[STORY] How he defiled Me (episode 1-20)

Episodes 01

Life was like a living hell to my mother after the death of my father, she couldn’t cope cause she happens to be a full house wife.

With the help and advice of few relatives she was able to secure a job as nanny in an estate quite far from our house.

She’d clean the people’s house, prepare their meals, take their children to school and bring them back, she’ll also stay with the children until their parents comes back.

While she do all this she’ll leave me in the care of our neighbors who happens to be a male bachelor called Austin early in the morning, she usually comes back when I’m already asleep.

So sorry for not introducing myself to you, my name is Ifeoluwa but people usually call me Ife or Love.
Presently I’m twenty nine years old and I’ll clock thirty, I’m sharing my life story with a psychologist who is also my counselor.

He just asked me how I happened to be a p–n star.

(Flash back)

“mum I’ll not stay with uncle Austin again, I’ll be living with mummy Khalifa ” I told my mum one morning while she was dressing me to go and stay with uncle Austin cause she’ll soon leave for work.

“common shut up your dirty mouth, I know why you want to go to mummy Khalifa’s house, cause you like playing and uncle Austin doesn’t give you room for play. I don’t want you to grow with dull bran like Khalifa and his younger once, I was the one that told him to take good care of you ” she scolded

“but mum…… ”
“keep quiet” she cut me in.
Mum is just too hyperactive, she speaks much and listen less, she would have waited to hear me out before reacting.

The previous day uncle Austin was fondling my breast and I know it was wrong although I was still young at that time, I was eight years old then and primary four if I’m not mistaken.

“now go” she ordered, I left for uncle Austin’s room, it was five am that time, I knock gently until he opened the door for me.

Immediately he saw me, he carried me up in a bridal style and placed me on his bed, although I was eight but I look older than my age, my breast was fast growing with nuts inside already.

“my beautiful princess how was your night ” he greeted but I refused to answer, what happened the previous day made me to hate him.

“I know you are angry cause I’ve not s–k your boobs, I’m sorry about that so should I s–k it now? ” he requested but I still did not answer him.

He gently unbutton the button on my cream color pinned four uniform, he raised the inner one up, he s–k my left breast gently and touch the right one softly.

Although I felt pains but I like it, my body seems to be yarning for it but within me was hatred and anger for him.

He moaned gently while squeezing the left one, it send cold down my spine, I tried not to moan.

I cried gently and prayed that someone should come and see what was going on, I had no where to run to and my mother was not ready to hear any word from me.

Few minutes later the door opened, of cause it was my mum, I knew it already cause she doesn’t knock before coming in.

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Episode 02

(flash back continues)

“I brought Ife’s launch, it seems she has forgotten out of anger with her big head ” I heard my mum saying immediately she berged into the room without knocking, uncle Austin quickly stood up from me and pretended like something never happened.

I was quiet, my mum was not able to see him cause he turned off the light, he lives in just a room, his bed was at a corner demarcated with a transparent curtain aside the other part of the room.

He walked to her swiftly in the dark to collect my launch box. “haaa uncle why not turn on the lights the place is too dark” mum said to him.

“no don’t worry, I turned off the lights because Ife still wants to sleep, immediately she came she layed on my bed” he lied

“what kind of nonsense sleep does she wants to sleep at 5am in the morning, is it because the place is dark ” mum quarried not seriously
“mum I’m not sleeping ” my little voice echoed
“don’t mind her, go and dress for your work cause children always have problems ” he managed to cheer my mum up.

My mum left out of ignorance while he resume the s—–g, my nipples were red already, I cried in my heart blaming God for giving me a wrong mother.

(end of flash back)

“so you mean that was how everything started? ” the psychologist who’s name was Dickson asked and I shook my head

“miss Love what you narrated seems you were not happy initially but my question is that how comes you suddenly changed and acting p–n became your carrier? ” Mr Dickson asked, I know he wants the details.

“well, it’s a long story but I’ll explain everything bit by bit. ”

(Flash back)

I became addicted to the s—–g to the extent I began to ask for it and uncle Austin eventually became my home teacher.

I don’t tell mum anything about me cause he said I should always tell him every slight changes on my body.

At primary six then I was eleven, I’ve started seeing some withish fluid (vaginal discharge) on my pant, I told uncle Austin about it.

“you are now becoming a woman and that whitish fluid is the juice that every man desires from a woman especially beautiful once like you, I can’t wait to taste your juice if you don’t mind, trust me you’ll like it ” he said

“if you say it’s good then it okay by me, I’ll allow you to s–k it” I said

Without feeling of love we both engaged in an intense kiss, the kiss was deep until I began to moan.

He gently slipped his hand down my skirt and fondle with whatever his hands touch.

He resume in my breast as usual then it was big already but still growing, he fondle the right one and s–k the left one.

His hands on my navel making circles, he tickled me while I twist on the bed like fish, then softly he whispered to my ears “you are nice and beautiful ” I blush.

He gently thrusts a finger in and out of me, I felt a sharp pain. I had to jump up from the bed, he quickly drag me back and pushed me on the bed, I fell on the floor and my head hit the bed furniture.

I was unconscious cause I hit my head so bad on the bed, my uniform were soaked in blood already while I layed lifeless on the floor.

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Episodes 3 & 4

(flash back continues)

I woke up to see myself at the hospital, my mum standing beside me and the Judas uncle Austin was also standing fixing his gaze on me.

“Ife you’ll not kill me, what kind of play were you playing to the extent you hit your head on the furniture? ” my mum asked all of a sudden.

My gosh this woman is so annoying how on earth did I managed to come through her, I wanted to speak but I felt pains around my head.

“that was one of the main reasons I suggested you stay with Austin, you are to rough ” she complained again.

If I’m to act on my wish slap will do to calm her noise but that’s impossible cause she’s my mum.

“mum I’ll not stay with uncle Austin again ” I said to her trying to catch my breath.
“I just pray you get well, uncle Austin is the best that can take good care of you ” she said, he tried to calm her down.

I cut him an annoying look, he was not comfortable at all. Naturally I dislike him but whenever he’s on me I stay cool cause my body yield to him more than I.

Mum took permission from work but she wasn’t permitted cause of the nature of her job so I still fell in the hand of the wolf in sheep clothing.

He gave me break for some months before resuming his evil act, then I was done with my common entrance exam, summer holiday was near mean while my mum’s work still continues while I stay at home with uncle Austin all day.

After coming back from my one hour summer lesson one day happily uncle Austin made advance to me.

He started by pleading with me to help him, I asked what the help is all about.

“my eyes can’t get off you I don’t know why ” he said pointlessly
“what do you want me to do? ” I asked
“just help me ” he answered

“how may I help you? ” I asked confusedly
“just help me to c-m” he answered.

Then I don’t even know what was the meaning of c-m talk more of helping him to c-m, I gave him a dumb gaze then he pulled me for a hug.

My head was on his chest for almost thirty minutes without any moves, then he gently took my hand to his erect c–k, I was scared a bit cause I remember how I hit my head on the furniture the other day.

“help me please ” he said for the second time.
“I don’t know how to help you ” I retorted.
“my scrotum is full and I need somewhere to pore it, that why I need you to help me” he pleaded again.

I was still confused but this time I made a suggestion “do you have idea on how I’ll help you? ” I asked

He shook his head “yes, kiss me” he said
He carried me in a bridal style and placed me on the bed.

I opened my mouth and he slid his tongue into it, trying to catch my tongue while I bite him several times trying to hide my tongue.

My hands was on his abs as I moaned in pleasure, he grabbed my hips and squeezed it softly.

He groaned and pressed on me, I tried hard to catch my breath, he lift my blouse and unbuckled my Jumper.

He kissed between my breasts and squeezed it softly, I was on his erect body.

He moaned and removed my clothes that was lifted above my breast, he gently went down and bite my navel in a pleasant way, I shaked like someone being tickled.

He kissed my crotch and winkled, “you’re always beautiful and nice ” he whispered to my ears, those words got me crazy.

He gently kissed all part of me down to my waist, he s—-d my wet c–t and slid in a finger, I felt like shouting “hold me tight ” he said.

I held him so tight and closed my eyes, he plunge in his hard c–k little by little until it was fit, he t—-t in and out, my moan was too loud, he slipped in his tongue to my mouth to minimize the loud moan cause it will attract the attention of people.

But I’m sure someone has heard us already, the door was opened wide, I jerk off and I saw the fears in his face also.

We are in trouble


The door was opened and the curtain was lifted immediately, uncle Austin rushed up immediately.

“I’m looking for Ife ” her little voice said, I maintained my position cause I was exhausted already.

“when did all this rubbish started, will you leave this place? ” he shouted at her.
It was my friend Nike, I told her to come over so that we can do our assignment but uncle Austin just sent her away, I didn’t complain cause I was seriously weak.

“please Ife I don’t want anybody to berge into my house asking of you, when you’re with your friends let them know that I don’t welcome nonsense ” he warned, I gave him a fierce look and he apologized immediately.

He walked to the door and closed it, he retired to the bed and heaved a sigh “thank you for helping me” he said, I don’t think he should thank me for a thing of pleasure.

He asked me to get dressed we are going out, without thinking twice I went to the bathroom and cleaned up, I dressed for the outting.

He took me to a boutique and asked me to choose the clothes of my choice, I was so happy. I selected as many as I can, my big body makes me thinks I’m already mature.

Among my mates I look older, it makes me to avoid my mates. I hook up with older people cause of my fast growing body.

On our way home we visited an eatry where he asked me to order for anything I like, I ordered for Chinese rice there but when we were leaving I asked for sharwama as takeaway. That was when I became carried away.

