aimed at her not me.

When we got to my company i wanted to go inside to get my briefcase but she held my hand.

“Please don’t live me here all alone..”
she said with tears rolling down her eyes.

“Okay i won’t..”
I replied and called the security to help me get my things.

After a little while he came back with my briefcase and some other important files.

And i drove home straight.

I made ulinma rest her head on my shoulder while driving.

my mind kept thinking about what happened few hours ago.

Who wants my wife dead.
guess the person doesn’t know he or she is playing with fire.

And that fire is gonna consume him or her.

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Season finale]

💞 My pretty lunatic 💞

(He disflowered her)

💔Linda’s Pov💔
I felt so ashamed of myself when the boss talked to me in such manner while the whole employees where watching.

Why won’t he even talk to me in such manner i am just a secretary and a one night stand.

At first when i saw the lady coming i thought it was one of his bitches so i kinda got jealous.

One thing i noticed about the boss’s wife is she’s so fvcking calm and soft spoken.

I noticed some of the employee were looking at me with a mocking smile.

if i had known the boss wife was this pretty i would have minded my business and face my boyfriend.
I sighed angrily when i saw yemi the receptionist coming my way.

This girl likes frustrating me and i don’t know why.

And she’s also the best gossiper that i have seen since i was born, i don’t know she just has love for it.

“Linda how are you doing?”
She asked with those mischievous smile.

“As you can see i am fine..”
I replied tiredly.

“Okay ooo ehh didn’t you see Mr Fred’s wife today?”
she asked bringing a chair nearer.

“Please yemi i have lots of work to do so you better use the door..”
I said rudely.

“Okay oo at least you will learn how to close your legs in front of a married man, because you can compare yourself to his wife..”

She said making my mouth drop in shock and she hissed and left my office.

And immediately i started hearing laughter outside.

What have i gotten myself into huh? how am i going to face my fellow employees.

I never knew anybody in this company knows Mr Fred and i had svx in the past and if yemi knows then everyone knows.

oh god save me!
I lamented.

✍️ Authoress Vickie’s Pov✍️
A young lady at her early twenties was seen in an argument with her father.

She was wearing a black bum short that showed off her ass cheek and a bra just bra.

With the way she was dressed one will know she’s one of those spoilt brat with rich parents.

“Dad with or without your approval and going to Nigeria to claim my man..”
The lady yelled at her father.

“Which man are you talking about huh? Fred? the same guy you didn’t take serious huh?”
her father fired back angrily.

“I know i took Fred for granted but now i want him back and that i most get..”
She said a little calmly.

“Oh now you want him because your dandy dumped you huh? what do you take the young man for? a fool?”
Her father yelled the more.

“Come on Donald it’s okay if she wants to go over to Nigeria to ask for Fred’s forgiveness so they can make up then fine..”
his wife replied.

“Are you guys aware that Fred is married now to a very beautiful lady huh?”
The man asked.

The young lady shouted.

“No that’s never gonna happen not when i am alive..”
She yelled fuming in anger.

“Hey young lady you better drop any nonsense you have in mind, if Fred is married then he deserves to be happy..”
her mother said.

“Moreover i was never in support of that relationship between you and Fred because i told you people the abominable crime i committed long time ago and Fred come from that particular village in Nigeria..”
her father added.
she sighed angrily.

“You see mom and dad i don’t think i can listen to you in this matter first thing tomorrow morning and taking the first available flight down to Nigeria..

With or without your permission..”
She said and walked out.

Ignoring her parents calling.

🎀Ulinma’s Pov🎀
When we got home Fred helped me out of the car and we started moving into the house.

My heart was still beating like a party drum, don’t blame me if you have see death so closely the way i saw it today you will understand me.

Fred took me to the bedroom straight and when we got to the bedroom he made me sit on the bed.

“How are you feeling right now?”
he asked and to me that was a silly question.

I replied and he let out a mischievous smile making me wonder what was going on in his mind.

“Why don’t we take a bath together?”
he said with a smirk on his face.

I asked and he nodded.

“Ehh…O.. okay..”
I stuttered my reply and he carried me bridal style into the bathroom.

Immediately he dropped me on my feet he started undressing himself and in no time he was clear on only his boxer on.

While i was still on my clothes, i slowly started removing my dress living me with only my undies on.

We both stood looking at each others eyes.

“Beauty you know it not too late to give up, I can go to the bedroom so you can bath alone..”

He said but before her could finish his statement i took my hand to my back and unhooked my bra reveling my round br̃ǝåst.

I saw his jaws tighten and his eyes dilated for some seconds as he kept his eyes fixed on my round br̃ǝåst.

I am so fvcking shy right now with my heart beating like a party drum.

But yet i didn’t stop there.
I reached for my pants and removed it gently from my legs.

Although i couldn’t face Fred because i was freaking shy.

