10 biggest fears holding you back from success

Each of our fears presents and highlights a unique opportunity for growth. How you perceive fear will determine how you respond to it.

Would you rather let these fears chase you around, dictating your outcomes and sabotaging your life? Fears are always there, under the surface, whether we acknowledge them or not.

Listed below are 10 of the biggest fears in life that may be holding you back from success.

1. Fear of failure
This type of fear has its roots in the misconception that everything you do has to be 100% successful.

2. Fear of success
This type of fear is based on the idea that success is likely to mean more responsibility and attention, coupled with pressure to continue to perform at a high level.

3. Fear of being judged
This type of fear comes from the need for approval that most people develop in childhood.

4. Fear of emotional pain
This type of fear is rooted in wanting to avoid potential negative consequences of your actions.

5. Fear of embarrassment

This type of fear is a result of empowering others to judge you when you demonstrate that you’re only human by making mistakes and having lapses of judgment.

6. Fear of being abandoned or being alone
This type of fear is related to rejection and low self-esteem.

7. Fear of rejection
This type of fear comes from personalizing what others do and say.

8. Fear of the unknown
This type of fear manifests itself as needless worry about all of the bad things that could happen if you decide to make a change in your life.

9. Fear of loss
This type of fear is related to the potential pain associated with no longer having something or someone of emotional significance to you.

10. Fear of death