The next day when I went to lesson Nike asked if I’ll be free that she wants to discuss something important to me.

I followed her to the school garden, Nike is same age as me but she looks petite but wiser than her age.

“are you a virgin? ” she asked, her question took me unawares and I wondered how she knew about virginity.

“why did you asked? ” I questioned back
she arch her brow, well I saw everything that was going on that was why I opened the door without knocking. ” she said

I had to open up to her although that was my first time, she suggested that I explained things to her mum that her mum is nice and might speak to her mum.

I foolishly agreed and followed her to her house one day to tell her mum but her mum failed me, she warned Nike to stay away from me the bad egg that I’m a bad girl.

That was how my friendship with Nike cut off but after then I kept things to myself.

(flash back ends)

Mr Dickson shakes his head “that is really terrible I must say, now I understand how it went. How about your mum and her work? ” he asked

“well, mum thought she’d given me the best then she brag about me” I said

“can you narrate little about that? ” he asked, I shook my head


When I was at junior secondary school two (jss2) a friend of mine got pregnant, her mother was a friend to my mother.

My mum was the first her mum told about the pregnancy “Grace is pregnant and she doesn’t even want to tell me who is responsible ” mummy grace told my mum one Sunday when my mum was free cause the people she works for don’t go to work Sundays so she’s always free Sundays.

“this is terrible, how comes did she get pregnant, why were you so careless about your daughter and the worst of it all she is your first child” mum quarried her friend as if she’s innocent.

I watched them quietly, I wish I could just interrupt their discussion and tell the both of them that they are not responsible and they don’t deserve to be called mother but I couldn’t cause mum will roast me alive.

“and now she’s refused to tell us the name of the boy” mummy grace said
“torture and torment her, she must say it ” mum answered

She’s just too “over sabi” in everything.
“I can’t o, maybe you should come and help me ” mummy grace pleaded

“that’s why I don’t want Ife to associate with people, ever since I’ve been working I always leaves her with the guy next door ” she boasted proudly.

“is not like that, I have three children how will I leave them in the care of a neighbor when the eldest is mature? ” mummy grace quarried

“don’t worry we will see to it, she must confess who impregnated her, let’s go to your house” mum assured mummy Grace, they left immediately.

I followed them without their note with the intention of exposing my mum.
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Episodes 05

I took a second thought and turned my back cause I know if I mess up my mum will so deal with the hell out of me.

I went back home to eat but my phone rang, Austin has suggested my mum buy me phone at Js2 inorder to keep in touch with me.

Without taking a second thought my mum accepts to it, she bought a small phone for me but on my birthday uncle Austin gave me an Android as birthday gift.

I began to trip or should I say fall into his trap, I checked the caller ID it was him, I picked the call in haste, “hello sweet ” he began

“hmm I’m good, what’s popping” I answered amidst mouth full of rice.
“please come over I need you like die” he said

“huh? Don’t you know today is Sunday and mum’s around or do you want her to suspect us? ” I demanded

“not at all, I’ll cover up for you it’s a discussion and come along with one of your books so that you’ll say I’m helping you to solve a difficult assignment ” he said

“alright just give me ten minutes I’ll be right there ” I said
“don’t delay please ” he said

I rushed the food to his house, he smiled immediately he saw me. I frowned playfully, he tickled me and I began to laugh immediately.

“have you ever gone for clubbing before? ” he asked, I shook my head “no o, mum is not the club type ” I answered and he laughed at me.

“common girl, mum has played her own life when she was young it now your time to show case the world what you have before you’ll settle down ” he said

“you’re crazy, I can vow for mum that she’s not the type, I ain’t no fool” I teased
“I know you’ll not believe, she’s only acting cool because she’s now a mother don’t you understand that? ” he asked
“you’re lying joor, don’t forget that I don’t trust you ” I said to him bluntly.

He knows I don’t trust him, “but will you go to the clubbing with me tonight? You know you’re the only girlfriend I have right ” he requested.

“mum will not allow me o” I said
“Ife you’re a big girl try and make decisions on your own. Beside you can go without telling her” he said
“how? ”
“sneak at night of cause ” he said
“hmmm” I hummed
“yeah, I’ll message you when it’s time to go, don’t fall my hands o”

We were still discussing when I heard mum calling my name, “I’m at uncle Austin room o” my voice echoed, she appeared there almost immediately, as smart as I was I faced my book.

“uncle thank you for taking good care of my daughter o, if you know what happened to my friend’s daughter you’ll mercy for her ” she began, she can gossip for Africa.

“what happened? ” he requested like someone interested but I know his mind was not with her.

She spent almost two hours narrating how Grace had refused to tell them the person responsible for her pregnancy, she concluded by thanking God that she’s the best mother, she deserves hot slap I’ll never forget to say that.

I was chatting on line at the middle of the night 23:00 when Mr messaged me that it was time, I did not even bother to dress, I was on pyjamas, I followed through window and sneaked into his room.

He has perfect dress for me, of cause you know what I mean by perfect dress. That of daughters of Jezebel.

We got to the party where everywhere was booming, guys and ladies at crook and cranny area misbehaving.

Uncle Austin pulled me for dance, everything there was for eighteen above but nobody knew I was not up to eighteen cause of my big body.

We dance for a while before sitting down, he asked me to wait for him to ease himself.

I sat down waiting when all of a sudden everyone was shouting, all hail the great Alhaji, ladies flock around him.

He threw money at the people hailing him, I ignored cause I see no reason why they’ll praise him like god on earth.

He came straight to me like someone sent, “hello young lady ” he said but I ignored, he was attracted to me cause I seem not to be praising him.

“hello dear ” he said for the second time and I ignored.
“you no thank God say Alhaji dey talk to you self” one of the ladies said
“sorry miss, I don’t do your type ” I answered the lady politely
“this is the kind of lady I’m looking for, not all this kind of lady that would open leg at anytime ” says the Alhaji.

“well if you need my help contact me” he said and drop a card and huge amounts of money that made my eyes to popped up but I mentained my position.

Austin came back few minutes later to meet the card and money on my table, he asked about it and I explained everything to my surprise he took the money and card.

“this is a great opportunity for us to make money ” he said, I peered in surprise.
“I’ll explain everything for you tomorrow ” he said

After the party was over we went home, on my way home my phone rang several times but I was not able to check the caller.

Austin left for his room while I tried to sneak to my room thesame way I sneaked out.

I throwedo my pyjamas first, then I climbed through the window cause I was on short trouser.

I struggled hard and entered my room “welcome back ” I heard her voice.

I turned to check it was my mum, she sat on my bed and she was crying already with a long stick on her hand.

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Episodes 06

“Ife you are an evil child, you are wicked, where are you coming from dressed like this and at this unholy time. Look at the clock it’s 3am, I was here waiting for you since 1am” she said.

I opened my mouth to speak but words ain’t coming out, I was totally speechless.

“will you answer me where are you coming from this night? ” she questioned again but I was shivering already cause I can’t tell her it was uncle Austin besides I’ve began to enjoy life with him already.

I shook my head and moved backward, she followed me “will you answer me and stop nodding your head? ” she shouted.

She lashed me with the stick, I had to jump up and run round the house cause it was really painful, I cried loudly.

Uncle Austin was knocking the door while I and mum was running around the house, she trying to catch me while I ran as fast as my legs could carry me.
“mummy Ife open this door ” he said hitting the door.

She angrily went and opened the door, “haaaa, you scared me, why are you flogging her this night? ” he asked
“just look at the way she dressed” mum said and uncle Austin stare at me from head to toe

“what happened? ” he asked
“ask her where she’s just coming from in such dressing” she said
“Ife where are you just coming from? ” he asked

Twas a dramatic scenario that night “I went to party ” I cried
“Jesu gba mi ” mum said and placed her hands on her head like someone who lost another.

“party how? ” she asked
“didn’t I warned you to stay away from Grace? So she’s influenced you into party right ?” Austin said quickly, he knew I’d not be able to compose a smart lie.

“I’m sorry ” I managed to say trying to recover from the shock of his lie, he can lie and he’s perfect in it.

“Austin why would you allow my daughter to visit that wayward child? ” mum questioned

“I’m so sorry ma, I thought it would be okay by you since you’re a friend to her mother ” he lied

“no no no Austin you didn’t try at all, you shouldn’t have allowed her” she said.

“don’t worry I’ll deal with her for doing this” he said and drag my hand to my room. He closed the door and pushed me to the bed, he’d collect the stick from my mum.

He pulled my trouser down and spank my butt, the sound was like a slap, he plunge in his hard c–k, I cried in a moaning style.

“you’re a stubborn girl, how would you do such a thing ” he said while spanking my butt, I cried and moan while he thrusts in and out fast fast.

He would use the stick to wipe the bed while I shout, he’d use he hand to spank my butt, it was really a pleasure for me that night.

Mum was already sympathizing for me already “please uncle is okay she might faint o” she said hitting the door.

Austin and I were on fire already, he eventually fell on me tiredly but still hitting the bed, I c-m.

I was weak already, he broth out his c–k, I rub it softly and s–k it.

He helped me to put on my trouser while I layed lifeless on the bed, then he opened the door.

“uncle please don’t kill her for me even though it’s her fault ” she said and ran to me where I was laying.

“goodnight ma, I’ll speak into her brain tomorrow ” he said and left.

“I’m sorry dear but why did you choose to do this to me? Now look at how uncle has flogged you ” she said touching my skin maybe expecting mark.