I turned my back on him when i was removing the pant from my pûṣṣƴ and now my ass was visible.

Fred is seeing my ass.
I turned on the shower and stepped on the running water.

After some seconds i felt his hands on my waist and his lips on my neck kissing it tenderly.

I could feel something else something different in between my legs just like the first day, could feel his dïçƙ pointing at my ass.

It was pressing hard at my ass making me feel very scared.
Are we going to do it today. I thought.

he massaged my back down to my ass and squeezed on the for few times.
And i couldn’t help but moan.

He came in between my legs and started washing my pûṣṣƴ and i stayed closing my legs but he groaned and opened it the more.

After watching my pûṣṣƴ from the back he said “Turn around my love let me wash your front..”he bit my ear making me shiver.

When i turned around he had a mischievous smile on his pretty face, while he looked at my face for a little while and then glanced down my round bøøbs.
So prefer and flawless.
He flattered and then took a soap to my chest.

He rubbed it on my two round bøøbs and started using his hands as sponge.

With his palm he started rubbing on washing from my neck to my shoulder then down to my bøøbs.

Making a moan escape my lips.

He didn’t waste more time he quickly took my br̃ǝåst into his mouth and started s—–g on it with his hand rubbed my pûṣṣƴ.
I moaned softly with the feeling driving me nuts.

Moans kept flying freely from my mouth as Fred s—-d on my br̃ǝåst.

With his left hand on my left br̃ǝåst squeezing them with his five fingers while his right hand was busy with the br̃ǝåst he was s—–g on.

Fvck! Gosh!
What’s he doing to me huh?

The whole of my body was on fire and i could feel a wave of tingling sensation both outside and inside my V.

My nipplǝs were d–n hard and sensitive and Fred s—-d on it my whole body burned up with pleasure, raw pleasure.

“Fred… Ahh… Fred”
I moaned his name placing one of my hands on the bathroom wall for support because all of a sudden my legs felt week.

And in no time my legs started shaking…

Fred s—-d on my br̃ǝåst the more, exchanging from one bøøɓs to another.

My entire body burned up with pleasure infact it was like Fred planned on killing me with pleasure and i could constantly feeling his hard ɗïçƙ pressing against my tummy.

It was a weird feeling but i think i love it…

After Fred took his time in feasting on my br̃ǝåst he finally let it rest although i never wanted him to stop.

He started kissing my ɓøøɓs up to my collar bone and then my neck until he got to my lips.


“I love you ulinma, and i will always protect you”
He breath on my lip and then he bit on my lower lip and s—-d on it.
I moaned because every single thing he does make me feel insane.

“Ulinma i came hold it anymore, I can fight it anymore, i can’t resist you..”

He said and his hand traveled from my ɓøøɓs to my tummy and then down to my pûṣṣƴ rubbing it with two fingers.

I moaned into his mouth as he massaged my pûṣṣƴ.
I moaned as he played with my c–tøris making it feel like torment, a sweet torment.

“Oh my gosh beauty! you are so wet, so fvcking wet” he said in a deep sexy voice.

That made me shy but it also sent some sweet wave of tingling sensation down my pûṣṣƴ.

“Please forgive me ulinma this is gonna hurt a little” he said making my heart skip in fear and excitement.

“Ahh.. Fred..”
I moaned but the fear in me was too visible.

“Baby i am story.. I can’t control myself anymore you just have to endure it please my love it’s just gonna hurt a little.”
He said and…

I cried as i felt a sharp pain.

I think Fred just driped his two fingers into my pûṣṣƴ and it hurt as hell.

I cried the more when he started moving his fingers in and out of my pûṣṣƴ.

After a while her remove his fingers and i sighed in relief.

He kissed down my neck and ɓr̃ǝåst then up to my lips again before he held his ɗïçƙ with one of his hands and directed it to the entrance of my pûṣṣƴ.

“Oh God..Ahh”
I moaned because i was enjoying it, with my head titled backwards and my hands wrapped around him.

But all of a sudden he spread my legs apart by lifting my left leg up making me wrap it around his waist.

He held the lifted leg and then looked me directly in the eyes.

“I love you..”
He cooed my lips.

I wanted to say “I love you….”

When i meant with an extremely sharp pain.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh” I cried loudly as he forced his large ɗïçƙ into my tight pûṣṣƴ.

What the hell is that!
it was just like someone was tearing me apart.

He groaned and took my lips into a deep kiss while his large ɗïçƙ was still inside me.

I cried as he pushed his ɗïçƙ further in, expanding the walls of my V.

I never believed mama when she said it gonna hurt, but now i know it hurts like hell.

All of a sudden he started moving himself in and out of my pûṣṣƴ making me feel extreme pains.

“Freddd…. please…stop”
I cried out with tears streaming down my eyes but he still continued.


The end

Suspense 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️.
Who is this lady coming to Nigeria for Fred?🤔🤔

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