CURIOSITY(a short story)

By Riches princewill

There is a particular tree in my village which nobody knew how it came about, it is a tree made of beautiful branches and attractive trees, nobody had ever seen such fruits before. This tree has 2 kinds of fruits, everyone ate other fruits but nobody dared to eat from the tree of the unknown.

Every parents warned their children about that tree nobody planted and also has two varieties of fruits. The fact that this tree had two varieties was something soo obscure.Am not done oo

I traveled to onitsha to stay with my aunt before I came back to theSince as a kid I have always stayed in onitsha with my aunt

When I came back to the village, the night I came back my mother warned me about this tree of mystery she told me that no one has ever eaten from that tree. I asked her where the tree was located and she told me that it was located at the middle of the bush, the road leading to the market square.

I am a curious person always wanting to know stuffs even if i’ve been warned about it. The night after my mother warned me about that mysterious tree, I couldn’t sleep I rolled, I folded on my bed pondering about the tree I decided to go see that tree the next morning.

On the fourth day of April I decided to go see that tree, ivtold Jessica about my plans and she warned me never to go there I turned deaf I was never introspective I kept going.

On arriving I saw the tree it was beautiful with beautiful branches, a tree with two kinds of varieties I couldn’t believe my eyes I concluded it was really a tree of obscure.

I thought of plucking one but I remembered my mother’s warning but then a wind passed through my mind I told myself that there is no harm in trying. I plucked the yellow fruit, I couldn’t wait to eat it but then there wasn’t water to wash the fruit at least I need to maintain a good hygiene despite my curiosity so I took the fruit home. My mother was in the kitchen preparing breakfast so I entered the kitchen, got some water and washed my fruit.

After eating my fruit I went to the kitchen to help my mother after sometime my mother noticed a rash in my face and asked why there is a rash in my face, i touched my face and wanted to reply her…

I couldn’t speak

I couldn’t speak

I lost my voice

My mother was asking me what the problem was

I tried wanting to reply her but I turned to be like someone gasping for air. My mother was confused, she cried, she kept on asking me what was wrong I turned dumped l, I couldn’t speakThis isn’t reality I told myself. The fruit the mysterious fruit I was warned a tree I knew nothing about, I couldn’t talk to my mother, I couldn’t answer her questions I was confused I was in tears I ran to my room and brought a paper and a pen I wrote telling her I ate the fruit which she warned me about. My mother cried and kept on crying, tears flowed down my cheek

I am still dumped

I can’t speak

I lost my voice because of an unknown tree, a strange tree

Curiosity made me a victim village. The night

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