“mummy I’m sorry, I’ll never do that again ” I pleaded
She stared at me for long then hug me

“you are all I’ve got, I can’t stand watching you behaving like irresponsible person in life, I want the best for you that is why I’m struggling hard to see that you go to school and as a smart girl like you I believe that some day you’ll make me proud ” she said,

Tears drop down my eyes, I wish I could make her happy just the way she’d always wanted but I can’t, I’m already an addict.

I wished I had remote of life then I’d preview that morning that I insisted of going to uncle Austin’s house, I’d have said everything even though mum wasn’t ready to listen but I was sloppy and childish.

When mum left for her room I cried, I was already at the state of dilemma. The thought of making a change and make my mum proud was in a corner of my heart but I want to satisfy myself, I need touches and I need someone like Austin around says my second thought.

I was lost in thought until I slept off.


I woke up very weak and tired, I felt pains around me, I remembered what happened the earlier and I felt guilty to stand in front of my mum.

I went to the bathroom, I left the bathroom to my room to see myself, I hated myself for who I am.

I remembered that Austin said he wants to tell me something about the Alhaji, I was ready to hear and I want to make the money so that my mum would be proud.

(end of flash back)

“that was how my mum minimize her noise about me, she forgave me that night but her trust for me died” I said to Dickson who lost his attention while I was talking to him, I wonder what he was looking at that made him to forget I was talking.

“actually I’m listening so don’t get upset in telling me more about you cause I’m learning from your story, the Alhaji you talked about what happened next when you woke up eagerly to know what Austin wanted to tell you? ” he asked sternly

“well that was how my connection in the p–n carrier started ” I answered

“can you explain, sorry I’m taking your time ” he said

No problem.

(flash back)

After the incident of that night mum’s trust for me grew less but that doesn’t change anything, I was only emotional when she spoke to me that night but sincerely that emotion was temporary.

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Episodes 07

(flash back)

After the incident of that night mum’s trust for me grew less but that doesn’t change anything, I was only emotional when she spoke to me that night but sincerely that emotion was temporary.

I woke up late the next day due to tiredness and weakness of my body, mum dressed as usual for work.

She called me for morning devotion, after the prayers I knew it already that it was time for advice.

“what happened last night really upset me but I don’t know what to do, if I’ll beat you now it won’t help at all, from now hence forth you’ll be living with my elder sister during holidays but school days you’ll be staying with Austin cause he’s really giving you freedom ” she said

When she mentioned her sister, I readjust my sitting position. Hell no! Her sister’s house is just like prison, all they do is to stay at home all day to watch movies and I don’t fancy at that.

My aunt’s house is not too far from our house, it’s will take vehicle thirty minutes to get there from our house but I don’t like staying with them.

She has a daughter who is thesame age as I but I look older than her, I had no option than to agree with her, besides holiday is still far.

We were still at June as of then while my Junior Secondary School Certificate Examination (JSCE) was August so I have two good month to jubilate with him.

She left for work while I dressed for school, I was tired of going to uniform school already, I just want to be a university student.

Despite the flirt I was still smart and the best, many of the staffs likes me and use me as example to other junior students.

After school I went home eagerly to hear from Austin, I knocked on his door several times before he opened the door.

I entered his room like boss lady and went straight to his bed, the room was hot so I removed my clothes and the inner wear leaving just pant and my usual jumper.

He bit his lower lip and brought out his tongue, he likes my s*xy body. “don’t even go there I’m here for business ” I said cutting him from the seductive gesture.

“what business are you talking about? ” he questioned
“where’s the money yesterday and what do you want to tell me? ” I asked back

“stop asking for money I don’t want you to get exposed to money at this early age” he said

“you’re sick, I’ve done worst so forget about expose, in short my name is expose so give me the money I want to use it” I said

“common baby stay cool, I provide all you want so whatever you need the money for let me know and I’ll do it” he said in a serious tone
“okay then kosi problem” I said
“so about the man what did you want to tell me? ” I asked
“go take your bath and eat first, I’m not running away. I’ll tell you later ” he said.

I went to the bathroom to clean up quickly then I came back to dish my launch, I played with the food by hitting the plate with the spoon several times until he decided to feed me.

I’m use to that already, all I do is to sit while he feeds me. After eating I felt dizzy so I decided to take a nap.

When I woke up I saw him sitting close to me with his laptop on his lap, he was on mask while he put on a glove, I wonder the kind of person he is, he doesn’t go to work, no girlfriend or boyfriend, all he does is to stay at home all day with his laptop and gloves.

“you’re awake” he said not looking at me, he focused on the laptop. I tickled him to distract him from what he was doing and I was able to get him, he closed the laptop then kissed my forehead “you’ve spoilt” he teased
“you spoilt me” I answered.

“I’m coming let me ease myself ” He stood up and walked to the door, he went out for like ten minutes before he came back.

He sat on the bed with me “girl this is what I want you to do, just get that Alhaji for me” he said
“get him how? ”
“don’t behave like cheap girls okay, he’ll take you out if you call him, call big money for him and also go to expensive jewelry shop so that he’ll buy jewels for you and don’t make him know your family financial status, just boast about like your parents are the richest ” he said

“are you pushing me into prostitution? ” I asked
“God forbid how will I do such, just do it with only Alhaji, that man has battered money o” he said

“I’m not looking for money ” I said
“you mean you like the way your poor mother works as nanny? ” he asked, the word stroke me.
“you can change her life now like this, don’t be a greedy child, the other day she was sick of ulcer cause she feeds poor just to make things right for you, you haven’t pay for junior WAEC and your school director will start disturbing” He said
“now if I get the money what kind of work will I tell mum that I’m into? ” I asked
“oh leave that to me, once he gives you money just bring it, I’ll be giving your mother like a caring person, she’ll never know it was you ” he said

That was a perfect idea but I was against it, “no open an account for me ” I said, he laughed
“girl you’re underage, you can open account at eighteen ” he said, I hissed
“is this not Nigeria? I can forge my age” I said
“no dear, I don’t want you to be a fraudster ” he said
“forget about fraud, I need to make momma proud ” I said
After long discussion of disagreement he finally agreed that I opened an account.

I was quiet for a while when another thought crossed my mind, I’ve heard of many stories how Alhaji has turned ladies to something else all in the name of money, I don’t want to end up like that.

“uncle but Alhaji are evil at times, I don’t want to loose my womb and I don’t want to die young ” I said

He laughed “you’re a very smart girl, that was the kind of question I’ve been expecting since, many girls die because of their ignorance” he said

“so what are you trying to say? You mean there’s a way out or prevention? ”
I asked
“yes dear ” he answered
“okay o, oya tell me the solution ” I said.

He readjust his sitting position then look at me, “have you ever heard of condom before? ” he asked


“what do you know about it? ” he asked

“it’s looks like rubber or should I say balloon, it protect from pregnancy and sexual transmitted diseases (STD) ” I replied smartly

“you’re right, have you heard about female condom?” he asked

I know condom to be for male ever since I’ve been hearing it but that day he explained female condom to me when I shook my head, he also brought out the female condom from his bag, I wonder what he was doing with it.

“as a lady you need it for those men like Alhaji, you are too put it when he’s about to plunge in his hard c–k on you cause he might release inside of you and end up bringing a story and he might release evil inside of you and you know what it means ” he said

I was confused “I don’t get you ” I said

“I mean if he’s a ritualist he’ll release rubbish into you and when he’s done with you, you might die or turn to something else so the best thing is to use female condom so that whatever he releases into you will be throwed away” he said

“who thought you all this? ” I asked teasingly.

“don’t bother ” he said

“so what will happen to him if it’s for ritual and I use condom? ” I asked

“he’ll die” he said and I jerked

“don’t worry I’ll help you ” he said

He brought out the card and dialed the Alhaji’s number with my phone, he gave me the phone to speak to him.

“hello sir” I began
“hello sugar how are you ” he said not minding who was speaking
“I’m good, I’m the lady you gave your card on Sunday at the party” I said
“I know dear, I’ve been waiting for your call, I’ll text you where and when to meet me, presently I’m at the office ” he said
“okay sir” I said and hang up the call, Austin gave me a hi five but I was pretty scared.

“babe don’t be scared you know I’ll not hurt my beautiful girlfriend ” he said

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Episodes 08

I took a second look at Austin, he gave me a kudos and asked me to go into the hotel.

Despite I’m a sinner I still prayed for God’s protection, I don’t want to die all in the name of money.

I walked to the hotel and asked for room 08 where the Alhaji told me to enter, the receptionist directed me to the room.

I knocked at the door, he opened the door for me, he looks younger than the way he looks the first day.

“yarenya mai kyau come inside ” he said, I followed him in, he was licking his lip already.

“how do you want it cool, hot or normal? ” he asked, I almost hissed cause it seems he’s taking me as a prostitute

“Alhaji I’m not a prostitutes, I came in instead of you to welcome me and chat with me you’re talking about ” I said

“oh sorry my sweetheart I’d not like that just that I’m high” he said,

I looked at him for long before shaking my head ”

“whatever ” I said and turned
He moved to me and tickled me, I jumped up and began to laugh “see current, you will be sweet” he said

Wrapped his hands around my waist, he gently raised his chin up and kissed my neck softly, his breath was so soft on me.

He removed his clothes and began to touch sensitive parts of my body, I was already in the air.

He slipped his t**gue into my mouth and deep it down, I was amazed at his romantic style.

He caressed my body by kssing every part down to my clt making me to shiver in pleasure.

Meanwhile the c**dom was on my hands, I thought on how I’ll use it, his s*cking was sweeter than that of Austin. That was when I know that men differs in terms of bed.

He gently slipped in a finger just the way uncle Austin always do “Kai you are tight ” he said, I shook my head.

