10 foods to prevent premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation occurs when a man experiences uncontrolled ejaculation that happens too quickly. It can be right after sexual penetration despite him not getting stimulated enough or even before intercourse.

While it is not physically dangerous, couples can feel embarrassed, dissatisfied and this is a common reason for low self-esteem in men.

This sexual dysfunction generally occurs if you are experiencing excessive anxiety, depression, hormonal imbalance or an injury. Studies show that 1 out of 3 men may suffer from this condition at some point in their life.

While most men do not visit urologists to discuss these problems, this disorder is treatable. Treatments for premature ejaculation include medication, some natural remedies and sexual techniques. In most cases, a combination of therapies works well.

Here are 10 home remedies that will help you get rid of the problem of premature ejaculation:

1. Carrot

Carrots are rich in beta-carotene and antioxidants which help to improve your eyesight and maintain good skin. Carrots are good for premature ejaculation due to the presence of carotenoids and flavonoids which boost and strengthen the muscles of the male organs. Eat boiled carrots with egg and honey daily for best results.

2. Watermelon

Watermelon is surely a perfect treat for summer, but, the juicy fruit also improves your libido as well. Scientists have found that watermelon can help with L-arginine production which can prevent premature ejaculation. It also contains a phytonutrient called citrulline which is known to increase libido. You can try having watermelon with some powdered ginger and salt.

3. Banana

Bananas are known for relieving constipation, but did you know that it can prevent premature ejaculation? No right? The fact is bananas contain an enzyme called bromelain which has been known to prevent early ejaculation and also increase libido at the same time. For best results, have bananas daily.

4. Spinach

One of the dark green leafy vegetables, spinach can help control premature ejaculation. It is because of the presence of folate, iron and zinc, which help in boosting sexual performance, thereby strengthening your penile muscles. Include spinach in your daily diet as much as possible.

5. Green onion seed

Green onion seeds are considered an aphrodisiac and it is known for decreasing premature ejaculation. These onion seeds boost a man’s stamina and strength, thus allowing him to prolong his sexual capacity. White onions also increase sexual capacity and strengthen a man’s reproductive organs. Just crush the seeds and mix in water. Drink this water thrice a day before your meal.

6. Garlic

Garlic is another food for preventing premature ejaculation as it helps in elongating the duration of your sexual intercourse without ejaculating prematurely. The cloves of garlic contain antibacterial and properties that aid in improving blood circulation in your body and also heat it up to enhance copulation. You can either chew the cloves of garlic or fry them in ghee and consume them on an empty stomach in the morning.

7. Ginger

Ginger increases the blood circulation in the body, especially the blood flow to the penile muscles. This enables men to have a greater control over ejaculation and heats up the body, causing faster blood flow. Honey is known to enhance the potency of ginger. Combine the juice of ginger and honey and have it before bedtime.

8. Almond

Almonds are known to strengthen weakened pelvic muscles by improving the symptoms of this sexual disorder. These nuts provide a large dose of vitamin E that helps in balancing the testosterone hormone as low testosterone levels can lead to erectile dysfunction which is a common cause of premature ejaculation

9. Dark chocolate

Who doesn’t like chocolate? It’s healthy and helps to improve your by lowering your stress. Dark chocolate can help manage premature ejaculation due to the presence of L-arginine and phenylethylamines. Eat a slice of dark chocolate every day to prevent ejaculating early.

10. Avocado

Avocados are another superfood that can help manage premature ejaculation due to the presence of various vitamins including vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin K. These vitamins assist in the supply of blood to the penis and naturally treats premature ejaculation. Add avocados to your salad or smoothies.



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