I noticed he was about to thst in so I quickly fixed the cdom exactly the way uncle Austin has thought me.

Uncle Austin’s c–k is not as big as his own so I wouldn’t doubt if he’d say such, he plunge in an out his hard big c–k, I cried cause it was more than m**n.

Uncle Austin has never treated me sweet the way the man did, he brought it out and sck the clt.

I was breathing fast already, he turned me to the other side and plunge in from the behind this time the thr**ting was faster, I c*m while he released.

“Kai you are too sweet ” he said as I rest my head on his chest, I wouldn’t mind being his wife for a job well done.

Few minutes later my phone was ringing, I checked the caller ID it was uncle Austin I hissed.

“who is that” he asked but I refused to answer
“you can have a boyfriend, I have wives and children but all I want is for you to be tight always ” he said, I smiled and pecked him lightly.

He asked for my account number and I sent it to him, I got alert of huge amounts instantly. I was over happy, I promised to be coming whenever he needs me.

We showered together at the bathrooms, he took me out that day, when he was driving out of the hotel I made sure I whined the glass of the car down, I looked at uncle Austin in disgust while the Alhaji speed off.

He thinks he can use me to get money, another thought crush my mind, how will I give my mum the money if I choose to leave uncle Austin?
That’s why I need him.

After the outings and everything I went home, when I entered uncle Austin’s room he welcomed me with a hot slap.

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Episodes 09

“how dare you slap me? ” I questioned
“and I’ll do that again if you try me” he said

I hissed and turned to leave but he grab my hand, “do you know you are ingrate?” he questioned
“do you know you are a wicked person? ” I retaliate
“he held my wrist so tight to the extent I tried to pull his hands but he was stronger.

He drag me to the bed and forced me to sit, “how could you act that way after the agreement we made don’t you know it’s bad of you? ” he questioned
“Austin I hate you ” I said, I have never called him Austin without adding uncle.

He was surprised at me “I hate you from the very first day you abused me, you ain’t even ashamed of yourself, you used me it was not enough you are now sending me out. Have you forgotten what they say? That practice makes perfect? I’m now perfect in the game, you can’t play ” I said and turned to leave.

“by the time your mother died of hypertension because of what I’ll tell her about you that is when you will respect and obey me” he said and I felt it, I know his work is to lie.

“please let my innocent mother stay out of this, I don’t want her to know about it” I pleaded

“then you’ll have to give me your ATM and the pin, you must yield to my instruction and do whatever I ask you cause I was totally disappointed of you today” he said

I gave him my pin and ATM, he said he has a new idea on how I’ll hook up with another person although I haven’t tell him that Alhaji still wants me.

He brought out his laptop, he asked me to come and see some photos, he asked me which of the photos I like, they were all married men so I choosed one whom I suggested will be a good daddy although I don’t know why he called me to check the photos.

“so you like that one right? ” he asked and I shook my head, he switched to facebook with a profile photo of me, I was happy that my photo was his facebook display photo but I never knew he was a fraudster, he had been chatting with men using my photo but different name.

Many of the men want to see the face before they’ll send money to his account, “same business we did with Alhaji that’s what we’ll do again ” he said

I hissed “do you know you are wicked and heartless? ” I questioned
“how? ”
“you used my photo without my permission ” I answered
“please baby don’t talk about that, you know the business we are into and trust me we’ll become a billionaire soon and plan for our wedding ” he said
At the mention of wedding my heart skipped, I will like to be his wife cause he’s the one responsible for my naughty attitude.
I agreed to him immediately, he chat with one of the men and made enough arrangements on where we should meet.

Our plans of meeting kept on suspending while I visit Alhaji secretly until it was time for holiday, mum did as she’d told me, she took me to her sister’s house.

Then our house was at Kubuwa while my Aunt lives at Bwari with her family, Bwari is not as developed as Kubuwa so we all stay indoors.

My first day at the house was hell boring, aunt insist that I and my cousins watch cartoon at the children’s room while she was at the living room watching movie.

I managed to stare at the television as her children were so excited, then her daughter was talking about fairy and mermaid stories but I was dull about that, I hate watching movies like that.

I got to a state were I couldn’t stay again, I rather do something fast cause I know I’ll have to live with them for a month cause it’s a summer holiday.

I chat a naughty chat with Austin telling him I was h*rny he suggested that I should get carrot that he’ll lecture me on what to do.

I went to the kitchen, I saw carrot earlier and I guess it was meant for fried rice, my aunt asked me what I wanted to use it for, I lied that I want to eat it so she asked me to drop it that she will buy the one for eating later in the day for me.

I blowed the air angrily at myself and said “f–k up”
“what did you just say “she question
“I really want to eat carrots ” I answered
“carrot doesn’t permit you to use that naughty words, don’t use the word here” she scolded
“okay ma ” I said and left

I waited patiently for her to go out so that I’ll go to the kitchen again, she left and I sneaked in to the kitchen while I was about to carry the carrot the door knob was twisted and opened immediately.

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Episodes 10

It was my young cousin, he made me to fear”I want to drink water ” he said, I gave him water from the fridge and carried the carrot to our room.

Ella whom I shared room with was fast asleep already so I looked the door. I knew that whatever uncle Austin would tell me will not be good so I was away from all eyes.

I login to tell him I’ve got the carrot, he asked me to use the carrot as c*ck, I wondered how it will be possible.

Then I entered the bathroom in our room, I gently brought out the carrot. I prayed it doesn’t hurt me cause it seems to be something else to me.

I deeped the carrot into my clt and graned, although it was not as sweet as the one I know but it was manageable.

While I was still doing the practical and moaning, I never knew Ella was awake, I wondered how long she stood watching me, when it was almost time for me to c*m that was when I noticed that she was standing.

I couldn’t help but ignored her until I was done, I layed lifelessly on the floor, when I heard her foot step as of she was leaving that was when I ran to her, I pleaded with her not to tell her mum.

“but what were you doing and who thought you? ” she questioned, she knew I was mas***bating but she still wants me to tell her.

“sister please I’m an addict, my life depends on what you saw me doing. Please don’t tell your mum I’ll give you enough money to use ” I said

“you have money? ” she questioned, I arced my brow and stared at her.
“I want to be doing it also ” she said, that’s what I’ll never want my cousin to do, I don’t want her to be an addict like me, I pleaded with her but she insisted.

I finally throwed my hands in the air that I don’t want her to engage in such then I heard my name, I recognized the voice as her mother my aunt.

“Ife I’m going to the market, I’ll buy the carrot you want. Please and please keep an eye watch on Kelvin” she said and left.

I was happy when she left, Ella kept on disturbing me to teach her how to m——–e.

I watched Ella for a while in a confused state not knowing what to do “do you know what? ” I questioned her
“what? ” she demanded eagerly

“I’ll teach you provided you do what I ask you ” I said

She was willing and eager to do anything “what do you want me to do? ” she questioned

“nothing much, I just want you to stay at home and wait for me let me go and buy carrot, don’t tell mum about my whereabouts, you can do cover up for me. ” I said, she agreed immediately.

I dressed up with the intention of going to Kubuwa to see Austin cause I’ve missed him and I need to feel him inside of me.

I went to the bathroom to clean up, I applied makeup and headed for Kubuwa, without money in me I went to the bank to make a withdrawal.

I use Union Bank so I generate a token for careless withdrawal, I was so eager to get to see uncle Austin, I thought of how we will hug each other passionately, how he will whisper those words “I miss you ” to my ear and carry me in a bridal style to his bed then pounce on me harder like never before.

While I was still thinking lustfully I got a call, I checked the caller ID it was Alhaji, he warned me to stop calling him Alhaji that his name is Idris.

“hello bambi” he began, I blushed. He doesn’t call me pet name so I felt womanly when he did that.

“hi sweetie” I answered coldly
“Bambi what’s wrong with you, you sound dull” he said, he’s being caring to understand my mood

“I’ve missed you that’s why ” I answered in a baby like voice

“I miss you too my Bambi, I’m at Kano and I’ll like you to come and spend the weekend with me ” he said

I was quiet because that’s not gonna be possible, mum will just bury me alive if she gets to know about it “I’m not sure I’ll be able to come ” I said

“Bambi but you said you missed me, if you don’t want to come that means you did not miss me at all ”

“come on Idris you know I do ” I said

“then come I’ll give you money, if you need one million I’ll give you, I’ll buy you a car and build a house for you ” he said,

I was so happy about that, I imagined having everything just the way he said, if it happens then we’re rich already. Mum will not be too mad at me cause I believe she’s tired of living a poor life.

“I’ll think about it” I said and hung the call.

I really want to be rich and make my poor mother happy.

I soldier man was with mebeside me in the cab, he greeted me and we exchanged pleasantries.

“my name is Markus but you can call me mark” he said
“my name is Ifeoluwa but you can call me Ife or Love ” I answered politely

“you really look lovable and sexy. Where are you going to? ” he questioned

“I’m going to my house” I said
“you live at Kubuwa? ”
“yeah ” I answered getting irritated at his questions already.

“I don’t want to waste much of your time, can I have your digits? ” he asked
“sure yeah +2348……” I called my number.

We were quiet until I reached Kubuwa Express where I dropped, he paid for me.

I thank him, I took a bike to my house. I called the visit surprised visit not knowing I was in for disappointment, when I got to our compound the place was quiet as usual although mummy Kalid’s door was opened but it seems they’re sleeping or doing something.

Uncle Austin inner door that looks like net was closed while the outer one was widely opened, I intended to knock but the loud feminine moan made me to stand.

“no this can’t be true ” I said to myself while I was still listening to the moan of the lady, she must be crazy and Austin must be crazier.

“I’ll kill someone with my bare hands ” I said to myself as I pushed the door broadly to their surprise, she was stack naked just the way he was.

She layed on the bed with her legs broadly opened while he was down on her probably eating pu**y, I was mad at his stupidity.

I opened the transparent curtain, the both where paused watching me, I slapped Austin immediately.

He deserves more.

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Episodes 11

I’ve never felt the pains I felt when I saw Austin and the lady, just two days of leaving he has began to cheat already, I’ve never fall inlove in my life before cause my life was ruined with Austin but I felt the edge of sword pierced my heart when I saw the both of them.

Immediately I slapped him, he called my name “Ifeoluwa!! ” that was the first day he called my name in full. I slapped him again and faced the lady.

Anger was written all over me, if knife was closed to me that very moment I’d have kill him and the b—h.

The lady stood up and wrapped herself with the bed clothes ready to fight with me, “you are not thinking of going right? ” I questioned the lady

“look at this little girl of yesterday, so Austin has exposed you to this extent that you think he now belongs to you right? ” she retorted.

I was being patient for listening to her, I landed my hand on her face, before she recover from the slap I released another slap.

She pushed me away with the intention of punching me but it’s not possible cause I was stronger than her although she’s matured and I believe she’s older than me.

I used my hand to remove the bed clothes on her and pushed her outside, she fell to the floor. Austin ran outside with a wrapper on his hand, I slapped him and pushed him away.

It drew the attention of other neighbors including mummy Khalifa, I punched her several times carefreely until blood was oozing from her nose.

Mummy Khalifa came and drag me from the lady, others were only watching “ain’t you ashamed of yourself? You naked a lady like you ” she quarried

“mummy Khalifa leave me let me teach this cheap sl*t a lesson of her life ” I said trying to free myself from mummy Khalifa hold.

The lady quickly stood up and tied the wrapper, she tried to come and fight me but other neighbors hold her “she fit kill you o” I heard another neighbor warning her.

“allow her to come, prostitutes like her” I said not minding

“between you and I who is the prostitutes? You’re opening your legs for my boyfriend and another man because of money ” she said

I freed myself swiftly from mummy Khalifa’s grip and pounced on her, I punched her hard like never before.

Mummy Khalifa came and began to beat me, I slapped mummy Khalifa, everyone began to quarrel me until Austin carried me in a bridal style to his room and luck the door.

“stupid girl, I’ll report you to your mother because I’ve been observing your disrespect for elderly once because you grew up like someone under fertilizer control ” I heard mummy Khalifa’s voice saying

“madam forget about her, she’s a prostitutes and you know prostitutes don’t have respect. Her mum might even know about this but she’ll not talk because she’s profiting from it so don’t bother to tell her ” I heard the ladies voice answering her.

“nawa o for Yoruba people ” I heard another voice saying.

I tried to go outside and answer them but his grip was strong, he wouldn’t let me go, I slapped him several times but he did not bother.

I was under his hold until the place was quiet.

I refused to talk to him, it wasn’t funny at all. I believe he has disclosed my secret to the lady but who was the lady to him? I’ve never see him with a lady before.

He knelt down in front of me “I’m so sorry Ife over what happened, the truth is that I missed you and I was h—y that’s why I invited her, she’s just a prostitutes ” he said

“and you expect me to believe you? Who is her boyfriend and other men that I opened my legs for and how did she get to know about it? ” I questioned

“seriously I don’t know, she was operating my phone earlier maybe she saw the messages ” he said

I find it hard to believe him, I was just quiet watching him and his cute lie. ” please Ife my love, you are the one I love that’s why I brought you inside and I don’t like the way people are seeing her naked body that’s why I took the wrapper to her” he said but I ignored him and gaze at the ceiling.

He tickled me and I jumped up immediately, I began to laugh although I wasn’t ready to laugh. He jumped on me “I’ve missed you and your fresh golden pot” he said

“I’ve missed you too and that was why I came to visit you ” I said to him.

His lip touched mine, without hesitation we engaged in an intense kissed, I want to swallow his tongue.

I moaned gently, he undressed me while we were still kissing, my pants was like a distraction to him as he find it hard to pull it like the skirt and blouse.

“stop putting on tights pants baby” he said, before I knew it he’d torn it immediately, I ignored and focused on the kiss.

I hugged him so tight, his hands was on my c–t already, he was fast. He caressed anything his hands touches and fumble it.

Austin was hot that evening, I know he wants to satisfy me because I was angry at him.

I turned him on the bed, his c–k was so hard on me, I jumped on it and do the riding style.

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Episodes 12

I woke up to see myself on Austin, he was also sleeping, I checked the time it was 17:00, I hurriedly stood up and dressed. I know my aunt will be mad at me, I did not mind to wake him up.

After arranging my head, I felt his hold around my waist “baby you want to leave me now? ” he asked

“yes dear, you know I’m living with my aunt and she’ll be mad at me ” I answered

“oh your mum did not try at all for sending you to that place ” he said

“don’t worry I’ll come back soon, promise me that no b—h will lay on this bed with you ” I said

“I promise you baby that no b—h will lay on this bed lest you caught off her ass” he said and I laughed.

We kissed shortly before I left for my aunt house, due to traffic jam I couldn’t reach on time, I get to her house by 20:00.

Ella was outside, she ran to me and asked me to follow the window that she lied to her mum that I was sleeping.

I was surprised, I never knew she was so smart, I sneaked to the room through window, I dressed to my night wears immediately.

I pretended to still be sleeping when I heard my aunt complaining about my sleep, Ella entered the room immediately and called me out.

Before we got to the living room she reminded me of the carrot stuff, I pretend to be ready but of course not, I don’t want my cousin to be an addict like me besides my aunt was nice for allowing me into her house and she’s always around her children, I don’t want to be the bad egg, my mum was ignorant that was why my case was different.

“Ife why have you been sleeping like fish, hope you’re fine? ” My aunt asked

“no aunty my eyes are aching that was why I wanted to eat those carrots ” I lied

“oh dear, I am so sorry, I never knew you had an eye problem, I’ve forgotten about the carrot” she said, Ella eyed me immediately.

We all had a dinner of Amala and ewedu soup, after dinner we did evening devotion, everyone went to their room.

Ella began to disturb me, I had to lie for her that I’ve forgotten about the carrot, she was angry but I ignored, I want the best for her.

I focused on my phone, I began to chat with Markus the soldier I met earlier, he asked if we could hook up and I accepted reminding him that all bills on him.

I was happy about it, I remembered that Alhaji asked me to come over for weekend, an idea stroke me, I’ll lie to my aunt that a friend invited me for camp but before doing that I have to chat and bring the proof.

I downloaded WhatsApp for second SIM, I saved it as bestie, I chat with myself like Christian friends communicate and invite myself to camp.

Early the next morning I told my aunt about it and she demanded to tell my mum before permitting me, I knew my mum will agree without thinking twice.
My mum was even happy when she heard I was going for three days camp, I programmed it well, I’d go to Kano on Friday and come back on Sunday.

I’ll not come home direct on Sunday, I’ll go and see the soldier guy, nobody know about my plans, Ella said she’ll follow me to camp but her mum insist.

I was so happy, not just for going to see Alhaji but for traveling to Kano another state, I imagined the kind of mother I have, she didn’t even bother to ask the name of the church or venue of camp so long as its church activity she’s satisfied already.

On Saturday I called Alhaji very early in the morning to inform him about my coming, he was happy about it, he told me where to stop and I jotted everything down.

The journey was not as easy as I thought, a very far place and it seems we’ll never reach our destination.

Although the taxi was fast but it took us six hours to arrive at Kano the centre of commerce, the place was so busy and the most common language among the citizens was Hausa.

I’m a Yoruba girl so I find it hard to understand Hausa but I was able to get where he asked me to wait for him.

Few minutes later he was there with his long gown and a turban tied around his neck to his face.

Alhaji is a real Hausa blood, we walked to his house, the houses there has tall fences with a write up “ba shiga ” I wonder what it means.

Before we could enter the real building we passed many tall fences, the house was mighty, cows were outside while children and women walk to and fro in the compound.

“don’t mind my place here, this is my family house, I have four wives and you’ll be the fifth one day. ” he said and I laughed.

We got to his room, his room looks like that of India, I wonder how he was able to acquire such wealth with his battalion family.

He went to the bathroom to clean up, few minutes later he was dressed “we’re not going to stay here, I’m going to lodge hotel were you’ll stay until you’re ready to go” he said

I was glad about it, I stood up and went with him, he took his Range Rover that has dark glasses.

We went to the hotel were he lodge for me. “I’ll like you to rest, welcome to Kano the center of commerce I hope you’ll like it, just feel free with the place, I’ll join you by 22:00 , whatever you want order for it” he said and left.

I was like wow, money is good, I went to the bathroom to clean up, soon I was dressed already, I took a stroll at the hotel.

I met a friendly lady who was lodging close to me, her name is Elena, she followed me to my room.

We chatted for long, one discussion led to another and I told her about the Alhaji and I.

“my dear you are missing, if you want to sin then sin openly beside everybody is a sinner and sin is sin” she said, I looked at her confusedly

“I mean you’re good, you have good skin, nice boobs and big ass, why not join those who act p*rn and become a young billionire” she said

“what? I can’t do that, my mum will remove my head ” she said

“forget about mum, she’ll be proud when you build house for her, only your naked pics is enough for you to become a billionaire, forget about what people will say, whatever you do on earth there are opposers and supporters so forget about people ” she said.

She brought out her phone and showed me her houses and cars, she showed me her daughter that she is a single mother.

I was pushes by passion to accept her offer of help to connect me, she called an xxx director in my presence, he demanded about my details.

(flashback end)

“that’s how my p*rn carrier started, I began because of my love for money and s*x, I hide my shame, it became open, I cared less about it cause I got many fans and followers ” I said to Mr Dickson

“oh my God, how about your mum, what was her reaction, please explain everything to this very time” he said to me

I smiled “I’ll explain it to you tomorrow, it’s late already ” I said looking at my wrist watch.

“okay miss Ife, we’ll be expecting you tomorrow ” he said

I stood up and left, I went to my big lonely house, money is not everything as I’ve thought before but it still cool to have money.

I slept alone and woke up alone, I dressed very early in the morning for my interview with Mr Dickson.

He welcomed me warmly and embraced me, he offered me a chair to sit, I sat while he watched me waiting for me to continue from where I stopped.

(Flash back)

Before Elena left we exchanged contacts promising to keep intouch with each other.

I retired to my bed while she left for her room, I waited for Alhaji Idris to arrive.
Hahaha 😂 sin na sin, hell na hell, die na die, money na money 🏃

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Episodes 13:14

(flashback cont)

Alhaji arrived at 22:00 as he had promised, “what about the house and the car you promised me off? ” I questioned not waiting for him to sit down.

“oh Bambi, do you think I’m joking, I’ll sign one of my houses at Abuja in your name and your car will be brought to you next weekend ” he said

“well I need to have house of my own and car that’s why I came to you ” I reminded him.

“and I want to enter my Bambi that’s why I sent for her” he said

I smiled, he pulled to me on the bed and slipped his tongue to my mouth, I reciprocated and undressed him.

This time I didn’t bother about condoms because I’ve trusted him to be a good man.

I pushed him to the bed and climbed on him, his long hard erected c–k was standing, I thought on what to do.

I gently pulled off his boxer and rubbed the surface of the c–k, he moaned loudly “you’re too sweet h—y” he said

I smiled to him, the c–k looks tempting, very hard and long. I kept on rubbing it until I took my mouth to it.

It taste salty, I soaked it gently while he moaned, I soaked it faster and he moaned harder.

“Bambi will kill me” he said, I ignored and s^ck harder until I was weak.

I layed tiredly on the bed facing the ceiling, he turned to me for kiss, I kissed him back.

He gently brought his hands to my boobs and massaged it gently, he moved his head to it and s^cked it, while his hands went down to my c–t.

He t—-t his hands in and out while I groan, he gently went down and s—-d the c–t.

I was more than excited as I moaned in pleasure, we continued the romance until we slept off without s*x, it was hot already.

I’ve never had a romance that turns me on without sex before but it happened that day, Idris spent the night with me that day.

Early the next morning I heard knock on the door, it was the waiter, she brought coffee for two.

I woke Idris up so he’ll take his own before it gets cold, we drank it together admiring each other like new spouses.

He decided to feed me, while I enjoyed it.

After breakfast he decided to leave for his family and asked me to get dressed that he’ll come by 13:00 to take me out so that I’ll know places in Kano.

Few minutes after he left Elena came to my room, “hey girl I’m going today ” she said

“really what about our agreement? ” I questioned

“chill I’m with you but you’ll have to learn some stuff you’ll become our worker” she said

“why? ” I questioned

“cause I don’t want a learner client ” she answered

“alright when will the teaching commenced? ” I asked

“anything from now so that you’ll start working with us January ” she answered

It was cool by me because it was August then, “where do you live? ” I asked her

“I live at Abuja but all this work holds at Lagos and as you know Lagos is a busy area that’s why I stay at Abuja ” she said

“oh thank God I found you, I also live at Abuja ” I said

“which part of Abuja? ” she asked

“presently I’m with my aunt at Bwari but my house is at Kubuwa ” I answered

“that means it gonna be easy cause I live at phase two” she said

“yeah it’s good, alright we’ll keep intouch ” I said, she hugged me before leaving.

I dressed and waited for Alhaji, we went out, he showed me places at Kano and their markets.

He bought many things for me, I was so happy about the visit.

Alhaji did not touch me until I left Kano, I headed to Mark’s house at Abuja, that was when I know people are evil.

Mark house is as big as well but everything seems to be strange, he warned me not to enter any of his rooms aside the one he asked me to then he entered the bathroom while I waited for him.

Deep down in me my thoughts was telling me to run away cause I wonder how a rich man like him was doing in a taxi that day I saw him.

I tiptoed to check on him at the bathrooms, I opened the door gently to see a man standing in front of a python.

I shouted immediately and he turned to me.

I ran out of the house immediately, I don’t even know I’m a good relay runner, I’ve never run in such a way before.

Without shoes, just me and my pencil gown, I ran through the street like mad woman. My run was a nonstop run, that was when I know I so much love my life.

I know I’d have been dead, God spears my life, I’m going to change for good was my thoughts while I was still running until I got to express where people move freely.

A guy came to me although I was scared but not in public “hello young lady why are you running without shoes? ” he asked

Without shame I narrated everything to him, he took me to a nearby store and bought sandals for me, he gave me transport fare and told me to be always careful.

I took taxi cause it was late “oga abeg drive fast night don do and my mother go vex with me ” I pleaded with the taxi man

” Me I dey do my work so no hurry me o or you go drop ” the taxi driver quarried

“who even send her go party If she know say her mother go vex with her? ” an elderly man questioned

“oga abeg as you old like dis you better respect your old age if not I go decend on you ” I talked back at the old man

“children of nowadays don’t have respect for elderly once” a young guy sitting close to me said

“how will they have respect when the elderly once would never mind their business oga English wey dey take panadol for another person headache ” I said to the guy

They were all against me in the taxi, they didn’t bother about what the old man said initially.

“forget about that girl, I don’t blame her, I blame the big d**k without shame that entered into her, it makes her feel arrived” a feminine voice echoed behind me.

I’ll tolerate what others were saying but not what she said, I turned to see an elderly woman, I acted as if I did not hear her “what did you just say? ” I asked the woman.

“you heard me right ” she answered
” Well I’m a sinner already, I’ll teach her a bitter lesson before I dedicate my life to Christ ” I thought within me

“I heard you right? ” I asked her and she answered yes, I gave her a hot slap.
“you just slap mother? ” a girl who looks like me but I’m sure she’s older than I asked
“and I’ll slap her again ” I said
She pounced on me, we began to fight while other passengers tried to separate us, the old woman was crying already calling me names, the taxi man had to park properly.

The fight was not easy though, it was not like the other lady at Austin house, the lady beat me black blue, she torn my gown and removed my artificial hair.

The taxi man was the only one who side me saying they start it first, he asked the passenger sitting at the front to go to my position and asked me to sit at the front.

I was quiet until I got to Bwari, my tattered torn clothes didn’t bother me, what bothers me is how to get home.

When I got to my aunts house, she was at the living room, she stood up immediately I came in.

“where are you coming from dressed like this and where are your luggages? ” she questioned

I arced my brow “uhm we-ee… We’d a… cident ” I stamared

“accident right, is it the accident that made you to dress like young miss Jezebel? Where did you went to and who did you fight with? ” she shouted

“aunty I’m sorry ” I pleaded
“answer my question, sorry won’t help matters at all ” she barked

“it was robbers” I lied again
“Ife I don’t have the strength to beat you, just go in there park your things and leave, I saw my daughter in the act of mast*rbating I wanted beating her but she told me she learnt that from you, I called your mum to tell her but your mum called me a liar, I regretted accepting you into my house, I tried calling you but it was not reachable. I don’t want to argue much just go away and never come back, should in case you see me anywhere just maintain you don’t know me cause with the way I’m seeing things and my observations you’re now a big girl ” she said

I began to cry “aunty it’s never my intention for Ella to learn it, she only saw me when I was doing it” I said

“and who thought you all this? ” she questioned

I don’t want to tell my aunt anything related to my s**ual life, “my mum is responsible for it” I said amidst tears

“how? ” she questioned
“aunty it’s late already, you’d have asked me this when I was at primary school not now, I’m into it already and I can’t do without it ” I said and ran away.

I went to upstairs, I dressed up and took my bag, I woke Ella “Ella please I need your help ” I said, she was happy when she saw me

“please promise me you’ll never do the carrot stuff again ” I pleaded

“no o, I must taste it, the other day I wanted to do it but mum caught me, I had to betray you and tell her the truth ” she said

I couldn’t stop crying being the bad egg, my aunt is always with her children, she has time for them but me coming to her house to spoil Ella will make her never to forgive me.

“Ella you might bleed if you don’t know how to do it so please don’t try it” when I mentioned bleed she peered

“are you serious? ” she asked
“yeah and you might die” I lied to get her scared
“then why are you alive ” she retorted
“because I learnt it from someone, I didn’t do it on my own. So promise me you will do it cause I don’t want you to die” I said
“I’ll not dare it cause I don’t want to die young” she said, I hug her tightly

I waited for her to sleep before I parked out, I went to my house.

Immediately I dropped down from taxi I began to throw up (vomit)

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Episodes 15:16

I knocked hard on the door cause we don’t have door bell, after several knocks without mum’s voice or footstep I decided to speak “mum it’s me ife please open the door ” I pleaded

“Ife? How comes? ” she requested, it was obvious that she was closed to the door but scared of opening it maybe she thinks it was robbers.

“mum it’s a long story just open the door for me to go in, I’m really tired and stressed up” I said

She opened the door, I turned on the living room light, “Ife what happened and why did you came this late? ” she requested

“aunty asked me to park out, I came back from the camp today just to hear that Ella has learnt bad things from me” I said not wanting to tell her details

“what on earth have you done or teached Ella that will make my own blood sister to send my daughter away? ” she asked

“well mum she told me nothing about it, she only asked me to park out maybe you should go and confirm yourself ” I said in a tired voice

“I’m really disappointed of my sister, no matter what you’ve done that doesn’t permit her to send you away at this ungodly hours, what if I’m dead? ” she said

“ahhh mum you’ll not die untimely death o, you shall live to see my children’s children, third and fourth offspring of mine, just forget my aunty” I said

“this is why I’ll thank Austin forever, he did not complain and he did a perfect job by bringing you up for me” she added

I arced my brow at the mention of Austin, I felt like opening up to her but I was scared, scared because she’ll be mad at me and not just mad, she might put an end to while I was already addicted to the life.

“my dear go and sleep, I’ll go to her house next week Sunday because of this, I’ll confront her cause that’s really bad of her, I’m the one responsible for her education and feeding until she got married and now she’s paying me with evil, I’ll not talk much just go and sleep ” she said

I felt relieved when she asked me to go and sleep, next week Sunday is far so I feel cool.

I went to my room, “it’s been a while roomy” I said to my room.

I waited patiently for morning to do so that I’ll do sanitation.

The room smells room-freshner, I’d put it myself before leaving for Bwari cause I like the scent but that nowadays hell for me.

I ran to the bathroom several times to throw up because of the scent, I wondered why it’s reacting that way maybe it’s because I was not at home for long.

I couldn’t help but sleep at the bathroom , it seems the smell of the bathroom was nice to my nose.

I was at the bathroom until morning comes, I left the bathroom very early cause mum will have to use it.

After her usual dress for work she asked me a surprise question “Ife can you stay at home alone? ”

“yes mum ” I answered

“you know the work am doing is for your own good and our survivor, the fact I’ll be leaving you at home alone doesn’t permit you to misbehave, be a good girl and make me proud ” she said

“okay mum kosi problem ” I said

“I know you like noodles, if you are hungry check my blue bag hung on the wall beside my bag, #500 is there, you can use it” she said
“okay mum”

“I’ll be on my way ” she said standing up to leave

“goodluck mum” I said before she left

I turned on the television and sat at the living room until I slept off forgetting about myself on the couch.

A loud voice woke calling my name, I scratched my eyes and turned to see who was calling me, it was Austin.

I hissed and sat properly “ehn! So you are here and you didn’t bother to say hi to your boyfriend? ” he asked

” Boyfriend abi” I said peering, my face was swollen already.

“so you don’t care about me anymore and I’ve been busy thinking about you ” he said

“so you missed me this way? ” I questioned

“yes baby and I can’t wait to have you ” he said and jumped to me for a kiss but I pushed him away.

“ah why did you pushed me? You’re acting strange o” he said

“well nothing is free in Nigeria again o, pay before you start ” I said opening my palms for him to pay

“ahhh? Ife dont be too expose to money ” he said

“bro Austin child abuse” I answered, his presence disgusted me for the first time.

” I’m still confused are you the girl I know? ” He asked

“don’t be too confused cause I’m even worse than the person you know ” I said and walked away.

That was when I remembered I want to but phone and do welcome back.

I went to the bathroom to clean up, I’ll go to the market and do all I want.

When I dressed up Austin came in with plate of food, he placed it on the table then he left.

“you never see anything, d way I go suffer you ehn” I said audibly although he has left.

I opened the plate to check it was noodles my favorite, I sat on the couch sprayed my legs and eat the food like hungry lion.

After eating I went to his room to return the plate, he was dressing to go out, at the smell of the perfume he spray.

I dropped the plate and ran outside to throw up.

Immediately I was done throwing up I raised my head to see mummy Khalifa standing watching me.

She was laughing then I hissed and walk away, I know she’d be thinking maybe I’m pregnant but she doesn’t know it was because of smells, the other day I throwed up because of the smell of petrol.


I’ve never done welcome back before, the welcome back I did made all my contact to wipe off and as wise as I was I never jotted contact down.

I couldn’t reach Alhaji and the lady, my thoughts of becoming a p*rn artist and become a billionaire.

I was coming back from the market one day when a lady called me, I turned to see, to my greatest surprise it was the lady.

She hugged me passionately, “you just disappeared and gave me fake number” she quarried

“no dear, I lost my phone ” I said, I narrated everything that went and how I ran away from Mr soldier’s house, she laughed me.

“so are you still ready for the work? ” she asked

“I’m more than ready if you still want me” I answered eagerly

“well you’ll have to learn some stuff then cause you must be perfect in it” she said

“then teach me ” I said

She laughed “I’m not a l*sbian, I have guys. I’ll give you my contact and send my house address to you…… ” she was still talking when I heard the smell of her perfume, I began to throw up immediately, she watched how I throwed up carefully.

When I was done I pleaded with her ” are you sick? ” she asked in disgust.

“I’m not sick, it’s because of your perf ” I answered

“whatup with my perfume, were you not with me the other day, why didn’t you throwed up? ” she questioned

“it started of recently ” I answered

“hmm, hope it’s not what I’m thinking, you have messed up right? ” she questioned

“what are you saying? ” I asked

“of cause the pregnancy is reacting, it part of the signs, some women will just hate perfume all of a sudden, some will be addicted to the smell of toilet” she said

My heart skipped cause I remember how I’ve been acting lazy, “hospital will help ” she said

“and if you happens to be double then wash the battered away cause you can’t just loose your opportunity like that ” she said

She gave me her contact, she has mine already . My head was aching until we departed, I can’t imagine if it happens to be so.

Few days later I decided to visit the hospital for a test, it was a Saturday and the next day which will be Sunday was the day my mother said she’d go and see my aunt.

I was confirmed four months pregnant, my head aches seriously, how will I keep the baby and if I’m to remove it where will I get the huge amount for it?

I went home like baby dull, I knocked on Austin’s door, he was happy when he saw me

“my cute angel finally decided to pay me a visit ” he said, I managed to smile, I’ve kicked him off cause of money.

“yeah I’m here for you ” I said, he dished food for me of which I ate like hungry lion

Few minutes later he sat beside me and pet my back “uncle I have something to tell you o” I said

“ahh my angel, the only one my heart beats for, lay your problems to me let me murder them one after the other for disturbing my queen ” he said

I was blushing already, my mind was on becoming a mother then give up the thought of terminating the baby.

“sweet I’m four months pregnant for you ” I said

He laughed “so you are this good at joking right? ” he questioned

“I’m d–n serious, you can explain things to my mother and get married to me” I said

“God forbid that I should get married to a little spoilt child, see ehn if you don’t know the father of your baby just get away, don’t come and give me a nickname, how about the people paying you? In short you know what leave my house before I pond my wroth on you ” he warned

I was shocked at his sudden change “I’m going nowhere, four months ago you were the only one banging on me, you are thesame person who spoiled me” I quarried

“huh? You wanted it first, if you were the good child you claimed to be you’d have told your mum, you are a useless fool and not fit to be called wife” he said

I began to cry, I blamed myself and my foolishness just as he said.

I knelt down in front of him “you and I know you are responsible but if you don’t want me please give me money so I’ll remove it” I pleaded

“enough of this rubbish, now leave my house, I’ve accommodated you enough ” he warned but I refused to leave

He picked his phone, he called someone to come over immediately, I thought it was a joke so I maintain my position.

Few minutes later a fair beautiful lady came in “where is the fat thing? ” she asked him

Before I knew it she’d pounced on me with several blows until I passed out.

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Episodes 17:18

Mummy Khalifa was nice, when I woke up I found her sitting beside me, she was the one who helped me out.

“Ife please stop fighting with people that are older than you ” she warned

“thank you for helping me, you are kind ” I said in guilt, thesame woman I slapped was the one who helped me out.

“don’t bother, you’re like a daughter to me and I’ll never wish my daughter death” she said, tear drop down my eye.

I was with her for hours before I went back to our room, her room is two bedroom flat just like ours but Austin’s room is just single with it bathroom outside.

Mum came back home, I didn’t mention anything to her, I was cold but she was too busy to notice.

The next day which happens to be a Sunday was a free day for her so she used the opportunity to go to my aunts house.

After Sunday service she asked me to go home and prepared something for myself cause she’ll not be back on time.

I took the opportunity to go and see the lady, I used the house address beside her house is close.

I called to ask if she was at home, she said she was home alone so I got to the place.

From the look of her house I knew she sleeps on money, I never knew she has many cars cause the other time we met last she was walking on foot .

I was surprised of the way she welcomed me, “I’ve been expecting you so you’ll sign to work with our media. So how was the text and who is the dude?” she asked

“it’s a long sad story ” I answered with a sour expression on my face.

“cut it short and don’t make it too sad cause I’ll laugh at you ” she said teasingly

I narrated how everything went and how I passed out all in the name of pleading with Austin.

“oh dear, it’s quite pathetic and too much for you, Austin must be a wicked. I’d have teach him a lesson but forget about him” she said

The lady is pretty kind hearted. “should I tell you about my life and how I became like this today? ” she asked

“yeah please tell me I want to know ” I answered

“my both parents died when I was eighteen years old, then I was at university when I got the call. My uncles who claimed to be his kinsmen took everything away but left I and my younger sister. I got little from my savings and took my sister to our grandma at the village. I’m a makeup artist so I decided to go back to city, I drop out of school cause I got no sponsor. While I feed from my handwork (makeup) I send some to my grandma and sister at the village. Life was coolval stories changing from bad to worse for me until I met a guy called Felix, he was the one who connected me to the manager. According to Felix if I’m very good at it I’ll become a star and people will like me, I tried my best but o was not able to make it as p*rn star but I got good pay.
As foolish as I was I went ahead to remove my womb, I’ve vowed never to marry in my life cause I don’t want family problems, I’d have known that time I’d have get a baby and become single mother before removing my womb. That’s how I happened to become who I am today, my younger sister is happily married with three kids but I don’t have any, I’m not jealous though cause her children are my children, my parents will be proud of her wherever they are.
I’ll connect you to Felix, be wise in it, for the pregnancy we’re going to undo it today after we meet with Felix but I advise you never to tamper with your womb” her story made me to cry, she looks sad.

“where is the Felix? ” I asked

“I invited him over, he’ll be her in few minutes time” she said

“alright, your story is kind of sad ” I said

“yeah that’s life for you, people don’t go into things without reasons, just the way you want to make your mum proud that was how I wanted to make life easy for my sister and i” she said

We were still discussing when a tall handsome guy with an elderly man came in, he is the Felix while the elderly man is the director.

After a long discussion, the man brought a book that I should sign and promise to work with them faithfully, I did everything.

A date was given for my first video, he said the more the views when it’s released to people, the more my fame.

Immediately they left I and the lady went to hospital for the abortion.

It was done successfully, she took me to her house and made hot coffee for me, I took it and rest.

Few hours later then it was already 18:00 she drove me home on her car.

When I got home that was when the bleeding began, I bleed heavily.

“so what my sister said was true? ” mum asked

“yes mum ” I answered still in pains, my eyes were white already, my palms turning yellow.

Mum fell down and pass out, I managed to call the lady cause I was dying already and I couldn’t help my mum.

Just like an angel, she came immediately, I was taken inside her car same as my mother, people came out to watch.

I was already in the car when I lost consciousness

I went through alot at the hospital, many bags blood work was donated to me before I could make it

The only person that came to check on me was my school teacher, she never spoke bad to me, she was caring to the extent she checked on my mum.

Mum’s blood pressure raised high that was why she passed out, the doctor demanded for a huge amounts of money before the treatment.

The lady paid my bills but to pay mums own myself, “I paid for you cause I was the one who took you for abortion ” she said to me.

Since the money was not ready at that time mum was taking to comma, I promised to pay the doctor in two months.

That was how it ended with the lady, I never set my eyes on her again, it was Felix that took me to the Media Managing Director (MMD)

My first video was great, I got many views, the MMD was so excited cause according to him that’s the best view he has ever had.

Few months later I became a star, just the way the lady told me “in life there are supporters and opposers in good or bad act”

I have many fans, I became mentor and people’s model but some people were still against it

Hot gossip site has already broadcast a biography for me that I’m a school drop out

I didn’t even bother, the news spray like teargas, I paid the money to the doctor
I got new house with cars packed inside for mother.

The treatment commenced in my mum while I continued my celebrity life and job.

One certain day I received a call from the doctor that my mum has opened her eyes.

I was so happy that I ran to the hospital, there I met my teacher standing in front of my mum who was crying.

I ran to wipe her tears but she pushed me away “I rebuke you evil child ” she said

“no ma you don’t have to push her away she’s your daughter and your flesh” my teacher Mrs Abi said

“God forbid I disowned her as a child, Ife what on earth have I done to you to deserve this punishment? I’m so unfortunate to have prostitute as a daughter, just look at yourself ” she said staring at me from head to toe

“Ife unless I’m not your mother or I did not have good intentions for you before you did this to me but if I do and I’ve been trying my best and you did this then I course you today earth bare me witness that you’ll never have a child in your life ” she said

“I reject it mum, although not that I’m even interested of having children, do you know how all this started? You left me with a bachelor as my trainer, Austin initiated me” I said

“you enjoyed it that is why you were quiet ” she retorted

“you wouldn’t listen to me when I wanted to ” I answered

“will you shut up!!” she scolded

“ahhh MA you have done a great mistake already” says Mrs Abi

“how? ” mum questioned

“let me tell you a story of a mistake I’ve ever done, I cursed myself for it” she said

We listened to her with kin interest.

“as a teacher I’m supposed to teach with my heart, care for pupils and students but I failed to do so, my mind was on my salary, all I do is to teach once to people get the topic well off I go.

On a faithful day a child from creche that loves smiling and laughing was brought to school, that day the baby was crying althrough.

She taped me and raise her clothes but I ignored, my mind was on how the school will close.

During free hour the little girl was still crying this time she was jumping, I took my cane and lash the innocent child.

My daughter who was in primary one at that time came to my class, she likes playing with the baby so when she saw the baby crying she was worried.

Mummy maybe her body is itching her and she’d like to bath says my daughter.

I ignored my daughter but she was too stubborn, she pulled the baby’s clothes to my greatest surprise a scorpion fell of the babies clothe.

We rushed the baby to hospital where the doctor punched her with his needles (injections) on several parts of her body.

I regretted my steps, I felt bad, that was when I learnt that children are ready to speak if only you give them attention.

They likes telling stories, they likes making friends, as parents and teachers we need to draw closer to them and make sure they see us as best friends.

That was why you failed to know about Ife, your attention was not with her ”

“no Ife was only stubborn, she is not my daughter and I’m not her mother period ” she said and turned to the other side of the bed.

I ignored and left the place cause mum’s still stubborn and she’d never admit her wrongs.

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Grand Final
Episodes 19:20

I continued my life even though my mum chooses to disowned me.

She had refused to collect anything from me, I later forgot about her and moved on.

I continued the life until I finished university, I became a celebrity with many fans.

One day my aunt called me, she said my mum was dead.

I cried bitteredly and asked if I could participate in the funeral of my mother but she insisted that my mum made her to promise never to allow me to do such.

Things became complicated to me, one morning I decided to resign, everyone was surprised they find it hard to believe.

I resign cause making money upon money without husband, children or family member besides me.

My money will become waste when I die so it’s better I quit, many people were not happy but I was cool.

House was bored for me, celerity without friends, celebrity without peace of mind.

Then the idea of settling down came to me, that was why I visited a psychologist which happens to be Mr Dickson.

(flash back ends)

” Oh that’s sad, do you think a guy will propose to you even though you were a p*rn artist before? ” he asked

“well I know it’s possible but the difficulty is genuine love, I know they’ll only accept to marry me because of my money ” I answered

“well from your story how will you behave if you are opportune to be a mother? “Mr Dickson asked

“if I become a mother tomorrow I’ll make sure I’m my children’s best friend, children are always ready to say whatever happened at their initial state be it good or bad cause they don’t know the meaning but the way you act as their parents matters, if you listen and be opened to them it’s cool cause I don’t mind educating my child about sx at a very young age, I’ll let them know the consequences of premarital sx and aside that I’ll always want to know how things went between them and others ” I answered

“do you know why I like you and your story? ” he asked me, I shook my head wondering what was good about my wayward past

“cause you were honest, although you took the wrong steps but I like honest people. How about your mother, don’t you feel bad? ” he asked

Tear drop down my eyes “I missed her, she tried but her mistakes was leaving me in the hands of Austin, I later got to know that Austin died of syphilis ” I answered

“quite pathetic but are you okay I mean healthwise ” he asked

“yeah everything about me is good ” I answered

He smiled and stared at me, “and I love you ” he said

I wanted to borrow ear from someone to hear what he said, Dickson the cute noble psychologist loves me?

“it’s unbelievable sir and if you are serious don’t you think people will think bad about you if they get to know about us? ” I asked

“you’re talking about people? People talk everyday, if you’re to listen to people you won’t go anywhere, you are the kind of lady I’ve ever long for, I don’t care about your past and I’m not going to use your past against you. I don’t just love you, I want you to be my wife ” he said

I began to cry for joy, I never knew God has a better plans for me despite the course from my mother and the life I’ve lived.

I accepted Dickson, my life became cool as he lead me back to Christ, I rededicate my life.

The news spray like fire burning house, my aunt called me to enquire if what she was hearing about me was truth, I confirmed it then she invited me for the first time to her house, she also said she has gift for me but that should be if I truly get married to Dickson.

My new life became awesome, some of my fans made me their mentor while some of my colleagues were disappointed of me but I felt peace of mind that I’ve never had before.

Although I felt sad mum was dead before I changed but I just hoped she’ll be proud of me wherever she is.

The traditional wedding happened at my father’s house though my mother’s people were there.

My paternal uncles and aunties were happy to see me once more, the wedding was done at church with court approval.

During the reception when everyone was giving their presents my aunt chooses to be the last to give gift, she said she has a special present for me.

I stood up for the special present cause she called the attention of the audience, everyone turned to see the gift, opposite us was a curtain.

Two guys opened the curtain and someone covered with veil walked towards us, I couldn’t help but keep wondering who was that.

Dickson stood up and wrapped his hands around my neck until the image finally came to us and knelt down.

My aunt walked majestically and unveiled the face to my greatest surprise it was my mum, I almost fainted as I boast into uncontrollable tears trying to apologize, I wanted kneeling down but the basket inside my wedding gown would not allow me.

“no you don’t need to apologize, I owe you apology for being an horrible mother, I’d have listened to you but I was too busy not knowing I was in for destruction ” she pleaded.

“mum I’m still sorry I was also wrong please forgive me Tori olorun ” I said

She hugged me passionately “I’m proud of you dear” she said

My joy knew no bond, joy was added when our miracle baby came although I thought I’d be baren but to the glory of God I was put to bed with a bouncing baby boy.


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